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Four Way logoFour Way Books publishes 14-15 collections of poetry and short fiction a year by emerging and established writers.

Four Way Books seeks to please and expand poetry’s audience and to nurture the gifts of adult writers, spanning a wide range of geographic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Absence, Luminescent

Martínez, Valerie

The Affliction

Renowned poet C. Dale Young’s debut novel opens with an incredible story from a possibly-supernatural conman that changes everything
Young, C. Dale

After Dayton

Carrier, C.S.

All Pilgrim

All Pilgrim examines the push and pull between seeking and settling
Ford, Stephanie

All You Do Is Perceive

Joy Katz regards the world with wonder and sharp insight in this new collection centered around new motherhood
Katz, Joy

The Always Broken Plates of Mountains

“We are so harmed we are beautiful…”
McLarney, Rose

And So

Poetry that frames and zooms close-up on lovers and strangers as they couple and recoil
Brouwer, Joel


Animalities reaches into the past, breathes in the present, and extends to the future in a lyric exploration of life
Lee, David Dodd

Anxious Music

A first book of poems that enact a great joy and trust in language, building a deliciously slippery vessel to carry us through the deep waters of our humanity, by the Executive Director of Alice James Books.
Ossmann, April

The Arrangements

These reverberative poems locate and explore where body, mind and language meet
Colby, Kate

The Arrival

Simko, Daniel and Carolyn Forché, intro.

Arrow Pointing North

Lee, David Dodd

Bad Daughter

“It is true when a girl sinks, her hair spreads like a flower / across water”
Gorham, Sarah


McQuade, Molly

Bastards of the Reagan Era

Bastards of the Reagan Era challenges and confronts many of the difficult realities that frame America
Betts, Reginald Dwayne

Beauty Refracted

Carol Moldaw’s most recent collection is a stunning tapestry of the ways we are marked by time
Moldaw, Carol

Begging for It

A coming-of-age debut collection from a Bulgarian immigrant as he explores desire, longing, and growing up gay in America
Dimitrov, Alex

Belated Heavens

A collection of impressive symbolic variance that is both fragile and resilient
Tobin, Daniel

The Bible of Dirty Jokes

Acclaimed author Eileen Pollack’s most recent novel is a cross between Seinfeld and The Sopranos
Pollack, Eileen

Big Spring

Figman, Elliot

Black Blossoms

“What is / misery now that the last spring / you will ever know has already been forgotten?”
González, Rigoberto

Blinking Ephemeral Valentine

This collection seeks to resuscitate the concept of love amid modern-day landscapes that undercut the possibilities of genuine emotion
Wallace, Joni

Blood Labors

A collection that explores spaces in order to probe the fraught interplay of matter and spirit, desire and monstrosity, the created and the uncreated
Tobin, Daniel

Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows

In this striking debut, Leigh’s poems seek again and again to reconcile faith and beauty with the violent realities of trauma
Leigh, Eugenia

Blue Guide

From ancient Rome to post-9/11 Manhattan, Briccetti’s keenly-observed poems connect us to the lives of those around us
Briccetti, Lee

The Book of Jobs
Maris, Kathryn

Boys of My Youth

Meditations on nature cohabit with explorations of family entanglements giving insight, empathy, and wit to our experiences
Okrent, Rebecca

Breaking and Entering
A Novel
“America is a lot more countries than she thought it was. And even within those countries, there are other, smaller countries…”
Pollack, Eileen

Buddha’s Dogs

Browne, Susan


A brilliant debut collection that addresses human use of imagination as a means of displacement
Denrow, Jennifer

Can I Finish, Please?

These poems offer consolation and authenticity in the multiplying possibilities of transformation, nature, and eroticism
Bowman, Catherine

Cathedral of Wish

Winner of the 2006 Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America
Thomas, Cammy


Brouwer, Joel

The Children Are Reading

These poems are written through the lens and with the cadences of children (or adults trying to remember being children)
Fried, Gabriel


Churches is a book about the way we create our knowledge of the divine, of mortality and of the past through story
Prufer, Kevin


Clean explores the disorder of life—love, addiction, sex, pain, religion—and discovers a tarnished grace
Daniels, David J.

