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Bauhan logoCavanKerry Press is committed to expanding the reach of poetry to a general readership by publishing poets whose works explore the emotional and psychological landscapes of everyday life.

Abloom & Awry

Kelley, Tina

Against Consolation

Cording, Robert

Against Which

Gay, Ross

American Rhapsody

An elegy to the author’s parents and to America past and present
Stone, Carole

Apparition Hill

Ruefle, Mary

An Apron Full of Beans

An exploration of African-American history and popular culture emphasizing the relations between men and women
Cornish, Sam

The Baby Book

The Baby Book explores single motherhood, fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, and alternative families
Silbergleid, Robin

The Bar of the Flattened Heart

With melancholy and wit, the poems of The Bar of the Flattened Heart remind us of the sheer wonderment of life
Keller, David


Chase, Karen

Body of Diminishing Motion
Poems and a Memoir
Sidney, Joan Seliger. Bruce R. Ransom, Intro. Robert Cording, Fwd.

The Breath of Parted Lips
Voices from The Robert Frost Place, Vol. I
Lea, Sydney, ed.; Hall, Donald , fwd. Contributors: Julie Agoos, Sharon Bryan, Robert Cording, Mark Cox, John Engels, Kathy Fagan, Christopher Gilbert, David Graham, Mark Halliday, Robert Hass, Denis Johnson, Cleopatra Mathis, William Matthews, Gary Miranda, Stanley Plumly, Katha Pollitt, Pattiann Rogers, Mary Ruefle, Mary Jo Salter, Sherod Santos, Jeffrey Skinner, Luci Tapahonso, Sue Ellen Thompson, Rosanna Warren

The Breath of Parted Lips
Voices from The Robert Frost Place, Vol. II
Lee, Sydney , Ed. Contributors: Marvin Bell, Hayden Carruth, Amy Clampitt, Stephan Dunn, Dana Gioia, Donald Hall, Galway Kinnel, Maxine Kumin, Thomas Lux, Paul Muldoon, Grace Paley, Molly Peacock, Charles Simic, Jean Valentine, Ellen Bryant Voight, Baron Wormser, and Lea himself.

A Car Stops A Door Opens

Bursk, Christopher

Carolyn Kizer
Perspectives on Her Life & Work
Finch, Annie; Johanna Keller & Candace McClelland, Editors. Maxine Kumin, Introduction. Contributors: Hayden Carruth, Dominic Cheung, Lucille Clifton, Robert Creeley, Judith Johnson, Maxine Kumin, Carol Muske, Robert Phillips, Marie Ponsot, Henry Taylor.

Common Life

Cording, Robert

Confessions of Joan the Tall

Freedom and awakening of an adolescent, Bronx bred, Irish Catholic girl
Handler, Joan Cusack

Darkening the Grass

Married life, soldiers in war, the triumph over age
Miller, Michael

A Day This Lit

Levy, Howard


Haines, John

The Disheveled Bed

Brown, Andrea Carter. Nicholas Christopher, fwd.

Divina Is Divina
Wiler explores a fundamental dilemma of human experience: How to enjoy life when you are acutely aware the Angel of Death could come to visit at any moment.
Wiler, Jack

door of thin skins

A tale that unfolds in a psychotherapist’s and a state prosecutor’s office and the mind of the poet regarding it all
Dentz, Shira

Eating Moors and Christians

A unique collection that uses photography as a metaphor to capture the poetry of historical witness
Castillo, Sandra M.

Elegy for the Floater

Carson, Teresa, Lux, Thomas, fwd; Perry, Bruce, M.D., Ph.D., intro.

A Novel in Verse
Esther breaks down unbearable family tragedy into our one defense against such human travail: a well-crafted story
Bernard, Pam

Fifty Histories
Matthews, Christopher

The Fork Without Hunger

Lamon, Laurie and Donald Hall, fwd.

