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Publisher logoNew Issues Poetry & Prose was established in 1996 by poet Herbert S. Scott. New Issues publishes eight to twelve new titles each year with a focus on contemporary poetry, and literary fiction, through the AWP Award Series in the Novel.

UPNE Book Partners will begin distributing New Issues titles later this summer.

Abrupt Rural

Lee, David Dodd

American Girl

Cory, Cynie

Approaching the Center

Hardy, Myronn

Approximate Desire

Thorburn, Russell


Blair, David

Autobiography of So-and-So
Poems in Prose
Kilwein Guevara, Maurice

Bandit Letters

Messer, Sarah

A Bare Unpainted Table

Cardiff, Gladys

Barren Island

Longlisted for the National Book Award 2017
Zoref, Carol

Beauty Breaks In

Samyn, Mary Ann

Before the Palm Could Bloom
Poems of Africa
Wesley, Patricia Jabbeh

Black Hope

de la O, Marsha

the body | of space | in the shape of the human

Allport, Andrew

The Body is No Machine

Perrine, Jennifer

The Bovine Two-Step

Reynolds, Rebecca

The Boys I Borrow

Sellers, Heather

Brace's Cove

Featherstone, Joseph


VanderMolen, Robert

A Breathable Light

Torreson, Rodney

Brief Moral History in Blue

Roberts, Beth

Buddha Box

Mattox, Gretchen


Sexton, Elaine

Century Worm

Century Worm wrestles with the threshold between witness and participation living amid ethnic and political violence in West Africa’s Ivory Coast
Fredson, Todd

Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum

Meyer, Nadine Sabra

The Clubhouse Thief

Billy Donachio, a coach for the Chicago Cubs, steals notes and letters from the lockers of his players and—by chance—comes away with an education
Janko, James


Bateman, Claire

Côte Blanche

Serpas, Martha

Cut Off the Ears of Winter

Covino, Peter

Dark~Sky Society

Hopper, Ailish

Daughter of the Hangnail

Reynolds, Rebecca

The Deep Heart's Core is a Suitcase

Fishman, Lisa

Dirt Angels

Platt, Donald

Distance Learning

Sorby, Angela

Downsides of Fish Culture

Lee, David Dodd

Each Tree Could Hold a Noose or a House

A work of rupture and repair, what occurs after healing, and the irreparable—on individual and planetary levels
Puro, Nina

Emergences and Spinner Falls

Haight, Robert

Entering the House of Awe

Childress, Susanna

Erasable Walls

Larsen, Lance

A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow

Gordon, Noah Eli

Fifth Season

Butts, Anthony

Flea Circus
A Brief Bestiary of Grief
Keifetz, Mandy


Hogue, Cynthia

The Frame Called Ruin

Bar-Nadav, Hadara


Langan, Steve

Gazelle in the House

Williams, Lisa

The Ginseng Hunter's Notebook

Lundin, Deanne

Goodnight Architecture

Mattox, Gretchen


Henry, Brian

Granite Dives

Rabb, Margaret

Greatest Hits

Sheehan, Marc

Guess Can Gallop

Staples, Heidi Lynn

Having Cut the Sparrow's Heart

Markham, Malinda

The Headless Saints

Hardy, Myronn

Her, Infinite

Morris, Sawnie

An Animal Life
Beig, Maria


Seyburn, Patty

History's Child

Tadek Gradinski grows up witnessing the multiple invasions and crimes of World War II sweep over his village; he is arrested, tortured, and swept away into the Gulag with a twenty-five year sentence
Boyer, Charles M.

A Hog Slaughtering Woman

Marlatt, David

A Home for Wayward Girls

Boyle, Kevin

The Hourglass Heart

Martin, Gail

Household Mechanics

Mangold, Sarah

Imminent Disappearance, Impossible Numbers, & Panoramic X-Rays

Cohen, Bruce

In a Combination of Practices

Maloutas, Barbara

In One Version of the Story

Carlise, Chuck

In the Evening of No Warning

Clark, Kevin

In the Museum of Coming and Going

Stott, Laura

Inside the Yellow Dress

Samyn, Mary Ann

Journal of American Foreign Policy

Hoffman, Jeff


Kingdom is a book of poems interrogating the ideas of social responsibility and people lead social movements, witness, the pastoral, and everyday connections both profound and casual.
Hardy, Myronn

Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes

Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes is a book hell-bent on making sense of a life after divorce, of making sense of the middle years of life, of finding love in the middle of raising a family in the rural North.
McCadden, Kerrin

Large White House Speaking

Irwin, Mark

Lark Apprentice

Mathias, Louise


Bateman, Claire

Less of Her

McLain, Paula

Let the House of Body Fall

Let the House of Body Fall is an exploration of physical disability in post–September 11th America
Grossman, Sara J.