Coming About

These lyric poems come from a voice of authority, where the terrain is at once discovered and known, palpable yet mysterious
Gillett, Michelle

Corporal Works

Domina, Lynn

The Cumulus Effect

Titled after the sequential patterns of shape-shifting clouds, The Cumulus Effect explores geography, desire, and memory
Barizo, J. Mae

The Cure

Gorham, Sarah

The Currency

Otremba, Paul

Day Mark

Briccetti, Lee


Poems that offer a compassionate yet relentless portrait of Deadbeat—an absent father and husband—and the family that goes on without him
Nicorvo, Jay Baron

Dear All,

A poetic letter to the lost in the author’s life and to the lives of the larger world in these days of endless war
Anderson, Maggie

Dear Weather Ghost

Poems of exile rooted in classic images and a distinct lyrical style
Ginsburg, Melissa

Degrees of Latitude

Blossom, Laurel


Rich in intertextuality, Digest improvises form and contemplates the canon while pushing us to question the identities we create
Pardlo, Gregory


A collection of poems constructed like a series of film montages or collages showing what the world looks like now
Cruz, Cynthia


Bernhardt, Deborah


This collection maps an intimate, dislocated route across human and nonhuman bodies, forming a concert of emotional intensities
Pindyck, Maya

Event Boundaries

Poems on relationships, conscious and unconscious desires and motivations, faith, fear, love, mortality—and how these are shaped by environment
Ossmann, April

The Exit Coach

Unexpected visitors disrupt lives and reveal new and undreamt-of possibilities
Staffel, Megan

Eye of the Blackbird

McFadden, Mary Ann

False Horizon

Standing, Sue

57 Octaves Below Middle C

A collection of short stories, flash fiction, and prose poems full of characters who are wonderstruck by various aspects of life
McIlvoy, Kevin


An intense second collection of rich narrative and meditative scenes set in a harsh yet intricate inner and exterior landscape.
Allbery, Debra

For the Love of Endings

Ben Purkert’s debut poetry collection celebrates and laments the disintegration of our relationships and our world
Purkert, Ben

Forgive the Body This Failure

A collection of poems that faces personal losses to explore the human sense of impermanence and to cherish what we must relinquish
Falconer, Blas

The Foundling Wheel

A Puerto Rican American poet takes us on his journey through, and celebration of, gay adoption, fatherhood, and partnership
Falconer, Blas


Kocot, Noelle

The Four Way Reader #2

Arnett, Carlen , Jane Brox, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Martha Rhodes, editors

From Nothing

An exploration of the life of Belgian physicist and priest Georges Lemaître, known as “the father of the Big Bang”
Tobin, Daniel

Funeral Pie

Friebert, Stuart

Furs Not Mine

Furs Not Mine is a mix of lament and humor, loss and desire
Cohen, Andrea

The Geographic Cure
Dudley, Ellen

The Glimmering Room

Poems that give voice to the voiceless in the face of poverty, addiction, war, and consumerism
Cruz, Cynthia

god’s breath hovering across the waters

Meditative poems that struggle to make sense of a mother’s sudden death through the lenses of science and religion
Israeli, Henry


Standing, Sue

Half-Lit Houses

Chang, Tina

The Halo

A dark, psychological profile of a man/monster’s maturation from adolescence to adulthood
Young, C. Dale

Hams Beneath the Firmament
Ford, Terry


“I gripped my strangeness hard/ to feel the pulse in it.”
Aleshire, Joan

The Harness

This new book of poems, a Stahlecker Series selection from Four Way Books, has an Afterword by Michael Burkard, and contains works that first appeared in: Bloomsbury Review; Green Mountains Review; The Iowa Review; The Marlboro Review; TriQuarterly; and The Virginia Quarterly Review.
Mangan, Pat

Hemming the Water

Often mimicking fairy tales or ancient fables, these are poems wrought from daughterhood, motherhood, siblinghood, and the love of music
Harvey, Yona

