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The Glorious Revolution in America
David S. Lovejoy

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction to the Wesleyan Edition
• Acknowledgements
• Abbreviations
• Introduction
• “An Affayre of State”: Trade and Commerce
• “An Affayre of State”: Government, Politics and Religion
• The Virginia Charter and Bacon’s Rebellion
• Virginia Under Culpeper and Effingham
• Maryland: Colonists’ Rights and Proprietary Power
• New York and the Charter of Libertyes
• Massachusetts bay: Purpose and Defiance
• Massachusetts Bay: Denise
• His Majesty’s Real Empire in America
• The Dominion of New England: The Bay Colony
• The Dominion of New England : From the St. Croix to Delaware Bay
• The Glorious Revolution in England
• The Glorious in New England
• The Glorious Revolution in New York ad Maryland
• Sanction and Justification
• Resistance and Dissent: The Ghost of Masaniello
• Resistance and Dissent: War. Merchants, and Torries
• Resettlement I
• Resettlement II
• Conclusion
• Bibliographical Essay
• Index

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