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Research Ethics
A Reader
This reader provides a thorough overview of the ethical dilemmas confronting contemporary research scientists.
Elliott, Deni, and Judy E. Stern, eds.

Adirondack Wildlife
A Field Guide
The first comprehensive field guide to the habitats and wildlife of the Adirondack State Park
Ryan, James M.

The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton
Or, A Memoir of Startling and Amusing Episodes from Itinerant Life—A Novel
A picaresque novel of the remarkable life of a liberated 19th-century woman.
Begiebing, Robert J.

After the Fire
The Destruction of the Lancaster County Amish
A moving first-person account of the struggle between the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding society that threatens to drive them out on the ever of their religion’s 300th anniversary.
Testa, Randy-Michael. John A. Hostetler, fwd.; Robert Coles, afterword.; Susie Riehl, illus.

American Faces
A Cultural History of Portraiture and Identity
A sweeping exploration of why and how we look at ourselves through art
Saunders, Richard H.

American Playgrounds
Revitalizing Community Space
A compelling history, a manifesto, and a manual for change.
Solomon, Susan

American Wall Stenciling, 1790–1840

A generously illustrated survey of an important post-revolutionary American decorative art form.
Brown, Ann Eckert

America's Founding Fruit
The Cranberry in a New Environment
Investigates the history and ecology of the cranberry to assess the effects of climate change on this and other cultivated fruits
Playfair, Susan

The Amish Struggle with Modernity

A distinctive American subculture responds to the forces of social change
Kraybill, Donald B., and Marc A. Olshan, eds.

Among the Isles of Shoals

An enduring classic of New England literature
Thaxter, Celia

Life and Work in an American Factory-City
How the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company shaped the social, ethnic, and economic existence of Manchester, New Hampshire during America’s rise as a manufacturing power.
Hareven, Tamara K. and Randolph Langenbach.

Archeology in the Adirondacks
The Last Frontier
Illuminates and celebrates the diverse archeology of the Adirondack Park
Starbuck, David R.

Architecture in Salem
An Illustrated Guide
Long-awaited reprint of an essential guide to the architectural heritage of Salem, Massachusetts.
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

the long lost tales of archy and mehitabel
America’s beloved archy and mehitabel finally return in these entrancing uncollected stories.
marquis, don. jeff adams, ed. and pref.; ed frascino, illus.

Art Museums PLUS
Cultural Excursions in New England
An engaging guide to over 150 art museums and more throughout New England
Marshall, Traute M.

The Art of the Author Interview
And Interviewing Creative People
A practical guide to one of the most rewarding forms of literary journalism.
Johnson, Sarah Anne

The Art of Worcester Porcelain, 1751–1788
Masterpieces from the British Museum Collection
An enlightening introduction to the subject for the non-specialist, and an essential reference for the collector
Dawson, Aileen

Art Schooled
A Year among Prodigies, Rebels, and Visionaries at a World-Class Art College
One year in the life of the students, teachers, and artists at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious art colleges
Witham, Larry

Arts and Crafts Architecture
History and Heritage in New England
The first study of the origins and multiple expressions of New England’s Arts and Crafts architecture
Meister, Maureen

Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II
A Cultural Biography
An insider’s look at the iconography and history of Assyrian reliefs and the West’s fascination with these ancient monuments
Cohen, Ada and Kangas, Steven E., editors

Babes in Boyland
A Personal History of Co-Education in the Ivy League
A humorous and provocative account of being a female undergraduate at Dartmouth College in its turbulent first years of co-education
Barreca, Gina

Bad Blood
Freedom and Death in the White Mountains
The true story of a deadly feud in New England’s north country
Sherman, Casey

A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast
What kind of tree is that?
From Maine to New York, you’ll never be stumped again with this handy companion to the trees of the Northeast, either out in the woods or in your own backyard.
Wojtech, Michael

Basking with Humpbacks
Tracking Threatened Marine Life in New England Waters
A lively and often surprising look at eleven of New England’s most threatened marine species
McLeish, Todd

The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony
America’s War of Liberation in Canada, 1774–1776
An unparalleled look at America’s Revolutionary War invasion of Canada
Anderson, Mark R.

Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost

A leading Frost critic guides the reader through some of the poet’s most challenging verse.
Pack, Robert

Beyond the Garden Gate
The Life of Celia Laighton Thaxter
The first new biography in twenty years of a beloved New England writer.
Mandel, Norma H.

Beyond Tocqueville
Civil Society and the Social Capital Debate in Comparative Perspective
An interdisciplinary collection of historical and comparative articles on civil society and the social capital debate.
Edwards, Bob, Michael W. Foley, Mario Diani (eds)

Bicycling New Hampshire's Seacoast

Recently revised and updated, this is the only biking guide you need to enjoy ocean views and country roads on New Hampshire’s historic, scenic Seacoast and adjacent Maine. Includes maps and directions for 28 rides
Chestney, Linda

Bicycling Southern New Hampshire

This updated and expanded second edition of this book offers the best cycling routes in southern New Hampshire
Chestney, Linda

Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn
The Connected Farm Buildings of New England
The twentieth anniversary edition of the classic architectural study of the development of the connected farm buildings made by 19th-century New Englanders, which offers insight into the people who made them.
Hubka, Thomas C.

Birding the Hudson Valley

A guide to birds and birdwatching in the Hudson Valley
Schneider, Kathryn J.

Birdwatching in Maine
A Site Guide
A guide to finding the best birding sites throughout the great state of Maine
Lovitch, Derek J., editor

Birdwatching in New Hampshire

A guide to birding in the Granite State
Masterson, Eric A.

Birdwatching in New York City and on Long Island

A detailed insider’s guide to the best places to find birds in all seasons
Rivel, Deborah and Kellye Rosenheim

Birdwatching in Vermont

The definitive how-to guide to watching and enjoying birds in Vermont including a special section for beginners
Murin, Ted, and Bryan Pfeiffer

Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions
Speaking Their Minds
Provocative revelations about the flourishing black women’s intellectual traditions in nineteenth-century America
Waters, Kristin, and Carol B. Conaway, eds.

