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Radiology in a Trench Coat
Military Radiology on the Western Front During the Great War
René Van Tiggelen; Jan Dirckx, trans.

Academia Press


• Foreword
The onset of military radiology
• The Belgian Army radiologists among the pioneers
• Guidelines of the Medical Department until the beginning of hostilities
• How is our rear combat zone organized?
• Radiology treks to the Yser Front
• The X-ray equipment, how in fact does it function at this time?
• Vehicles for radiology
• The localization of projectiles and their extraction
• Dangers of X-rays
• Problems and solutions in radiology
• Unfortunate interference by Rontgen
• Dr. Etienne Henrard, the radiologist who becomes a General
• From lab technician to technologist
• Radiology described by those who have undergone it
• Imperial German military radiology
• French military radiology
• Radiology in the British Expeditionary Force
• “La Fayette, nous voici !” “La Fayette, we are coming!”
• Positive effects of the conflict on radiology
• Afterword
• Glossary
• Sources
• Index of names
• Acknowledgments

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