Fun Being Me
Wiler, Jack


Handler, Joan Cusack

Gloved Against Blood

Explores the pushpull of received histories, of forces we can’t control no matter how hard we try
Veach, Cindy

A Gradual Twilight
An Appreciation of John Haines
Rogers, Steven, Editor. Gioia, Dana, Introduction. Contributors: Rick Bass, Wendell Berry, Raymond Carver, Tess Gallagher, Donald Hall, Nancy Schoenberger, Marion K. Stocking, Henry Taylor, William Carlos Williams.


Mooney, Martin. Baron Wormser, Fwd.

How the Crimes Happened

Potter, Dawn

How They Fell

Through tender emotions and horrific events, How They Fell’s ironic point of view leads readers to re-imagine both historical and mythological events
Boutelle, Annie


These elegant poems tackle issues of identity, domesticity and sexuality, shattering preconceived notions of Asians and Asian men in this first collection by a Filipino-born writer.
Legaspi, Joseph O., foreword by Philip Levine

Impenitent Notes

Impenitent Notes covers a range of subjects from Henry Kissinger and Goya in a variety of forms from free verse to sestina
Wormser, Baron

An Imperfect Lover

Orsini, Georgianna. Robert Phillips, Fwd. Molly Peacock, Essay

Jesus Was a Homeboy

A poet’s look at the hard lessons of separation, of growing older, and of wanting the things that are beyond our reach
Carey, Kevin

Kazimierz Square

Chase, Karen

The Laundress Catches Her Breath

The struggle and anguish in finding meaningful work in an economically depressed city
Corso, Paola

Letters from a Distant Shore

Fiala, Marie Lawson

Letters from Limbo

Links the living with the dead through mysterious letters, historic documents, artifacts, haunting encounters, imaginative bravado
Beaumont, Jeanne Marie

Life with Sam

Hutner, Elizabeth Hall. Simeon Hutner, Photography. Rafael Campo, Fwd.

Little Boy Blue
A Memoir in Verse
A twenty-three part poetic sequence; a working-class mother speaks passionately of the more than four decades of personal history that binds her with her emotionally-troubled and estranged son
Jacobik, Gray

Love's Labors

Love’s Labors follows themes of family, work, and sex, from a perspective tempered and troubled by the language of faith
Newsom, Brent

Misery Islands

Misery Islands blends geographical and metaphorical landscapes of family and the choices we make to know who we are truly meant to be
O’Neil, January Gill

Miss August

Andrews, Nin


Doty, Catherine. Baron Wormser, Fwd.

Motherhood Exaggerated

When eight-year-old Nadia cracks her jaw on a piece of Halloween candy unmasking a rare bone cancer, mother and daughter are launched on a revelatory journey of treatment, recovery and survival
Hannan, Judith, Alan M. Dershowitz, fwd. and Leonard Wexler, M.D., med. intr.

My Crooked House

Painting a raw picture of feeling broken “in some fundamental way,” Carson’s poems sing to how that feeling can be mended
Carson, Teresa

My Mother’s Funeral

Life in Colombia with an exceptional mother: uncanny and sad yet sharply alive with humor
Páramo, Adriana

My Oceanography

Plunges the reader into the imagination as it fictionalizes the crushing demands of separation, loss, and artistic process
Levin, Harriet

My Painted Warriors

Poems about love, death and orgasms after 60, Penn probes the character of enduring love and the frailty of human life
Penn, Peggy

Neighborhood Register
A debut collection that sifts the Midwest’s dwindling industrial cities, along with the lively avenues of Manhattan, for the crucial music engrained in everyday domains and the people who embody them.
Jackson, Marcus

Night Sessions

Night Sessions is based primarily on David S. Cho’s life experiences as a Chicago-born and raised child of Korean immigrants to America in the early 1970’s
Cho, David S.