Blacks on the Border
The Black Refugees in British North America, 1815–1860
A study of the emergence of community among African Americans in Nova Scotia.
Whitfield, Harvey Amani

Body and Earth
An Experiential Guide
An inspired synthesis of scientific detail and creative perception offers new insights into the relationship between body and earth.
Olsen, Andrea: Bill McKibben, fwd.

A Guide to Experiential Anatomy
An innovative guide to anatomy that uses techniques from yoga and dance to increase awareness of the body.
Olsen, Andrea in collaboration with Caryn McHose

Bogs & Fens
A Guide to the Peatland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada
The definitive guide to the flora of northeastern bogs and fens
Davis, Ronald B.

Bogs of the Northeast

The first popular book to deal with bogs in a comprehensive yet authoritative manner
Johnson, Charles W.; Ian Worley, asst.; Meredith Edgcomb Young, illus.

The Book of Dialogue
How to Write Effective Conversation in Fiction, Screenplays, Drama, and Poetry
This is a book about dialogue for writers: how to get characters talking in a way that vividly reveals who they are, what they are doing, and what’s coming next in your story.
Turco, Lewis

The Book of Literary Terms
The Genres of Fiction, Drama, Nonfiction, Literary Criticism, and Scholarship
An expert's indispensable guide to English letters and the writing arts.
Turco, Lewis

The Book of Looms
A History of the Handloom from Ancient Times to the Present
A heavily illustrated classic on the evolution of the handloom is now reissued in a handy paper edition.
Broudy, Eric

Boon Island
Including Contemporary Accounts of the Wreck of the *Nottingham Galley*
The complete text of Roberts' last historical novel, presented for the first time with contemporary--and conflicting--accounts of the shipwreck on which the novel was based.
Roberts, Kenneth. Jack Bales and Richard Warner, eds

Boston Ballerina
A Dancer, a Company, an Era
A candid and thoughtful consideration of a life in dance
Young, Laura with Janine Parker

Boston Beheld
Antique Town and Country Views
Boston seen anew through historical paintings
Simons, D. Brenton

British Atlantic, American Frontier
Spaces of Power in Early Modern British America
A pioneering work in Atlantic studies that emphasizes a transnational approach to the past.
Hornsby, Stephen J.

A Building History of Northern New England

The first and only full-scale technical and stylistic analysis of 200 years of architectural evolution in northern New England
Garvin, James L.

Cape Cod Wildflowers
A Vanishing Heritage
The essential guide to Cape Cod’s natural botanical heritage
DiGregorio, Mario J. and Jeff Wallner

The Captain’s Best Mate
The Journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the Whaler Addison, 1856–1860
The diary of a wife who, with their five-year old daughter, accompanied her husband on a three-and-a-half year whaling voyage.
Lawrence, Mary Chipman. Stanton Garner, ed.

Capturing the Commons
Devising Institutions to Manage the Maine Lobster Industry
A case study of the Maine lobster fishery, one of the most successful fisheries in the world.
Acheson, James M.

Carrying the Torch
Maud Howe Elliott and the American Renaissance
The biography of a leading light of the Newport art and cultural scene
Grinnell, Nancy Whipple

Ceremonial Time
Fifteen Thousand Years on One Square Mile
A magical book that turns one modest square mile of exurban land into the most remarkably fascinating place
Mitchell, John Hanson

Citizen Environmentalists

A telling look at the lives and strategies of women environmental activists in the long 1960s, solidly grounded in a national context
Longhurst, James

The Citizen Poets of Boston
A Collection of Forgotten Poems, 1789–1820
Uncovers the vibrant, lost world of Boston's post-revolutionary poetry
Lewis, Paul, editor

City of the Soul
Rome and the Romantics
Romantic Rome—the Eternal City in word and image, from Goethe and Byron to James, from etching and watercolor to photograph
Pinto, John A.

Civic Agriculture
Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community
A engaging analysis of food production in the United States emphasizing that sustainable agricultural development is important to community health.
Lyson, Thomas A.

Civil Society
The Underpinnings of American Democracy
A guide for what citizen leaders and teachers must do to ensure that our democracy will last another century.
O’Connell, Brian. John W. Gardner, fwd.

The Civil Society Reader

A “civil society” anthology for experts and students alike.
Hodgkinson, Virginia and Michael W. Foley, eds.

Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Fate of the Commons

Traces the historical development of civil society and philanthropy in the West and analyzes their role in solving the problems faced by modern liberal democracy
Sievers, Bruce R.

The History and Evolution of Humankind’s Relationship with Earth’s Most Primal Element
How a humble substance helped create a modern world
Staubach, Suzanne

Clearing the Coastline
The Nineteenth-Century Ecological & Cultural Transformations of Cape Cod
A social and ecological history of the rise and demise of Cape Cod’s coastal fisheries in the nineteenth century
McKenzie, Matthew

The Collected Writings of Beatrix Farrand
American Landscape Gardener, 1872-1959
Landscape gardener Beatrix Farrand’s written work, in print for the first time
Farrand, Beatrix; Carmen Pearson, ed.

Colonial New Hampshire
A History
A comprehensive and thoroughly readable history of New Hampshire’s turbulent colonial years
Daniell, Jere R.

Color Codes
Modern Theories of Color in Philosophy, Painting and Architecture, Literature, Music, and Psychology
A multidisciplinary look at the role of color in contemporary aesthetics.
Riley, Charles A. II.

Confederate Bushwhacker
Mark Twain in the Shadow of the Civil War
Mark Twain in the watershed year of 1885
Loving, Jerome

Crab Wars
A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human Health
Scientists, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists collide in a battle over the horseshoe crab and the lucrative biotech industry based on its blood.
Sargent, William

Critical Hours
Search and Rescue in the White Mountains
A perilous history of search and rescue in a changing landscape
Stott, Sandy

Curious New England
The Unconventional Traveler’s Guide to Eccentric Destinations
Points the way to all the tantalizing treats and terrifying treasures that remain tucked away in overlooked museums, private collections, and forgotten recesses of this very special region
Citro, Joseph A., Foulds, Diane E.

Dawnland Encounters
Indians and Europeans in Northern New England
A true picture of relationships between the Indians of northern New England and the European settlers.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

Defending the Master Race
Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant
A historical rediscovery of one of the heroic founders of the conservation movement who was also one of the most infamous racists in American history
Spiro, Jonathan Peter

Defining Women’s Scientific Enterprise
Mount Holyoke Faculty and the Rise of American Science
An important new look at how gender, religion, pedagogy, and geography help shape women’s scientific work.
Levin, Miriam R.

