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On Pagans, Jews, and Christians
Arnaldo Momigliano

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Abbreviations
• Biblical Studies and Classical Studies: Simple Reflections upon Historical Method
• Historiography of Religion: Western Views
• The Origins of Universal History
• The Theological Efforts of the Roman Upper Classes in the First Century B.C.
• Religion in Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem in the First Century B.C.
• How Roman Emperors Became Gods
• What Josephus Did Not See
• Some Preliminary Remarks on the “Religious Opposition” to the Roma Empire
• The Disadvantages of Monotheism for a Universal State
• Ancient Biography and the Study of religion in the Roman Empire
• Roman Religion: The Imperial Period
• The New Letter by “Anna” to “Seneca”
• The Life of St. Macrina by Gregory of Nyssa
• A Medieval Jewish Autobiography
• A Note on Max Weber’s Definition of Judaism as a Pariah-Religion
• The Jews of Italy
• Gershom Scholem’s Autobiography
• How to Reconcile Greeks and Trojans
• Georges Dumezil and the Trifunctional Approach to Roman Civilization
• Notes
• Index

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