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Bauhan logoAcademia Press is a fast growing, independent academic publishing house located in Ghent (Belgium). As a subsidiary of J. Story - Scientia Scientific Booksellers, Academia Press is a dedicated and dynamic participant within the academic and professional book market.

Academia Press specializes in the publication of:

  • high-quality academic research;
  • textbooks which didactically transmit research to students;
  • professional and informative publications, in which research is made accessible to specific professional target groups and/or a wider audience;
  • series and journals, in which research is valorized for a specialized academic audience.

Academia Press was established at the end of the 1980s with the explicit aim of developing an independent press according to the model of American and British University Presses. As a subsidiary of J. Story – Scientia Scientific Booksellers, Academia Press has fast become a commercial enterprise. It has, however, remained faithful to its initial mission to function as a gatekeeper, and to serve the academic community by supporting and stimulating scholarship. As a member of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP), Academia Press remains fully qualified and up to date with regard to recent developments within the domain of academic publishing. We follow the latest issues, trends and relevant publications closely, attend conferences and workshops, and frequent international fairs such as the London Book Fair and the Frankfurter Buchmesse on a regular basis. To learn more about Academia Press... (click here)

UPNE distributes two series from Academia Press: Archaeological Reports Ghent University and Studies in Performing Arts and Film as well as a number of non-series titles.

Aerial Photography and Archaeology
A Century of Information
This publication contains the selected proceedings of a conference devoted to the history of aerial photography (Ghent, 2003).
Bourgeois, Jean; Meganck, Marc, eds.

Al-Qaeda: The Myth
The Root Causes of International Terrorism and How to Tackle Them
This study argues that today’s international terrorism, especially Al-Qaeda, is born of neither religion nor poverty, but is merely a cloak of patchy discontent, a symptom of a society gone awry.
Coolsaet, Rik

Ammaia I: the survey
A Romano-Lusitanian townscape revealed
This book represents the most important results of a European funded archaeological project
Corsi, Cristina

Archaeology in Confrontation
Aspects of Roman Military Presence in the Northwest
This collection of papers focuses on the Provincial-Roman archaeology of Northern Gaul, Germany and Britain.
Vermeulen, Frank; Sas, Kathy & Dhaeze, Wouter, eds.

Artisanal Diamond Mining
Perspectives and Challenges
This work makes a significant contribution to our progress towards the vision of artisanal alluvial diamond mining communities that are conflict and exploitation free.
Vlassenroot, Koen; Van Bockstael, Steven, eds.

Commerce and the Countryside
The rural population’s involvement in the commodity market in Flanders, 1750–1910
A historical analysis of the economic importance of weekly markets in Flanders during the 18th and 19th century
Ronsijn, Wouter

Diamonds, Rice, and a ‘Maggi Cube’
Artisanal Diamond Mining and Livelihoods in Liberia
The economics of artisanal diamond mining from the Belgian government funded Egmont Artisanal Diamond Mining Project
Van Bockstael, Steven & Koen Vlassenroot

Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism
In Great Britain and Ireland
A large-scale reference work covering the journalism industry in 19th-Century Britain
Brake, Laurel

Electronic Power Control 2
Electronic Motor Control 8th edition
An updated indispensable companion for engineers and other specialists in the field of power electronics
Pollefliet, Jean

Embattled Territory
The Circulation of Knowledge In the Spanish Netherlands
A seminal work that offers a new framework for the history of science in the Spanish Netherlands
Dupré, Sven

Europeanization and Conflict Resolution
Case Studies from the European Periphery
This volume studies the relevance of European integration for conflict settlement and conflict resolution in divided states such as Cyprus or Serbia and Montenegro.
Coppieters, Bruno, Emerson, Michael; Huysseune, Michel; Kozviridze, Tamara; Noutcheva, Gergana; Tocci, Nathalie & Vahl, Marius

Excavations in Pessinus: the so-called Acropolis
From Hellenistic and Roman cemetery to Byzantine castle
This volume presents a detailed analysis of the excavations of one of Pessinus’ major cemeteries in ancient times.
Thoen, Hugo, Frank Vermeulen and John Devreker, eds.

A Farmer’s Best Friend?
Artisanal Diamond Mining and Rural Change in West and Central Africa
The economics of artisanal diamond mining from the Belgian government funded Egmont Artisanal Diamond Mining Project
Van Bockstael, Steven

The Floor is Yours
Because Life is too Short for Bad Presentations
Learn to effectively and confidently give a presentation
Van de Water, Hans and Toon Verlinden

The Ideologies of Lived Space in Literary Texts

This edited volume presents original essays on the ideological role of space in literary texts
Heirman, Jo and Klooster, Jacqueline

In Pursuit of a Powerful Performance

This book on cycling attempts to bridge the gap between coaching and science
Wiggins, Jonathan

DiGeSt Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies
Explores intersectionality as theory, concept, and heuristic device for research, policy, and practice
Celis, Karen

The Last Hunter-Gatherer-Fishermen in Sandy Flanders (NW Belgium)

This study presents and discusses relevant environmental and chronological data with regard to the so-called ‘Waasland Scheldepolders’, one of the most archaeologically promising but also threatened areas of Northern Belgium.
Crombé, Philippe, ed.

