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The Early Books of Yehuda Amichai
Yehuda Amichai

Sheep Meadow Press


• King Saul and I
• Ibn Gabirol
• The Place Where I Have Not Been
• Out of Three or Four in a Room
• If With a Bitter Mouth
• In My Time, in Your Place
• In My Worst Dreams
• Farewell, You
• A Pity. We Were Such a Good Invention
• It Was Summer, or the End of Summer
• Two Songs on Caesarea Beach
• Like Our Bodies' Imprint
• God Has Pity on Kindergarten Children
• Two Quatrains
• Eye Examination
• In the Middle of This Century
• Poem in an Orange Grove
• I Was the Moon
• As for the World
• She Knows
• Tourist
• God's Fate
• My Mother Once Told Me
• My Parents' Migration
• To Summon Witnesses
• The End of Elul
• Quick and Bitter
• Luxury
• Two Songs of Peace
• My Child
• Song of Resignation
• To My Mother
• Mayor
• My Father Fought Their War for Four Years
• The United Nations' Command in Jerusalem
• You Also Were So Tired
• Two Bedouin Songs
• Indian Summer in Princeton
• The Heart Is a Corrupt Dictator
• National Thoughts
• If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem
• Rain on a Battlefield
• The First Battles
• High-Heeled Shoes
• They Call Me
• It's a Long Time Since Anybody's Asked
• Time

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