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Duncan Dancer
An Autobiography
Irma Duncan

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1966 • 368 pp. 25 illus. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
Biography / Dance

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Duncan Dancer is an autobiography by Irma Duncan (1897-1977), one of the most distinguished dancers of her time. Duncan’s life was one of amazing contrasts. As a pupil of Isadora, as fellow teacher, as performer [she was one of the six "Isadorables" who were the sensation of two continents in the era bf World War I), and as adopted daughter, she was often in the spotlight, just as often neglected in the wings. Duncan’s personal collection of letters, journals, photographs, and memorabilia forms the basis of this unique life story. It is an outstanding book that anyone interested in the dance must not miss and that virtually any reader will thoroughly enjoy.

This fascinating autobiography is both an important addition to the history of the dance and of modern culture, and an engrossing story of two fiery women whose lives were intertwined in a quarter-century of creative collaboration, and, at moments, head on conflict as well. It illuminates and adds much to our knowledge of Isadora Duncan-her hopes, her triumphs, her failures, and above all the brilliant, original, unpredictable, exasperating genius she was. It presents, with sympathy, humor, and a saving touch of skepticism, unforgettable pictures of the cultured world in the first decades of the century. Most memorably, perhaps, it reveals the author herself as she grew from star-struck child to mature artist of the highest distinction. With photos, an amusing introduction, and first hand descriptions of China and Russia, this autobiographical text is an important piece of dance history.

IRMA DUNCAN (1897-1977) was a pupil and the adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan. From 1918 until 1930, she performed with the Duncan Dancers. After retiring from dance, she authored several books on Isadora Duncan and her technique.

An NEH / Mellon Humanities Open Book Grant Recipient


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