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Diamonds, Rice, and a ‘Maggi Cube’
Artisanal Diamond Mining and Livelihoods in Liberia
Steven & Koen Vlassenroot Van Bockstael, ed.; Koen Vlassenroot, ed.

Academia Press


• Introduction
The Legal and Non-Legal Framework: Impediments to the Formalisation of Artisanal Diamond Mining in Liberia
• Background to the Liberian mining industry
• In Theory - the legal framework
• In Practice - impediments to a legal framework
• External Influences
• Conclusions

• ‘Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow’: Poverty and Livelihood Diversification in Rural Liberia
• Diversification in Rural Liberia
• Smallholder Farming and Artisanal Mining in Tubmanburg, Liberia
• Exploring the Linkages
• Concluding Remarks

• Diamond Mining, Smallholder Production and A ‘Maggi Cube’: Deconstructing the Poverty Trap in Rural Liberia
• I
• Poverty Traps in African Artisanal Mining Communities: An Overview
• Poverty Trap in Rural Liberia
• Concluding Remarks
Analysis of Past and Current Interventions in the Liberian Artisanal Diamond Sector
• Approaches to ADM reform in Liberia
• Analysis of the main donor interventions in the ADM sector in Liberia
• Limitations of past and current approaches
• Lessons for the future
• Conclusion

• Conclusions and Recommendations
• References
• Biographies

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