Tropical Storm Irene, Vermont’s Flash Floods, and How One Small State Saved Itself
Tropical Storm Irene in Vermont, from the perspective of Vermonters who rebuilt their state
Shinn, Peggy

Demotic Greek II
The Flying Telephone Booth
Integrated sequel to DEMOTIC GREEK I for second-year students uses scenarios and readings based on authentic Greek texts drawn from folktales, ballads, and writers such as Herodotus, Kazantzakis, Koraes, Myrivilis, and Seferis.
Bien, Peter, John Rassias, Chrysanthi Yiannakou-Bien, and Christos Alexiou

Denman Ross and American Design Theory

The life and thought of one of the founders of twentieth-century American design
Frank, Marie

The Dickinsons of Amherst

A master photographer and three distinguished scholars document the physical world of Emily Dickinson.
Liebling, Jerome, Photographs. Christopher Benfey, Polly Longsworth, and Barton Levi St. Armand, eds.

Dining Out in Boston
A Culinary History
The history of restaurants in Boston
O'Connell, James C.

Disability and the Media
Prescriptions for Change
A journalist's passionate exposé of the media's portrayal of the disabled.
Riley, Charles A. II

Disrupt This!
MOOCs and the Promises of Technology
Questioning the cult of the new in higher education
Head, Karen J.

A Documentary History of Communism and the World
From Revolution to Collapse
The final edition of a valuable reference work documenting the story of Communism from its beginnings to its amazing collapse.
Daniels, Robert V., ed., introd., notes, and original trans.

A Documentary History of Communism in Russia
From Lenin to Gorbachev
An extensive revision of the valued but unobtainable 1960 edition. Nearly 300 key documents are now readily available in translation.
Daniels, Robert V. ed. introd. notes, and original trans.

Eagle Over the Ice
The U.S. in the Antarctic
An examination of international governance of the Antarctic continent -- one of the few success stories of international cooperation -- as viewed through the lens of US politics.
Joyner, Christopher C., and Ethel R. Theis

Eastern Alpine Guide
Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tundra East of the Rockies
Explore the wonders of eastern North America’s alpine regions
Jones, Mike and Liz Willey, Editors

Edward Hopper in Vermont

A delightful account of Edward Hopper’s sojourns in Vermont with his wife, Jo, illustrated by the watercolors and drawings that he made there
Clause, Bonnie Tocher

Elephant Treaties
The Colonial Legacy of the Biodiversity Crisis
Shows how the colonial origins of biodiversity conventions and conservation organizations impact their efficacy in modern times
Adam, Rachelle

Emily Mason
The Light in Spring
A comprehensive presentation of Emily Mason’s painting and prints
Ebony, David and Christina Weyl

Environmental Problem Solving
A How-To Guide
A practical, user-friendly toolbox of skills, solutions, and tips for addressing the “people factor” in environmental challenges.
Hughes, Jeffrey W.

Excavating the Sutlers’ House
Artifacts of the British Armies in Fort Edward and Lake George
A presentation of new and classic artifacts from the remains of a sutlers’ house and other military sites along the Hudson River and Lake George, lavishly illustrated in full color
Starbuck, David R.

Fanny & Joshua
The Enigmatic Lives of Frances Caroline Adams and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
The intimate history of Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his wife, Frances Caroline Adams
Smith, Diane Monroe

The Fate of Family Farming
Variations on an American Idea
A penetrating look at the condition of family farming—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Jager, Ronald

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings

A generously illustrated handbook for identifying and understanding structures that symbolize the region’s unique cultural and historical landscape
Visser, Thomas Durant

A Field Guide to the Familiar
Learning to Observe the Natural World
A book for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the natural world
Lawrence, Gale; Adelaide Tyrol, illus.

Final Confession
The Unsolved Crimes of Phil Cresta
A chronicle of the daring, meticulously planned, and ingenious high-stakes heists (including the second Brinks robbery in Boston) pulled off by mastermind thief Phil Cresta, a career criminal who was also a master at outwitting police and the FBI
Wallace, Brian P.; Crowley, Bill; Lehane, Dennis, foreword; Geis, Gilbert, intro.

Finding Amy
A True Story of Murder in Maine
A fascinating, first-hand account of a murder investigation in a rural state
Loughlin, Joseph K. and Kate Clark Flora

The French-Canadian Heritage in New England

A comprehensive historical, sociological, and cultural introduction to the sizable Franco-American population in New England.
Brault, Gerard J.

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

A vividly illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York
Patterson, Matt and David A. Patterson

From Command to Community
A New Approach to Leadership Education in Colleges and Universities
Diverse essays create a new definition of leadership education based in colleges and universities
Longo, Nicholas V. and Cynthia M. Gibson, eds.

From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands
A Survey of the Industries
The definitive volume on Shaker commercial ephemera
Miller, M. Stephen

The Future of Democracy
Developing the Next Generation of American Citizens
A nonpartisan clarion call for civic renewal to restore American democracy
Levine, Peter

Gandhi in India
In His Own Words
The life and times of Mahatma Gandhi from 1920 to 1948, told through a selection of his autobiographical writings.
Gandhi, Mahatma. Martin Green, ed.

Georgia O’Keeffe
A Life
A highly acclaimed biography of Georgia O'Keeffe that emphasizes her ongoing struggle for autonomy.
Robinson, Roxana

Given Ground

Short stories explore cultural change and class conflict in contemporary West Virginia.
Pancake, Ann

God of Beer

A novel of youthful protest against conformity
Keizer, Garret

Going to Boston
Harriet Robinson's Journey to New Womanhood
One nineteenth-century woman’s journey in a changing Boston
Bushman, Claudia

Going Up the Country
When the Hippies, Dreamers, Freaks, and Radicals Moved to Vermont
How the counterculture changed Vermont—and America
Daley, Yvonne

The Golden Age of Boston Television

A fascinating account of local television in Boston from the 1970s to the early 1990s, when it offered the best local programming in America
Knopf, Terry Ann

Golden Wings & Hairy Toes
Encounters with New England’s Most Imperiled Wildlife
A lively and often surprising look at fourteen of New England’s most endangered species
McLeish, Todd

Gone Fishin’
Massachusetts’ 100 Best Waters
A guide to the best fishing spots in all of Massachusetts
Luftglass, Manny, Bowles, Ian A., fwd

The Good Beer Guide to New England

A comprehensive guide to the brewpubs and breweries of New England
Crouch, Andy

Good Naked
Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier
A practical, humorous guide to improving your writing and your life
Cole, Joni B.

