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The Political Economy of Slavery
Studies in the Economy and Society of the Slave South
Eugene D. Genovese

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction to the Wesleyan Edition
• List of Abbreviations
• Introduction
• Part One: The Setting: The Slave South: An Interpretation
• Part Two: Virgin Land and Servile Labor: The Low Productivity of Southern Slave Labor: Causes and Effects, The Negro Laborer in Africa and the Slave South, Cotton, Slavery, and Soil Exhaustion, Livestock in the Slave Economy, The Limits of Agricultural Reform
• Part Three: The Subservience of Town to Country: The Significance of the Slave Plantation of Southern economic Development, The Industrialists under the Slave Regime, Slave Labor or Free in the Southern Factories: A Political Analysis of and Economic Debate• Part Four: The General Crisis of the Slave South: Origins of Slavery Expansionism
• A Note on the Place of Economics in the Political Economy of Slavery
• Epilogue: The Slave Economies in Political Perspectives (With Elizabeth Fox-Genovese)
• Bibliographical Note
• Index

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