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Toward Wholeness
Rudolf Steiner Education in America
Mary Caroline Richards

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction to Rudolf Steiner and the Author’s Approach
• Introduction to Waldorf Schooling in America
• The Education of the Child: A Spiritual Anatomy and Basic Text
• To Feel the Whole in Every Part: Education As an Art
• Teacher Training and Handwork
• More on Curriculum/Method/Teachers/Children
• Camphill in America: Mental Handicap and a New School impulse
• Education and Community: A School of Life and a Reschooling Society
• Waldorf Education and New Age Religious Consciousness
• The Teacher
• Conclusion: Steps Toward a New Culture
• Appendix 1: Directory of Waldorf Schools, Institutes, and Adult Education Centers
• Appendix 2: A Brief Chronology of Rudolf Steiner’s Life and Work
• Bibliography

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