“A Good Poor Man’s Wife”
Being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth-Century New England
The dramatic saga of a remarkable woman who was deeply involved in the political culture of her time.
Bushman, Claudia L.

Good Tidings
The History and Ecology of Shellfish Farming in the Northeast
Both a history of the New England shellfish industry and a look into the science, economics, and techniques of shellfish aquaculture
Brennessel, Barbara

Granite, Fire, and Fog
The Natural and Cultural History of Acadia
The only book that offers both a natural and a cultural history of one of the nation’s favorite parks
Wessels, Tom

Guy Wolff
Master Potter in the Garden
An intimate journey into Wolff’s world of craftsmanship and the joy of creating and using finely made objects
Staubach, Suzanne

Hands-On Nature
Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children
"A gold mine of ideas for exploring nature with children, and “a must for those teaching natural science in any setting.”—Science and Children
Lingelbach, Jenepher, and Lisa Purcell, eds. Susan Sawyer, illus.

Harbor & Home
Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710–1850
Presented for the first time, the richly illustrated findings of the Southeastern Massachusetts Furniture project at Winterthur Museum
Jobe, Brock. Gary R. Sullivan, Jack O’Brien

Herb Garden Design

A unique and handsome book for novice and professional gardeners. The plans, with full commentary and plant lists, offer a wide range of designs easily adapted to one’s own needs.
Swanson, Faith H. and Virginia B. Rady

“Here, There and Everywhere”
The Foreign Politics of American Popular Culture
Essays analyzing the stunning global success of American popular culture from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows to the Internet as the new American frontier.
Wagnleitner, Reinhold & May, Elaine Tyler, eds.

History as an Art of Memory

Using the teachings of such influential men as Vico to Ariès to Foucault, Patrick H. Hutton surveys the ways in which the art of memory has become integrated into historical thinking.
Hutton, Patrick H.

A History of American Architecture
Buildings in Their Cultural and Technological Context
A richly illustrated history of American architecture that explains why particular architectural ideas occurred when and where they did.
Gelernter, Mark

A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts

A unique introduction to the history of Boston through archaeological objects
Bagley, Joseph M.

The House on Ipswich Marsh
Exploring the Natural History of New England
A richly layered approach to millions of years of geological and cultural history in an unusual New England biosystem.
Sargent, William

Hudson Valley Ruins
Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape
An elegant homage to the many deserted buildings along the Hudson River—and a plea for their preservation.
Rinaldi, Thomas E. and Yasinsac, Robert J.

Improbable Patriot
The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais, the French Playwright Who Saved the American Revolution
The outrageous true story of the French plot to supply arms and ammunition to Washington’s Continental Army, and the bold French spy, inventor, playwright, and rogue behind it all
Unger, Harlow Giles

In Pursuit of Giants
One Man's Global Search for the Last of the Great Fish
A lyrical and passionate call to arms to save the world’s great fish
Rigney, Matt

In Season
A Natural History of the New England Year
In words and pictures, two naturalists show that close attention to nature reveals constant change
Estrin, Nona Bell, field illustrations and notes; Charles W. Johnson, essays

In Sight

Sabra Field’s latest prints presented in a dazzling new look at her bold, signature creative process
Field, Sabra

In Words and Deeds
Battle Speeches in History
The first-ever survey of inspirational battle speeches from Greco-Roman times to the present
Miller, Richard F.

Indian New England Before the Mayflower

A definitive work written for general audiences which describes how New England Indians lived when European settlers first met them
Russell, Howard S.

Indian Stream Republic
Settling a New England Frontier, 1785-1842
A tale of struggle, survival, and independence in a disputed northern New England frontier.
Doan, Daniel. Jere R. Daniell, introd. and afterward; Ruth Doan MacDougall, ed.

The Infinite Resource
The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet
A surprising, convincing, and optimistic argument for meeting the crisis of scarcity with the power of ideas
Naam, Ramez

Inside an Ancient Assyrian Palace
Looking at Austen Henry Layard's Reconstruction
A detailed exploration of Layard’s famous lithograph of the interior of an Assyrian palace
Cohen, Ada, and Steven E. Kangas

Inspired Innovations
A Celebration of Shaker Ingenuity
An exploration of the Shakers’ innovative spirit that informed their legendary craftsmanship and led to a broad array of creations
Miller, M. Stephen

The Internet Generation
Engaged Citizens or Political Dropouts
An investigation of political disengagement among young people in North America and Europe
Milner, Henry

Inventing Ethan Allen

A fascinating look at the genesis, longevity, and meaning of the story of Ethan Allen in the context of Vermont history and memory
Duffy, John J. and H. Nicholas Muller III

Issachar Bates
A Shaker’s Journey
A biography of a key western Shaker in early America
Medlicott, Carol

Jack Parker's Wiseguys
The National Champion BU Terriers, the Blizzard of ’78, and the Road to the Miracle on Ice
The story of one of the most outrageous national championship teams of the swashbuckling ’70s
Rappleye, Tim

John Josselyn, Colonial Traveler
A Critical Edition of Two Voyages to New-England.
A new edition of an unusual description of 17th-century New England flora and fauna, folklore, and the Indian and Puritan cultures of that time.
Josselyn, John. Paul J. Lindholdt, ed. and introd.

Killer Show
The Station Nightclub Fire, America’s Deadliest Rock Concert
The definitive book on The Station nightclub fire on the 10th anniversary of the disaster
Barylick, John

Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Habitat
Forest Management for the New England Region
An easy-to-use guide for enhancing wildlife habitat quality, timber values, and the appearance of forest lands.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

The Landscape of Community
A History of Communal Forests in New England
A history of New England's communal forests and their economic, environmental, and cultural impact.
McCullough, Robert.