The One Fifteen to Penn Station

Family, friendships, the fear of uncertainty and the regret and damage from the choices we make
Carey, Kevin

Only So Far

Only So Far moves between hope and despair, between absence and presence, as it charts its way toward an unreachable promised land
Cording, Robert

The Origins of Tragedy & Other Poems

Rosen, Kenneth


Verse memoir by poet psychologist explores woman’s ambivalent relationship with aging parents: 3 voices 3 distinct forms
Handler, Joan Cusack

The Palace of Ashes

Fairchok, Sherry

Places I Was Dreaming

With humor, wonder, and kid-logic, a young boy copes with a life in rural poverty in the poetic sequence of Places I Was Dreaming
Graham, Loren

The Poetry Life
Ten Stories
Brings to life the immense force poetry can have in people’s lives
Wormser, Baron

Practicing the World

Shares with the reader the pain of loss, the vibrancy of the present moment, and grief’s transformation into a greater joy
Sornberger, Judith

Primary Lessons

A rebellious young woman in the segregated South
White, Sarah Bracey


Bruce, Eloise. Julie Agoos, Fwd.

The Red Canoe
Love in Its Making
The Red Canoe: Love in Its Making—poetry and memoir exploring the anatomy of a marriage—underbelly and crown
Handler, Joan Cusack


From the external worlds of race and gender to the internal world of family life, taps into what is wild and good in all of us
O’Neil, January Gill

Same Old Story

Through verse and those mythical tales we can’t stop living, our private fears and hopes are brought to life
Potter, Dawn

The Second Night of the Spirit

Bherwani, Bhisham

See the Wolf

Speaks of violence toward women and girls through one family group, 1980s cultural milieu, and retold fairytale
Sousa, Sarah

The Silence of Men

Newman, Richard Jeffrey. Yusef Komunyakaa, fwd.

Silk Elegy

Silk Elegy tells the story of a young girl from an immigrant family whose life is disrupted by a mentally ill mother.
Gash, Sondra

The Singers I Prefer

Barter, Christian. Sydney Lea, Fwd.

Snakeskin Stilettos

Donaldson, Moyra. Medbh McGuckian, Fwd.

So Close

Penn, Peggy

Soft Box

Bland, Celia. Jane Cooper, Fwd.

Southern Comfort

Andrews, Nin

Spooky Action at a Distance

Mapping the twin poles of isolation and connection, Levy’s poems illuminate the dramatic landscapes of both states
Levy, Howard

Surviving Has Made Me Crazy

Nepo, Mark and Frankel, Richard, medical foreword


Celebrates the courageous journey across boundaries, the intersections between liminal spaces, and the tenacity to endure
Legaspi, Joseph O.

Through a Gate of Trees
Jackson, Susan and Peacock, Molly

To The Marrow

A compelling, courageously written description of one man’s journey through bone marrow transplantation, one of the most arduous and extraordinary medical interventions that some people are compelled to choose and endure.
Seder, Robert. Mark Nepo, Literary Fwd. Ken Offit, M.D., Chief Clinical Genetics Service, Sloan Kettering, Medical fwd.


Captures the doubts of a middle-aged man, bisexuality, the illness of his bipolar daughter, recent wars, and the body’s seasons
Platt, Donald


O’Neil, January Gill

Unidentified Sighing Objects

Through formal features, Unidentified Sighing Objects locates the circumstances of feeling that both elevate and wreck human life
Wormser, Baron

The Waiting Room Reader
Stories to Keep You Company
Handler, Joan Cusack, ed.

The Waiting Room Reader
Words to Keep You Company
A small dose of healing
Hadas, Rachel

Walking with Ruskin
Walking with Ruskin looks at the difficulty of perception, of just how hard it is to simply “see” without asserting our own self-importance, self-needs, and self-justifications
Cording, Robert

We Aren’t Who We Are – And This World Isn’t Either

These poems tell the story of a colorful and often painful childhood spent traveling around the world in this first book by a newly minted poet and former artisan now living in New Hampshire.
Korfhage, Christine, foreword by Liz Rosenberg

We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders

A strange and paranoid journey through the poet's schizophrenia
Wagner, Pamela Spiro

Where the Dead Are

Drama of ordinary lives transformed into the extraordinary
Praisner, Wanda S.

Without Wings
Lamon, Laurie


Takes us on a ride through New Jersey, past the Beats, New York City schools, Holocaust memories, onto the open road
Shot, Danny