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American Furniture 2005
Luke Beckerdite, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


Editorial Statement -- Luke Beckerdite
• Early Rhode Island Turning --
Erik Kyle Gronning and Dennis Andrew Carr
• Mannerism in Early America Furniture: Connoisseurship, Intention, and Theatricality --
Glenn Adamson
• Structure, Style, and Evolution: The Sack Back Windsor Armchair --
David Pesuit
New York Card Tables, 1800-1825 -- Philip D. Zimmerman
• Fashioning Furniture and Framing Community: Woodworkers and the Rise of a Connecticut River Valley Town --
Joshua W. Lane and Donald P. White, III

Connecticut Valley Furniture: Eliphalet Chapin and His Contemporaries, 1750-1800, Thomas P. Kugelman and Alice K. Kugelman, with Robert Lionetti, et. al.; review by William Holsey
John Townsend: Newport Cabinetmaker, Morrison H. Heckscher, with assistance of Lori Zabar; review by Gerald W. R. Ward
The Artisan of Ipswich: Craftsmanship and Continuity in Colonial New England, Robert Tarule; review by Barbara McLean Ward
The Furniture Masterworks of John and Thomas Seymour, Robert D. Mussey, Jr.; review by Philip Zea
Fortress fo the Soul: Violence, Metaphysics and Material Life in the Huguenots' New World, 1517-1751, Neil Kamil; review by Robert F. Trent
• Recent Writings on American Furniture: A Bibliography --
Gerald W. R. Ward

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