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My Music
Explorations of Music in Daily Life
Susan D. Crafts, Daniel Cavicchi, Charles Keil,

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreward by George Lipsitz
• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• Children: Heather, “I dance to ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’.”
• Johnnie, “You have to have a lullaby before you sleep.”
• Carley, “I just play with my songs…”
• Billy, “I was stuck in the snow cave, and I felt like listening to music.”
• Jennie, “They teach us so that we know what to do with our kids when we grow up.”
• Molly, “I like to look for things that people don’t really recognize.”
• Teenagers: Lisa, “What would the human ear do…?”
• Matthew, “ They play weird songs you have to be so old to know.”
• Connie, “ Rap is things you say fast.”
• Edwardo, “Sometimes I think about life, and all the problems I have.”
• May, “I still have my violin from when I was five.”
• Anita, “I listen to other music and then I go see the Dead.”
• Young Adults: Beth, “It’s the first remedy for trying to get out of my boredom.”
• Mabel “… if I were to cuss someone out right after church, what does my singing mean?”
• Alan, “I’m not gonna sit there and worship someone.”
• Abby, “ It’s about aggression.”
• Rhonda, “Roger Waters is really it for me.”
• Gail “It’s hard to explain…it’s all feelings and emotions…”
• Victor, “They feel it more because they created the instrument.”
• Chad, “It is not the making sound…it is how one nation expresses its opinion.”
• Adults: Neil, “Music is just part of life, like air.”
• Ralph, “It’s a kind of critiquing…an enjoyable critiquing.”
• Betty, “…I can’t wait to come home and get back to my Neil Diamond.”
• Carl, “ I can’t give it up.”
• Charles, “To be the creator of it is to participate directly in that point of coherence of the earth, of the universe, of humanity, of meaning; all else is darkness.”
• Karen, “I like mood tapes, subliminals, and new age music. That really sets me free.”
• Keith, “As I developed from childhood to adulthood, the music developed with me.”
• Wanda, “…if I don’t think of music in terms of dance, I’ll think of it in terms of colors.”
• Stan, “…if I don’t know it perfectly, I won’t do it.”
• Older Adults: Richard, “I actually become what I hear.”
• Stella , “…country and western is the only… adult music”
• Sally, “It can make you cry, and then other times it can really perk you up.”
• Frances, “…the types of music that sells today is for that age group that really doesn’t care about the words.”
• Violet, “…if I were home cleaning by myself during the day I might put Pavarotti on and have it shaking to the rafters!”
• James, “Regardless of what it is, somebody likes it.”
• Steve, “I would say thirty percent of what I know about life today was gleaned from songs.”
• Elders: Ken, “…when I was in the service, when we had the band playing, it instilled a lot of things in you.”
• Anthony, “When you sing, you pray twice.”
• Elaine, “…if anybody wanted to dance at a party I was at the piano.”
• Helen, “Well, I was beautiful then and, boy, could I dance.”
• Samuel, “It takes the fear away from you.”
• Apendix: Music in Daily Life Guidelines by Charles Keil
• Index

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