Landscape of Industry
An Industrial History of the Blackstone Valley
An illustrated history of the cradle of American industrialization
Worcester Historical Museum; Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, fwd.

The Language of Fiction
A Writer’s Stylebook
This is not your grandfather’s style guide
Shawver, Brian

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice

A clear and detailed study of Latin American women’s history from the late nineteenth century to the present.
Miller, Francesca

Laughing Lost in the Mountains
Poems of Wang Wei
Fine contemporary translations of one of the great poets of the T'ang dynasty.
Wang Wei. Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, and Xu Haixin, trans.; Willis Barnstone and Tony Barnstone, critical introd.

The Legacy of Fort William Henry
Resurrecting the Past
A new set of stories about the fabled Fort William Henry, based on forensics and archeological finds
Starbuck, David R.

The Legend of the Wandering Jew

This book traces the enduring legend and changing meanings of the Wandering Jew through the ages
Anderson, George K.

Life in the Cold
An Introduction to Winter Ecology, fourth edition
A revised edition of a classic work on cold climate ecosystems, with a new chapter on climate change
Marchand, Peter J.

The Life of a Simple Man

A classic in France, this moving first-person story can be read as a fictional account, as well as the best kind of material for historians of 19th-century French peasant life.
Guillaumin, Emile. Eugen Weber, ed. and introd.; Margaret Crosland, rev. trans.

The Lighthouse Santa

Announcing the perfect family read-aloud for Christmas Eve! From the award-winning team who brought you The Unbreakable Code, winner of a Smithsonian citation, a Western Writers of America Spur award, and a National Council of Teachers of English award comes The Lighthouse Santa, a tale of wonder, wishes, and friendship inspired by a true hero.
Hunter, Sara Hoagland, and Julia Miner, illus.

Living at the End of Time
Two Years in a Tiny House
Now back in print, Living at the End of Time is the story of a Thoreauvian experiment in simple living undertaken in the midst of the fast-paced electronic age
Mitchell, John Hanson

The Lobster Gangs of Maine

An anthropologist describes the working world of Maine lobstermen, focusing on the intricate personal network that sustains them.
Acheson, James M.

A Long, Deep Furrow
Three Centuries of Farming in New England
A highly readable history and almost encyclopedic reference work, with information on every pertinent aspect of farming and country life.
Russell, Howard S. and Mark Lapping, fwd.

The Lost Bird Project

A sculptor creates memorials to five extinct North American bird species
McGrain, Todd

Make Mine a Double
Why Women Like Us Like to Drink (Or Not)
Bottoms up! This landmark celebration of women and drink chips away at traditional images of gender, one ice-cube at a time.
Barreca, Gina, ed.

Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast

A field guide to mammal tracks with detailed illustrations, concise useful information, and a key for identification
Gibbons, Diane K.

Marie Blythe

A picaresque saga of a young French-Canadian woman in Vermont, available in a new paperback edition
Mosher, Howard Frank

Massachusetts Quilts
Our Common Wealth
The definitive treasury of Massachusetts’s historic quilts, and a tribute to the creative spirit of their makers
Bassett, Lynne Zacek, ed.

Massacre at Fort William Henry

An archeologist’s lively illustrated portrayal of 18th-century America’s most infamous siege and massacre.
Starbuck, David R.

A Master Class
Sensational Recipes from the Chefs of the New England Culinary Institute and Ellen Michaud
The award-winning Vermont cooking school brings its commitment to taste, flavor, and contemporary, sustainable cuisine to the home kitchen
Chefs of the New England Culinary Institute; Ellen Michaud ed.

Milk Money
Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm
The failing economics of the traditional small dairy farm, the rise of the factory mega-farm with its resultant pollution and disease, and the uncertain future of milk
Kardashian, Kirk

Mother Ann Lee
Morning Star of the Shakers
Originally published in 1976 as Anne the Word, this is a popular biography of colorful and controversial Shaker founder Ann Lee
Campion, Nardi Reeder and June Sprigg, fwd.

The Myth of Progress
Toward a Sustainable Future
A provocative critique of Western progress from a scientific perspective
Wessels, Tom

National Symbols, Fractured Identities
Contesting the National Narrative
A fascinating look at national symbols worldwide and the important role they play in creating and maintaining individual and collective identity.
Geisler, Michael, E., ed.

Native and Naturalized Trees of New England and Adjacent Canada
A Field Guide
A practical field guide to forest trees of the Northeast
DeGraaf, Richard M., and Paul E. Sendak

A Natural History of Boston’s North Shore

A beautifully illustrated guide to the flora, fauna, and geology of Boston’s North Shore for readers of all ages
Lindborg, Kristina

Natural Quiet and Natural Darkness
The "New" Resources of the National Parks
Recent work on best management practices for sound and light in national parks
Manning, Robert, Peter Newman, Jesse Barber, Christopher Monz, Jeffrey Hallo, and Steven Lawson

The Nature of Cape Cod

A field companion to the natural sites of Cape Cod
Schwarzman, Beth; Sandra Hogan McDermott, illus.

The Nature of Vermont
Introduction and Guide to a New England Environment
An up-to-date overview of Vermont’s geological, natural, and land use histories, in the context of past, present, and future human interactions with the landscape
Johnson, Charles W.

New England Wildlife
Habitat, Natural History, and Distribution
The only comprehensive guide to the natural histories and habitats of all inland New England species
DeGraaf, Richard M., and Mariko Yamasaki

New England’s Covered Bridges
A Complete Guide
A complete guide to more than 200 covered bridges in the six New England states.
Evans, Benjamin D.; Evans, June R.

New Hampshire Architecture
An Illustrated Guide
An illustrated popular guide to the Granite State’s rich architectural heritage
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr. with Carolyn K. Tolles

New Hampshire Women Farmers
Pioneers of the Local Food Movement
Beautifully illustrated book showcasing the efforts of New Hampshire’s farm women to revitalize farming in the twenty-first century
Brody, Helen and Leslie Tuttle, Photographer

The New Hiking the Monadnock Region
44 Nature Walks and Day-Hikes in the Heart of New England
Expanded and updated hiking guide to the Monadnock region featuring all new maps for each hike!
Adamowicz, Joe; Virginia Dickinson, maps

New Wilderness Voices
Collected Essays from the Waterman Fund Contest
A literary celebration of the Northeast’s wild places
Woodside, Christine, Ed.

