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Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music
Jean Jacques Rousseau; John T. Scott, trans.; John T. Scott, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Preface
• Chronology of Works in Volume 7
• Introduction
• Note on the Text
• Plan Regarding New Signs for Music
• Letter to the Mercure on a New System of Musical Notation
• Dissertation on Modern Music
• Letter on Italian and French Opera
• Letter on "Omphale" (Grimm)
• Remarks on the Subject of the Letter by M. Grimm on "Omphale" (Raynal)
• Letter to M. Grimm on the Subject of the Remarks Added to His Letter on "Omphale"
• "Notice" to Rinaldo da Capua's La Zingara
• Letter from a Symphonist of the Royal Academy of Music to His Comrades in the Orchestra
• Letter on French Music
• Observations on Our Instinct for Music and Its Principle (Rameau)
• Articles from the Encyclopedia
• Errors on Music in the Encyclopedia (Rameau)
• Continuation of the Errors on Music in the Encyclopedia (Rameau)
• On the Principle of Melody, or Response to the "Errors on Music"
• Examination of Two Principles Advanced by M. Rameau in His Brochure Entitled: "Errors on Music in the Encyclopedia"
• Essay on the Origin on Languages
• Pronunciation
• On Theatrical Imitation
• The Levite of Ephraïm
• Dictionary of Music
• Letter to Mr. Burney and Fragments of Observations on Gluck's "Alceste"
• Extract from a Response by the Underlaborer to His Frontman Concerning a Piece from Gluck's "Orfeo"
• Appendix: "Enfin, il est en ma puissance," from Lully's Armide
• Notes
• Index

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