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After King Philip’s War
Presence and Persistence in Indian New England
Colin G. Calloway, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


Introduction: Surviving the Dark Ages
• Revisiting
The Redeemed Captive: New Perspectives on the 1704 Attack on Deerfield
• The "Disappearance" of the Abenaki in Western Maine: Political Organization and Ethnocentric Assumptions
• The First Whalemen of Nantucket
• The Right to a Name: The Narragansett People and Rhode Island Officials in the Revolutionary Era
• "Divorced" from the Land: Resistance and Survival of Indian Women in Eighteenth-Century New England
• "Once More Let Us Consider": William Apess in the Writing of New England Native American History
• The Massachusetts Indian Enfranchisement Act: Ethnic Contest in Historical Context, 1849-1869
• Unseen Neighbors: Native Americans of Central Massachusetts, A People Who Had "Vanished"
• Tribal Network and Migrant Labor: Mi'kmaq Indians as Seasonal Workers in Aroostook's Potato Fields, 1870-1980

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