Newport Through Its Architecture
A History of Styles from Postmedieval to Postmodern
A comprehensive architectural history of America’s greatest living architectural laboratory.
Yarnall, James L.

No Place But Here
A Teacher’s Vocation in a Rural Community
A Christopher Award-winning story of Keizer's experiences teaching in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
Keizer, Garret

North Country Captives
Selected Narratives of Indian Captivity from Vermont and New Hampshire
Eight narratives challenge old stereotypes and provide a clearer understanding of the nature of captive taking. These stories portray captors as individuals with a unique culture, offering glimpses of daily life in frontier communities.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

Old Time Gardens

A classic work on historic gardens is available again.
Earle, Alice Morse; introduction by Virginia Lopez Begg

The Original Vermonters
Native Inhabitants, Past and Present
“In a thoroughly enjoyable and readable book Haviland and Power effectively shatter the myth that Indians never lived in Vermont.”—Library Journal
Haviland, William A., and Marjory W. Power

Orpheus and Company
Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology
Today's poets provide a new spin on Greek myths.
DeNicola, Deborah, ed.

The Other Road to Serfdom and the Path to Sustainable Democracy

Eric Zencey’s frontal assault on the “infinite planet” foundations of neoconservative political thought
Zencey, Eric

The Painters' Panorama
Narrative, Art, and Faith in the Moving Panorama of Pilgrim's Progress
The incredible story of a lost treasure rediscovered and preserved for a new generation
Routhier, Jessica Skwire, and Kevin J. Avery and Thomas Hardiman Jr.

The Palatine Wreck
The Legend of the New England Ghost Ship
A deeply researched inquiry into one of the enduring mysteries of the New England coast
Farinelli, Jill

Parks and People
Managing Outdoor Recreation at Acadia National Park
A science-based approach to outdoor recreation management at Maine's Acadia National Park, applicable to parks and conservation areas nationwide
Manning, Robert E., editor

Passaconaway’s Realm
Captain John Evans and the Exploration of Mount Washington
A compelling narrative of the journeys of early American explorers into the White Mountain wilderness
Lawson, Russell M.

Peak Experiences
Danger, Death, and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast
An anthology of adventure and life-threatening dangers atop the peaks of the Northeast
White, Carol Stone, Editor

Structure and Meaning
A Nobel Laureate’s classic introduction to the study of physics as a liberal art.
Cooper, Leon N.

Picasso and the Chess Player
Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, and the Battle for the Soul of Modern Art
The dramatic story of art in the twentieth century
Witham, Larry

The Poems of François Villon

This bilingual edition of the 15th-century poet’s work incorporates recent scholarship.
Villon, François. Galway Kinnell, trans., introd., and notes

Pond and Brook
A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments
A complete guide to the plants and animals of ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands.
Caduto, Michael J. Donella H. Meadows, fwd.; Joan Thomson, illus.

Porches of North America

A complete architectural guide to this well-loved building feature
Visser, Thomas Durant

Preservation Education
Sharing Best Practices and Finding Common Ground
Examining pedagogical issues in historic preservation education
Stiefel, Barry L. and Jeremy C. Wells (EDs)

The Puritan Experiment
New England Society from Bradford to Edwards
The comprehensive history of a system of faith that shaped the nation
Bremer, Francis J.

The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620–1730

A classic documentary collection on New England's Puritan roots is once again available, with new material.
Vaughan, Alden T., ed

Quakers in the Colonial Northeast

Traces the Quaker experience in New England and New York from the arrival of the first English Quaker missionaries in 1656 to 1790.
Worrall, Arthur J.

The Quest for the Golden Trout
Environmental Loss and America’s Iconic Fish
A river advocate and environmentalist questions some of the unsound methods of conservation and restoration imposed on North American rivers and streams
Thompson, Douglas M.

A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts

A guide to creating treasure hunts that teach and share the special places in your community
Clark, Delia; Glazer, Steven

Radio Free Boston
The Rise and Fall of WBCN
The definitive story of the pioneering rock radio station that galvanized a city and a generation
Alan, Carter with a Foreword by Steven Tyler

Rangers and Redcoats on the Hudson
Exploring the Past on Rogers Island. Includes the Complete Rogers Rules of Ranging
A lively account of an archeological investigation at a major French and Indian War military encampment.
Starbuck, David R.

Rebecca Wentworth’s Distraction

A novel of art and obsession in eighteenth-century New England.
Begiebing, Robert J.

The Incredible Story of UConn Basketball's Comeback from Defeat to Dominance
A game-by-game chronicle of one of the most unlikely comebacks in all of sports
Borges, David

Reclaiming the Ancestors
Decolonizing a Taken Prehistory of the Far Northeast
Combining personal history and scientific training with archaeological and paleoecological data, Wiseman provides a new perspective on the 11,000-year history of the Wabanaki of the East Coast.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

Reflections in Bullough’s Pond
Economy and Ecosystem in New England
A dramatic story of the interplay between environment and economy in New England.
Muir, Diana

The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley
The Life of Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley
A biography as distinctive as the celebrated woman scholar it depicts
Goodwin, Joan W.

Republic of Words
The Atlantic Monthly and Its Writers, 1857–1925
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Atlantic Monthly became the conscience of the American public and the biggest platform of the nation’s flourishing literature
Goodman, Susan

Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks
The Architecture of a Summer Paradise, 1850-1950
An architectural study of the large Adirondack hotels that focuses on the cultural history of travel and tourism.
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

The Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction
From a New Point of View
A wide-ranging response to The Rhetoric of Fiction.
Levitt, Morton

The Road Washes Out in Spring
A Poet’s Memoir of Living Off the Grid
A beautifully written memoir of nature, community, and poetry
Wormser, Baron

Robert Frost’s New England

Inspired by the writings of Robert Frost, professional photographers Betsy and Tom Melvin present beautiful, and sometimes poignant, scenes of the New England landscape
Melvin, Betsy and Tom. Jay Parini, fwd.