A History of the Only War

Impeccably crafted and structured, these poems of chaos are contained in neat and beautiful packages. Christopher Davis is a poet through and through, wedded to lyric compression and given to expansive emotional sweeps.
Davis, Christopher

Holding Ground

Rich in the language of American music and New England scenery, these poems teach us about life’s journey
Willard, Bruce

Home by Now

Kearney, Meg

A Hotel in Belgium

These poems investigate the delicacy of human relationships and the hopeful relentlessness with which we pursue them
Lauer, Brett Fletcher

House of McQueen

Selected by Vievee Francis for the Four Way Books Intro Prize, these richly textured poems are inspired by Alexander McQueen
Wallace, Valerie

How He Loved Them

The latest collection from an award-winning poet about the complications of romantic, familial, and patriotic love
Prufer, Kevin

How the End Begins

A chronicle of the struggle between the opposing worlds of the material and the unseen
Cruz, Cynthia

How the Losers Love What’s Lost

“The one gone thing goes on being gone.”
Frank, Patrick Ryan

How to Get into Our House and Where We Keep the Money

Surprising, insightful, and slyly entertaining tales of women and men try to navigate the complexities of love in this debut story collection
Gianopoulos, Panio

Hurry Home
Novella and Short Stories
Knight, Ann Scott

I Was Thinking of Beauty

The tenth collection of poems from conservationist and current Vermont Poet Laureate, Sydney Lea
Lea, Sydney


Youn, Monica

Imaginary Royalty

These harrowing poems focus on how human connection can both transcend devastation as well as complicate our individual sense of existence
Field, Miranda

Immaculate Fuel

Nealon, Mary Jane

In a Beautiful Country

These elegiac poems trace the toll war takes on America while hoping for the future
Prufer, Kevin

In the Mouth
Stories and Novellas
Pollack, Eileen

Incomplete Knowledge
Harrison, Jeffrey


This second collection by award-winning poet Cammy Thomas is a meditation on impermanence, focused on a family confronting death
Thomas, Cammy

January Machine

This long poem enacts the restless mind at work, which becomes the ground for action, for critique and for re-imagining America
Schlegel, Rob

Lane Changes

In this fifth book by Lawrence, these poems are at once wry, lucid, lunatic, energetic, pithy, dark.
Lawrence, David

Late in the Empire of Men

A bildungsroman that traces the path of America through its expanding empire to a future when "the idea of people/is over"
Kempf, Christopher

Leaving Xaia

Nurkse, D.

Lessons in Another Language
A Novella and Stories
Staffel, Megan

Lighting the Shadow

Lighting the Shadow opens itself to a space of meditation in an attempt to grasp the tensions of beauty, terror, and transformation within the self and the greater world
Griffiths, Rachel Eliza

Listen & Other Stories

The stories in Listen demand readers do just that, as the book crosses the country—and decades—to uncover secrets characters never thought they’d share
Callanan, Liam

Litany of Thanks

Aleshire, Joan

The Little Bat Trainer

Ebert, Gwen

The Little Book of Guesses

Gallaher, John

little dark

An intimate and lyrical meditation on a life through the shifting lens of memory
Brennan, Karen


Longevity is a book-length narrative prose poem that explores the nature of sisterhood through an unreliable narrator’s view
Blossom, Laurel


Russell, Frazier

Make Me Do Things

This collection of stories from award winning novelist and poet Victoria Redel observes how we wreck and reconcile marriage and parenthood
Redel, Victoria

The Man With Many Pens

The book is concerned with the multiple complex emotions of love
Wells, Jonathan

The Meaning of If

The Meaning of If explores what might be, what could have been, and that strange, lovely place in between called reality
Lawler, Patrick


Literal as well as metaphorical monsters inhabit this book of 38 innovative fictions
Brennan, Karen

Name Withheld

Name Withheld engages contemporary socio-political dramas and personal history, posing a theory of connectivity in which metaphor is binding as love.
Sewell, Lisa

The Names of Birds

The Names of Birds is a book of connected poems about birds, names, and perception
Wolff, Daniel

