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The Legend of the Wandering Jew
George K. Anderson

Brown University Press


• I.
• Dear All,
• Biography
• Ordinary Morning
• At Fifty
• A Few Small Gestures of Concern
• The Greeks of 1983
• Black Overcoat
• Ars Poetica
• Fear of Farms
• The House of Drink
• My Father and Ezra Pound
• II.
• The Sleep Writer
• Narrator with Stranger
• The Wave
• The Border
• Ninth View of the North Sea
• First Color Photographers of the War
• Beautiful War
• At the Blue Table
• Note from My Father
• Asleep still, I rise
• Cleaning the Guns
• Reading Yusef
• A Drone Poem, Notes For
• III.
• Our Journey
• Island
• Waiting for Jane Austen in Walnut Creek, Ohio, at the end of the twentieth century
• How the Brain Works
• The Map
• In the Rubble of the World
• Signs Following
• Too Much, Too Soon Migraine
• In Real Life
• The Thing You Can't Forget
• A Blessing
• In the Sidney Lanier Best Western Motel in Gainesville, Georgia, I think of the great Polish poet
And then I arrive at the powerful green hill

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