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Rethinking the Sylph
New Perspectives on the Romantic Ballet
Lynn Garafola, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


National Dance in the Romantic Ballet
• Feminism or Fetishism:
La Révolte des femmes and Women's Liberation in France in the1830s
• Marriage and the Inhuman:
La Sylphide's Narratives of Domesticity and Community
• Redeeming
Giselle: Making a Case for the Ballet We Love to Hate
• Women of Faint Heart and Steel Toes
• Blasis, the Italian
Ballo, and the Male Sylph
• Ballet Dancers at Warsaw's Wielki Theater
• The Arrival of the Great Wonder of Ballet, or Ballet in Rome from 1845 to 1855
• Salvatore Taglioni, King of Naples
• Jules Janin: Romantic Critic

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:08 -0500