The Narrows

Tobin, Daniel

National Anthem

Prufer, Kevin

The Near Surround

Mitchell, Nancy

The Nervous Filaments

Lee, David Dodd

The Net

The formally diverse and intellectually acute sixth poetry collection from award-winning poet Daniel Tobin
Tobin, Daniel

New Messiahs

Israeli, Henry

No Doubt the Nameless

These poems plumb the depths of elegy yet offer an upward gesture by the volume’s end
Lea, Sydney

No Small Gift

Centered on the theme of regaining a voice, the collection manifests poetry’s power to distill meaning from the chaos of trauma
Franklin, Jennifer

Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin

“my body/ is a mortal moon/ of water”
Donnelly, Patrick


Bowman, Catherine

Of Gods & Strangers

“A dangerous thunder, living is.”
Chang, Tina

Off Message

Engages thorny political and historical issues with humor, humility, and artfulness
Brouwer, Joel

The Off-Season

The Off-Season grapples with the question of how to be in the world
Levitt, Jen

On the Other Side, Blue

A brave and beautiful work that navigates the complex emotional landscape of grief
Nogues, Collier

The Opposite of People

An examination of how we live lives built by films, television, songs, and commercials
Frank, Patrick Ryan

Orphan Fire

This remarkable sequence of lyric poems combines to a beautiful, luminous exploration of emotional intensity, of how the body is inhabited by fear, or love, or “a cynical knowledge that helps us endure.” The images in these poems will be etched in your mind long after you have put this book down.
Valles, Alissa


A world where physical experiences are forgotten, events remembered never happened, loved ones have died but their physical presence remains
Thompson, Tom

Pax Americana

A host of voices speak through the American Experience expressing indignation, bafflement, and longing
Otremba, Paul


A suite of minimalist lyric poems punctuated by prose poems explores the mysteries of visual perception and its relationship to poetic language
Pugh, Christina

The Plath Cabinet

Bowman, Catherine

Please Bury Me in This

A series of letters on the death of the speaker’s father that investigate loss and language’s limits and ability to transcend our temporal lives
White, Allison Benis

Points of Balance
Puntos de apoyo
Medina, Pablo


Donoghue, John

The Pretty Girl
Novella and Stories
“Twelve bell towers with twelve clocks with twenty-four spindly hands telling the time.”
Spark, Debra

The Price of Light

Triplett, Pimone

The Radiant

Huntington, Cynthia

Radio Tooth

Jenkins, Paul

The Raving Fortune

Kocot, Noelle

Realm of the Possible

Dolin, Sharon


A memoir of grief after a father’s death set in Paris, New York, and Berlin
Reilly, Rebecca


A debut collection unfolding from the discovery of one man’s body in the desert along the U.S./ Mexico border
Little, Margaree

Hamer, Forrest


New Southern poetry in which Field lets loose a Calamity Jane-like voice loaded with screwball humor
Field, Farrah

The River I know You By

This new book of poems, a Stahlecker Series selection from Four Way Books, contains works that first appeared in The Arts Journal; AWP Newsletter; Green Mountains Review; Greensboro Review; Mississippi Review; The North American Review; The Pacific Review; Prairie Schooner; Southern Poetry Review; and The Virginia Quarterly Review.
Knauth, Stephen

Rogue Apostle

Mary Jane Nealon received the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award of the Poetry Society of America in 2001.
Nealon, Mary Jane

Round Lake

A family is lost and discovered among the pages of Round Lake
Bonner, Grace

The Rules of Paradise

Nurkse, D.


This book explores the mysteries of the flesh in terms both personal and philosophical, scientific and metaphysical, private and broadly cultural
Bond, Bruce


These poems dig deeply into the past and show us what is unearthed, and the effect these discoveries have
McClain, Nathan

The Second Person
Employing the careful emotion of Constantine Cavafy and the realism lying beneath Oscar Wilde’s comic epigrams, he has crafted a contemplative book of poems both wise and willing to learn.
Young, C. Dale

Second Things

Tobin, Daniel


Tseng, Sandy

See Through

Richard, Frances

Series | India

Series | India is a sequence of poems linked by threads of intersecting and overlapping stories
Gray, Elizabeth T., Jr.

