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Club Cultures
Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital
Sarah Thornton

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Plates
• List of Figures
• Acknowledgments
• 1. The Distinctions of Cultures Without Distinction
• Introduction
• Youth and their Social Spaces
• 2. Authenticities from Record Hops to Raves (and the History of Disc Culture)
• The Authentication of a Mass Media
• Industrial Forces, Musician Resistance and ‘Live’ Ideology
• ‘Real’ Events and Altered Spaces
• The Authentication of Dance Genres
• The Resp0nse of the ‘Live’ Gig
• Conclusion
• 3. Exploring the meaning of the Mainstream (or why Sharon and Tracy Dance around their Handbags)
• A night of Research
• Academic Accounts of the Cultural Organization of Youth
• The Social Logic of Subcultural Capital
• Participation versus Observation of Dance Crowds Conclusion
• 4. The Media Development of ‘Subcultures’ (or the Sensational Story of ‘Acid House’)
• The Underground versus the Overexposed
• Mass Media: ‘Selling Out’ and ‘Moral Panic’
• Micro-Media: Flyers, Listings, Fanzines, Pirates
• nice Media: the Editorial Search for Subcultures
• Conclusion
• Afterword
• Bibliography
• Index

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