Meeting the Needs of Children in Substitute Care
A European Comparative Study of Welfare Services and Education
This study sets out to scrutinize to what extent the needs of children in four different European regions are similar.
Weyts, Arabella

Minerals with Belgian Roots
from hopeite (1824) to tazieffite (2009)
This volume discusses a group of minerals either discovered and first described in Belgium, or discovered abroad but with names that refer to Belgian scholars
Van Der Meersche, Eddy, De Paepe, Paul, & Stoops, Georges

Never-ending Stories
Adaptation, Canonisation and Ideology in Children’s Literature
This book frames adaptation in children’s literature against a broader socio-cultural background, focussing on the ideological implications of the process
Geerts, Sylvie

New Citizens, New Policies?
Developments in Diversity Policy in Canada and Flanders
This book sheds light on the policies pursued by the authorities in Canada and Flanders in terms of their expectations of ‘newcomers’.
d'Haenens, Leen; Hooghe, Marc; Vanheule, Dirk; Gezduci, Hasibe

Not a Day Without a Line
Understanding Artists’ Writings
Emphasizing the visual arts, including performance art, this book focuses on artists’ writings that challenge our understanding of them as a text or an instance of reflection
De Preester, Helena

Ol' Man River
Geo-archaeological Aspects of Rivers and River Plains
This volume contains the selected proceedings of a multidisciplinary conference (Ghent, 2006), which stimulated looking at landscape evolution from the times of early human involvement in nature to much more recent historical developments.
De Dapper, Morgan, Vermeulen, Frank; Deprez, Sarah; Taelman, Devi

Performing Arts in the Austrian 18th Century
New Directions in Historical and Methodological Research
The contributors to this volume address theater’s role as the mirror of a perfect society and its strikingly international orientation in the Austrian 18th century.
Van Schoor, Jaak; Stalpaert, Christel; Van Oostveldt, Bram, eds.

Perspectives on European Film and History

This volume addresses the representation of European history in European cinema through a collection of nine case studies such as Der Untergang (2004) and Dawn (1928).
Engelen, Leen, Vande Winkel, Roel, eds.

Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Books
Critical Essays
The critical essays collected in this volume reflect Greenaway’s relocation of The Tempest along the fundamentally unstable boundaries between different discursive formations.
Stalpaert, Christel, ed.

Professional Learning in Education
Challenges for Teacher Educators, Teachers and Student Teachers
On teacher educators’ professionalism and (student) teachers’ practices and professional development
De Wever, Bram

A Pure Mind in a Clean Body
Bodily Care in the Buddhist Monasteries of Ancient India and China
A fascinating study of the bodily care of ancient Buddhists of China and India
Heirman, Ann

Radiology in a Trench Coat
Military Radiology on the Western Front During the Great War
A new medical discipline reaching full adulthood during the First World War
Van Tiggelen, René

Return to Sender
Constantijn Huygens as a Man of Letters
The image of the Dutch diplomat-poet Constantijn Huygens (1596–1687) as it emerges from his letters
Gosseye, Lise

Science and Sustainable Management of the North Sea
Belgian Case Studies
This book is the product of a research program that provided the opportunity for natural scientists, socio-economic scientists and lawyers to gather and discuss the North Sea ecosystem.
Calewaert, Jan-Bart & Maes, Frank, eds.

Storytelling in the Moment
Exploring a Contemporary Verbal Art in Britain and Ireland
A wide-ranging, multidisciplinary yet accessible exploration of contemporary verbal storytelling in Britain and Ireland
Howes, Michael

The Structure of the Lexicon
Incorporating a cognitive approach in the TCM lexicon, with applications to lexicography, terminology and translation
One of the few scholarly attempts to reconcile a generatively-based approach to the structure of the lexicon with the cognitive approach of Cognitive Grammar
Thelen, Marcel

The Théâtre de la Monnaie and Theatre Life in the 18th-Century Austrian Netherlands
From a Courtly-aristocratic to a Civil-enlightened Discourse?
This book offers the first extensive study of the influence of the Brussels’ Monnaie Theatre on theatrical life in the Dutch speaking part of the Austrian Netherlands
Van Oostveldt, Bram, ed.

This Body Is in Danger!
Shape-shifting CorpoRealities in Contemporary Performing Arts
New media technologies and their relationship with the body
Stojni , Aneta

Imagining Catastrophe in Art, Architecture and Philosophy
A collection of essays that takes stock of the current impact of the image and imagination of the catastrophe in art, science and philosophy
Le Roy, Frederik, Nele Wynants, Dominiek Hoens, and Robrecht Vanderbeeken

Towards a Rationalisation of the EC co-ordination Regulations concerning Social Security?

In proposing an alternative model for the complex EC regulations for coordination relating to social security, this study concentrates on the sectors of health and employment.
Jorens, Yves, De Schuyter, Barbara & Salomon, Cindy

The Tylenchulidae Of The World

The definitive first and only book on this family of plant parasites
Ghaderi, Reza

Unfolding Spectatorship
Shifting Political, Ethical and Intermedial Positions
What does it mean to be a spectator?
Stalpaert, Christel

Voicing in Contrast
Acquiring a Second Language Laryngeal System
This book is a thorough study of typological differences in the laryngeal systems of Dutch and English
Simon, Ellen