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Terpsichore in Sneakers
Post-Modern Dance
Sally Banes

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgements
• Preface to the Wesleyan Paperback Edition
• Introduction to the Wesleyan Paperback Edition
• Introduction: Sources of Post-Modern Dance
• Simone Forti: Dancing as if Newborn
• Simone Forti, Animal Stories
• Yvonne Rainer: The Aesthetics of Denial
• Yvonne Rainer, Chart from “A Quasi Survey of Some ‘Minimalist’ Tendencies in the Quantitatively Minimal Dance Activity
• Midst the Plethora, or an Analysis of Trio A”
• Steve Paxton: Physical Things
• Steve Paxton, Satisfyin Lover
• Trisha Brown: Gravity and Levity
• Trisha Brown, Skymap
• David Gordon: The Ambiguities
• David Gordon, Response
• Deborah Hay: The Cosmic Dance
• Deborah Hay, Excerpts from the Grand Dance
• Lucinda Childs: The Act of Seeing
• Lucinda Childs, Street Dance
• Meredith Monk: Homemade Metaphors
• Meredith Monk, Notes on the Voice
• Kenneth King: Being Dancing Beings
• Kenneth King, from Print-Out
• Douglas Dunn: Cool Symmetries
• Douglas Dunn, “Talking Dancing”
• The Grand Union: The Presentation of Everyday Life as Dance
• The Grand Union, Q&A
• Chronology
• Selected Bibliography
• Notes
• Index

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