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Hard Travelin’
The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie
Robert Santelli, ed.; Emily Davidson, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Preface by Robert Santelli
• Editor’s Note by Emily Davidsom
• I. Ramblin’ Road
• Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation: Woodie Guthrie, An American Troubadour by Mary Katherine Aldin
• Remembering Woodie by Harold Leventhal with Robert Santelli
• Hobo’s Lullaby by Pete Seeger with Robert Santelli
• Going Back to Coney Island by Arlo Guthrie
• II. Pastures of Plenty
• Beyond Folk: Woody Guthrie’s Impact on Rock and Roll by Robert Santelli
• Woodie Guthrie’s Recorded Legacy by Jeff Place
• Democratic Visions, Democratic Voices: Woody as Writer by Craig Werner
• Classic in Its Own Little Way: The Art of Woody Guthrie by Ellen G. Landau
• III. This Land is Your Land
• Woody Guthrie’s American Century by Charles F. McGovern
• Your Land: The Lost Legacy of Woody Guthrie by David R. Shumway
• Woody the Red? By Ronald D. Cohen
• Fanfare for the Little Guy by Robert Cantwell
• Deportees: Woody Guthrie’s Unfinished Business by David Marsh
• Biblio/Discography by Guy Logsdon
• Contributors
• Index

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