Shade 2004

Lee, David Dodd

Shade 2006

Lee, David Dodd, editor

Shadow Mountain

Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Claire


Elegiac in tone, these poems reflect a voice in crisis and its struggle with an unwelcome silence
Houlihan, Joan


Berg, Stephen

She Has a Name

She Has a Name tells the story of a woman with autism and her family as they share difficulties, doubt, anger, and love
Moon, Kamilah Aisha

Siste Viator

Manguso, Sarah

Six Small Fires

Jenkins, Paul

Small Porcelain Head

Small Porcelain Head examines grief and coping mechanisms for loss in the aftermath of suicide
White, Allison Benis


Wheeler, Susan

Starshine & Clay

These poems run the gamut between human striving and suffering, ultimately imbued with a tenacious hope
Moon, Kamilah Aisha

Stories That Listen

Spirited and fragmented poetry that echoes the way we think and remember.
Becker, Priscilla

Strike Root

Carter, Anne Babson

Sublimation Point

Schneiderman, Jason

The Subsequent Blues

Lilley, Gary Copeland

The Taxidermist's Cut

A survival guide that shows how bigotry and redemption are mapped on the psyche and on the body
Mohabir, Rajiv

The Tension Zone

Gorham, Sarah

The Theory and Function of Mangoes

Winner of the Intro Prize
Kalamaras, George

Threat Come Close

A stunning debut collection that interrogates what it means to be black and male in America
Coleman, Aaron


Tidal explores the cultural, physical, and historical landscape of Micronesia
Kalscheur, Josh


Topaz explores the immediate and lingering effects of WWII prison camps on Japanese American families and on future generations
Dempster, Brian Komei


An essential collection that struggles to understand our human and spiritual selves
Young, C. Dale

Traditions of Bread and Violence

A Stahlecker Series Selection.
Sasanov, Catherine

Train Dance

“I could / Carry myself like a tune / Into the chorus of the city.”
Wells, Jonathan

The Traps

Tight, lyrical poems that reveal their “story” through images that overlay seduction and cruelty
Mathias, Louise

Travels of Marco

A searing, inventive, darkly funny collection preoccupied with the beginnings and endings of life
Levine, Mark

Twenty Shadows

Knauth, Stephen

The Tyranny of Milk

London, Sara

Unbuilt Projects

Short—some under a page—stories that explore memory, gay coming-of-age, and the inner life
Lisicky, Paul


These poems attempt to get to the heart of the matter as quickly or directly as possible, through narrative, expansive means
Cohen, Andrea

Unpeopled Eden

Built from the lives and stories of undocumented immigrants, these mournful, mystical poems are artifact, a cry for remembrance
González, Rigoberto


Each story in this collection expresses the way a person experiences everyday situations and encounters
Pourciau, Glen


Ross, Jamie

Violent Blues

Violent Blues focuses on personal violence—the violence we perpetrate on ourselves—and how we attempt to resolve it
Willard, Bruce

What the Right Hand Knows

Healy, Tom

When Hollywood Comes to You

A debut collection of poems about everyday loneliness, set to music
Guerra, Vincent

Whole Sky

Kircher, Pamela

Without Compass

In this debut collection of lyric poems, self-doubt becomes sacrificial offering
Miller, Benjamin

Wolf and Pilot

Poems can weave together a dark, quirky fairy tale—and these do—that blends childish passion and adult sensibility
Field, Farrah

Woman Without Umbrella

From the author of the novel-turned-film Lover Boy with Kyra Sedgwick, this long-awaited third poetry collection celebrates love and a life deeply lived
Redel, Victoria


In Wunderkammer, Cynthia Cruz collects and chronicles “glam and gloom,” the darling and the damaged
Cruz, Cynthia

The Yellow Transparents

Aleshire, Joan

You Darling Thing

A book-length meditation on courtship and the language of endearment, the social promise of marriage as a type of fulfillment, as well as the tension between a desire to be alone and a desire to not be lonely
Ferrell, Monica

Young of the Year

An unflinching account of human interaction with daunting landscapes and inescapable memories
Lea, Sydney