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Life Against Death
The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History
Norman O. Brown; Christopher Lasch, intro.

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction
• Acknowledgments
• Preface
• Part One: The Problem—The Disease Called Man
• Neurosis and History
• Part Two: Eros—Sexuality and Childhood, The Self and the Other: Narcissus
• Art and Eros
• Language and Eros
• Part Three: Death—Instinctual Dualism and Instinctual Dialectics
• Death, Time, and Eternity
• Death and Childhood
• Part Four: Sublimation—The Ambiguities of Sublimination
• Couch and Culture
• Apollo and Dionysus
• Part Five: Studies in Anality—The Excremental Vision
• The Protestant Era
• Filthy Lucre
• Part Six: The Way Out—Resurrection of the Body
• Reference Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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