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The Necessities of War
A Study of Thucydides’ Pessimism
Peter Pouncey

Sheep Meadow Press


• Preface
Introduction: Thucydides’ Own Experience of the War
• Accuracy (akribeia) and the Pattern of Events: Methodology and Point of View
• The Progress of Pessimism in Thucydides: The Sketch of an Argument
• The Archaeology (1.1-23)
• Collective Action to the Point of War
• Pericles
• Melos
• Alcibiades: A Patriot for Himself
• Individuals in the Toils of War: Nicias and Phrynichus
• Human Nature at War in Thucydides
• Appendix: Human Nature in Hobbes
• Notes
• Select Bibliography
• Index

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