Robert Kipniss
A Working Artist’s Life
A successful working artist relates his passion for life and art
Kipniss, Robert

Romantic Women Writers
Voices and Countervoices
Essays forging a new definition of Romanticism that includes the wide range of women's artistic expression.
Feldman, Paula R., and Theresa M. Kelley, eds.

Saber’s Edge
A Combat Medic in Ramadi, Iraq
A combat medic reconciles his roles as a soldier, healer, and man of faith in a time of war
Middleton, Thomas A.

Sabra Field
The Art of Place
The first collection of Sabra Field’s landmark prints, with commentary by the artist, now in a second edition with thirteen additional images
Slayton, Tom

The Saratoga Campaign
Uncovering an Embattled Landscape
New discoveries enrich our understanding of a legendary campaign
Griswold, William A. & Donald W. Linebaugh, editors

The Science of Play
How to Build Playgrounds That Enhance Children's Development
Links ways children thrive to the design of playgrounds
Solomon, Susan G.

The Science We Have Loved and Taught
Dartmouth medical School’s First Two Centuries
Full-scale history of Dartmouth Medical School, a resilient and complex contributor to medical education nationwide.
Putnam, Constance

The Sea Is a Continual Miracle
Sea Poems and Other Writings by Walt Whitman
The greatest sea poems and prose of Walt Whitman
Whitman, Walt; Yang, Jeffrey ed.

The Sea Mark
Captain John Smith’s Voyage to New England
The first complete narrative history of Captain John Smith’s exploration of the New England coast
Lawson, Russell M.

Senator Leahy
A Life in Scenes
The blockbuster life of America’s most senior senator
Baruth, Philip

The Shady Lady’s Guide to Northeast Shade Gardening

The last shade gardening book you’ll ever need
Ziffer, Amy


An engaging social history and introduction to the Shakers as both individuals and members of a movement.
Brewer, Priscilla J.

A Shaker Musical Legacy

A unique collection of Shaker songs and dances that keeps alive this important musical heritage
Opdahl, Robert; Opdahl, Viola


A comprehensive book on the kinds of textiles the Shakers used, how they were produced, and their cultural and economic importance to the communities.
Gordon, Beverly

The Shakers and the World’s People

A comprehensive illustrated anthology of material about and by the American Shakers.
Morse, Flo

Silencing the Sounded Self
John Cage and the American Experimental Tradition
Understanding John Cage in America’s experimental continuum
Shultis, Christopher

Sisters of Fortune
Being the true story of how three motherless sisters saved their home in New England and raised their younger brother while their father went fortune hunting in the California Gold Rush
Uses more than 350 letters to reconstruct the lives of a trio of sister whose father, a U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire, left them in 1850 for the Gold Rush.
Heffernan, Nancy Coffey, and Ann Page Stecker

Social Enterprise
A Global Comparison
The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide
Kerlin, Janelle A., ed.

Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants in the Mill City
Changing Families, Communities, Institutions — Thirty Years Afterward
Original, interdisciplinary essays highlight the pain, struggles, and victories of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in a mid-sized New England city
Pho, Tuyet-Lan, Jeffrey N. Gerson, and Sylvia Cowan, eds.

Spirit of the New England Tribes
Indian History and Folklore, 1620–1984
Legends, folktales, and traditions of New England Indians reflect historical events and a changing Indian identity over a 365-year period
Simmons, William S.

States at War, Volume 1
A Reference Guide for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont in the Civil War
A much-needed reference guide for Civil War historians, focused on the six New England states
Miller, Richard F., editor

States at War, Volume 2
A Reference Guide for New York in the Civil War
A much-needed reference guide to New York for historians and students of the Civil War
Miller, Richard F., editor

States at War, Volume 3
A Reference Guide for Pennsylvania in the Civil War
A much-needed reference guide to Pennsylvania for historians and students of the Civil War
Miller, Richard F. editor

States at War, Volume 4
A Reference Guide for Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey in the Civil War
A valuable reference guide to Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey in the Civil War
Miller, Richard F., editor

States at War, Volume 5
A Reference Guide for Ohio in the Civil War
A valuable reference guide to Ohio in the Civil War
Miller, Richard F., editor

States at War, Volume 6
The Confederate States Chronology and a Reference Guide for South Carolina in the Civil War
A valuable reference guide to South Carolina during the Civil War that includes a detailed Confederate States chronology
Miller, Richard F., editor

The Making and Unmaking of a National Marine Sanctuary
An insider’s look at a sanctuary under siege
Borrelli, Peter

Storm Surge
A Coastal Village Battles the Rising Atlantic
A compelling tale of a natural disaster and its effects on a small New England community, now back in print
Sargent, William

The Story of a Bad Boy

The timeless boyhood adventures of a mischievous lad in 19th-century New England, in a new edition for today's readers.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. A. B. Frost, illus.; David Watters, introd.

The Story of Modern Skiing

The ultimate history of skiing from a renowned insider
Fry, John

The Story of Vermont
A Natural and Cultural History, Second Edition
The updated edition of a classic contemporary account of Vermont’s environmental history, told through the interaction of natural and human components
Klyza, Christopher McGrory and Stephen C. Trombulak

The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin

Based on an actual unsolved murder from the records of colonial America, Robert J. Begiebing’s The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin is at once a spellbinding mystery and a fascinating evocation of life in early America.
Begiebing, Robert J.

Summer by the Seaside
The Architecture of New England Coastal Resort Hotels, 1820-1950
A sweeping, richly illustrated architectural study of the large, historic New England coastal resort hotels
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

Summer Light

A Maine vacation forces a young woman to challenge her own understanding of the world in a sharply insightful first novel
Robinson, Roxana

Sustainable Transportation in the National Parks
From Acadia to Zion
Synthesizes the most important work on transportation in parks and outdoor recreation over the past two decades
Manning, Robert, Steven Lawson, Peter Newman, Jeffrey Hallo, and Christopher Monz, editors

Tales Told in the Shadows of the White Mountains

A spine-tingling collection of real and surreal tales of northern New Hampshire
Jordan, Charles J.

