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A Child’s Delight
Noel Perrin

Dartmouth College Press


A Good Book to Read to a Two Year Old - Leslie Brook Johnny Crow's Garden
Wanda's Wonder-Book - Wanda Gag - Millions of Cats
• The Third Grade Goes to Space - Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
• Living Dolls - Rumer Godden
The Doll's House
• Boy Wants Dog - Mary Stolz
A Dog on Barkham Street
• Nathaniel's Wonder-Book - Nathaniel Hawthorne
A Wonder-Book for Boys and Girls and Tanglewood Tales
• Living Dolls II - Mary Norton
The Borrowers
• A Black Planet - Virginia Hamilton
The Planet of Junior Brown
• The Freedom of the Woods - Ernest Thompson Seton
Two Little Savages
• Living Dolls III - T.H. White
Mistress Masham's Repose
• Three Fine Mice - Margery Sharp
The Rescuers
• Two Magical Books
• The Jailbird's Daughter
• Way Out West in Egypt Land
• Dear Diary? Delightful Diary!
• A Ten Year Old in Hollywood
• The Kids Fight Back
• A Tale of Two Brothers
• Many Tales of Three Brothers
• It is Permitted to Try Again
• An Adventure a Day
• The Empty Castle
• Prince of Deira
• A Strange Voyage
• An Animal Epic
• Last Woman Meets Last Man
• A Dog From Heaven
• The Peaceable Kingdom
• If They Will Sign the Treaty, He May Kiss Me
• A Book That Works Like a Charm
• Honorable Mention
• Epilogue
• Bibliography

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