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Visual Culture
Images and Interpretations
Norman Bryson, ed.; Michael Ann Holly, ed.; Keith Moxey, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


List of Illustrations
• Preface
• Introduction; Griselda Pollock—Feminism/Foucault—Surveillance/Sexuality
• Lisa Tickner—Men’s Work? Masculinity and Modernism
• John Tagg—The Discontinuous City: Picturing and the Discursive Field
• Keith Moxey—Hieronymus Bosch and the “World Upside Down”: The Case of
The Garden of Earthly Delights
• Thomas Crow—Observations on Style and History in French Painting of the Male Nude, 1785-1794
• Whitney Davis—The Renunciation of Reaction in Girodet’s
Sleep of Endymion
• Wolfgang Kemp—The Theater of Revolution: A New Interpretation of Jacques-Louis David’s
Tennis Court Oath
• Norman Bryson—Géricault and “Masculinity”; Ernst Van Alphen—Strategies of Identification
• Kaja Silverman—Fassbinder and Lacan: A Reconsideration of Gaze, Look, and Image
• Constance Penley—Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Study of Popular Culture
• Andres Ross—The Ecology of Images
• Michael Ann Holly—Wölfflin and the Imagining of the Baroque
• Mieke Bal—Dead Flesh, or the Smell of Painting
• David Summers—Form and Gender
• List of Contributors
• Index

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