A Taste of the Past
The Daily Life and Cooking of a Nineteenth-Century Hungarian-Jewish Homemaker
A beautifully illustrated re-creation of Jewish Hungarian cuisine and life in the nineteenth century.
Koerner, András

Technical Guide to Forest Wildlife Habitat Management in New England

The authoritative, professional guide to improving and sustaining diverse wildlife habitat conditions in New England.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

They Used to Call Me Snow White . . . But I Drifted
Women’s Strategic Use of Humor
With a comprehensive new introduction by the author, a reissue of the influential text on women’s humor
Barreca, Gina

Through a Naturalist's Eyes
Exploring the Nature of New England
A journey through the natural world of New England, with an expert guide, and reflections on the relationship between nature and humankind
Caduto, Michael J.

Timber Rattlesnakes in Vermont & New York
Biology, History, and the Fate of an Endangered Species
The fascinating, definitive chronicle of the timber rattlesnake and its fate in the northeast
Furman, Jon

To the Life of the Silver Harbor
Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy on Cape Cod
The Cape as evoked and experienced by a legendary literary couple
Wilson, Reuel K.

Toxic Feedback
Helping Writers Survive and Thrive
How writers can make the best of even the worst criticism
Cole, Joni B.

Trail Running Western Massachusetts

An up-to-date guide to the 51 best trail running sites in western Massachusetts
Kimball, Ben

Transgender Voices
Beyond Women and Men
A revealing look at the lives and perspectives of transgender and gender variant people, based on 150 personal interviews
Girshick, Lori B., Green, Jamison fwd.

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Attracting Birds

A new edition of the classic guide to creating a habitat to attract birds
DeGraaf, Richard M.

An Inquiry into the Private Ownership of Land
An exploration of the various systems of land control and the evolution of private property
Mitchell, John Hanson

On Rebuilding a Worn-Out Pickup and Other Post-Technological Adventures
A personal and transformative journey into mechanical intricacy and philosophical inquiry.
Jerome, John

Twain at Sea
The Maritime Writings of Samuel Langhorne Clemens
An anthology of Mark Twain’s shipboard stories
Twain, Mark, Eric Paul Roorda, ed.

Two Stories of Prague
King Bohush The Siblings
The first English translation of two stories from Rilke’s earliest prose work.
Rilke, Rainer Maria. Angela Esterhammer, introd. and trans.

How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential
A courageous call to free charity from its ideological and economic constraints
Pallotta, Dan

An Uncommon Man
The Life and Times of Senator Claiborne Pell
The only biography of Claiborne Pell, the six-term senator from Rhode Island best known as the sponsor of the educational Pell Grants
Miller, G. Wayne

Under New England
The Story of New England’s Rocks and Fossils
Explores the geology of New England in a colorful and kid-friendly format
Barker, Charles Ferguson

Understood Betsy

A well-loved classic is once again available
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

The Voice of the Dawn
An Autohistory of the Abenaki Nation
An experienced Native voice tells the story of Abenaki culture and history.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

Voices in the Wilderness
American Nature Writing and Environmental Politics
American nature writers as literary artists and political catalysts.
Payne, Daniel G.

Walking Towards Walden
A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
On a fifteen-mile bushwhack, exploring the whole idea of place
Mitchell, John Hanson

The Way to the Salt Marsh
A John Hay Reader
John Hay reveals the ubiquitous but often unnoticed emblems all around us
Hay, John. Christopher Merrill, ed. and introd

We Were an Island
The Maine Life of Art and Nan Kellam
A couple set out on a bold and vigorous quest for independence and a more essential way of life on a Maine island
Blanchard, Peter P. III with David Graham

The Weir Family, 1820–1920
Expanding the Traditions of American Art
The first major study to examine the artistic output of Robert Walter Weir and his two sons, John Ferguson Weir and Julian Alden Weir
Wardle, Marian, ed.

Wetland, Woodland, Wildland
A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont
The first field guide to all of Vermont’s natural communities
Thompson, Elizabeth H., and Eric R. Sorenson. Libby Davidson, Betsy Brigham, and Darien McElwain, illus

The Whale and His Captors; or, The Whaleman's Adventures

An authoritative new edition of a lost source of Melville’s Moby-Dick
Cheever, Henry T.; edited and with an introduction by Robert D. Madison

Where Does the Wild Goose Go?

A third collection of stories by a master raconteur
Lange, Willem

Where the Rivers Flow North

Available again, six tales of Kingdom County, Vermont
Mosher, Howard Frank

Why the Turkey Didn’t Fly
The Surprising Stories Behind the Eagle, the Flag, Uncle Sam, and Other Images of America
The stories behind some of our country’s favorite iconic images
Aron, Paul

Wild Acadia
A Photographic Journey to New England’s Oldest National Park
An inspiring photographic journey to New England’s oldest and most visited national park
Monkman, Jerry and Marcy, Images; Text by Jerry Monkman

A Wild, Rank Place
One Year on Cape Cod
A young writer confronts life, death, and literary ancestors amid the stark beauty of Cape Cod
Gessner, David

The Wildest Place on Earth
Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
The unlikely story of how formal Italian Renaissance gardens encouraged the preservation of the American wilderness
Mitchell, John Hanson

Wines and Beers of Old New England
A How to-Do-It History
"This book is written for people who like to go to folk museums, who like to collect antiques, who like to renovate old houses, and who like to drink," writes the author.
Brown, Sanborn C. Ed Lindlof, drawings

Witness to the Young Republic
A Yankee’s Journal, 1828–1870
One of the great diaries by a Washington insider personally acquainted with 12 presidents brings to life four tumultuous decades in the nation’s capital.
French, Benjamin Brown. Donald B. Cole and John J. McDonough, eds.

Women’s Painted Furniture, 1790–1830
American Schoolgirl Art
Beautifully illustrated, comprehensive study of women’s painted furniture, a long-lost art that sheds light on women’s lives in the early republic
Salm, Betsy Krieg

The Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Updated catalogue raisonné of one of the most important figures in American sculpture.
Dryfhout, John H.

Working with Your Woodland
A Landowner’s Guide
A landowner’s manual for forest management in New England
Beattie, Mollie, Charles Thompson, and Lynn Levine. Carl Reidel, fwds.; Nancy Howe, illus.

The Writing Habit

How turning writing into a habit is the best tool an author can possess.
Huddle, David

You Had a Job for Life
Story of a Company Town
The life and death of a mill town
Sayen, Jamie