Little Arias

Case, Kristen

Little Low Heaven

Butts, Anthony

Little Spells

Sweeney, Jennifer K.

The Memory of Water

Myers, Jack

Merit Badges

Fenton, Kevin

A Million in Prizes

Marks, Justin

Missing Her

Keelan, Claudia

Monument in a Summer Hat

Armstrong, James

The Moon a Box

Liebler, M.L.

The Most Natural Thing

Keplinger, David


Scott, Kirstin

Mule & Pear

Griffiths, Rachel Eliza

Mutual Shores

Sterling, Phillip

My Multiverse

Winner of the 2014 Green Rose Prize
Halme, Kathleen

New Numbers

Kearns, Josie

Night with Drive-By Shooting Stars

Daniels, Jim

No Thanks
And Other Stories
Smith, Sarah Jane


Burriesci, Matt


Abramson, Seth

Nude with Anything

D'Agostino, James

The Obvious

Paul, Bradley

Ocean Avenue

Mörling, Malena

One Girl Babylon

Kocher, Ruth Ellen

One Tribe
A Novel
Galang, M. Evelina

Only the Senses Sleep

Miller, Wayne

Our Lady of Not Asking Why

Winner of the 2016 New Issues Prize
Kampa, Courtney

Ovid at Fifteen

Bursk, Christopher

A Passion According to Green

Irwin, Mark

A Penance

Evans, CJ

Pennsylvania Collection Agency

Burkard, Michael

Perfect Disappearance

Rhodes, Martha


Peterson, Katie

Phantom Camera

Bolina, Jaswinder

Pima Road Notebook

Ekiss, Keith


Ludwig, Marni

The Plains

Murnane, Gerald


Brown, Jericho

Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry

Olsen, William, Jack Ridl, eds.

The Porch is a Journey Different from the House

Saskya, Ever

The Prayers of Others

Keplinger, David


Samyn, Mary Ann

The Radio Tree

Marks, Corey

Rain Through High Windows

Hoeppner, Edward H.

Reliquary Fever
New and Selected Poems
Goldberg, Beckian Fritz

The Republic of Self

Powell, Elizabeth

The Right Place to Jump

Covino, Peter


Kauffman, Janet

The Salt Palace

DeFrain, Darren


The collection is a playful (but not unserious) exploration of the mysteries of being and non-being, as well as of threshold states between them and the places where they overlap.
Bateman, Claire

Self-Portrait as Jerry Quarry

Aiuto, Vito

She'd Waited Millennia

Hutton, Lizzie


Halebsky, Judy


Sexton, Elaine


Burns, Cullen Bailey

Small Gods

Minicucci, Matthew

Small Human Detail in Care of National Trust

Walls, Martin

Small Murders

McGath, Carrie

The Smallest Bird in North America

Grunst, Robert

Somebody Stand Up and Sing

Seidman, Hugh

Something Black in the Green Part of Your Eye

Cantwell, Kevin

South of Here

Melvin, Lydia

Standing in Line for the Beast

Bredle, Jason

Stumble, Gorgeous

McLain, Paula

Subject to Change

Thorburn, Matthew


This striking new collection explores identity, race, and history with a lively and intelligent music
Rothman, Wesley

A Swindler's Grace

LeFevre, Adam

Tactile Values

Scott, Mark

Talking Diamonds

Foster, Linda Nemec

Tall If

Irwin, Mark

Theories of Falling

Beasley, Sandra

They Sing to Her Bones

Manesiotis, Joy

This One Tree

Peterson, Katie

Time as Distance

Halperin, Mark

Toads' Museum of Freaks and Wonders

Goldbloom, Goldie

The Translator's Diary

Pineda, Jon

Traveling at High Speeds

Rybicki, John

Traveling at High Speeds

Rybicki, John

Tree Line

Halebsky, Judy


This haunting and haunted triptych explores life at the very periphery of what is visible to the human eye and tangible to the human heart
Gildroy, Doreen

Trouble Sleeping

Ali, Abdul

The Truth

Rips, Geoff

The 26-Hour Day

Clare, Olivia

Two-Headed Nightingale

Lessley, Shara

Undid in the Land of Undone

Upton, Lee


Scates, Maxine


Long, Alexander


Lewis, Lisa

Water Becomes Bone

Oness, C. Mikal

We Agreed to Meet Just Here

Blackwood, Scott

What Ends

Ladd, Andrew

When the Moon Knows You're Wandering

Kocher, Ruth Ellen

The Window Facing Winter

LaFemina, Gerry

The Woman with a Cubed Head

Moulds, Julie

The World Cut Out with Crooked Scissors
Selected Prose Poems
Nielsen, Carsten René, David Keplinger, trs.

Your Moon

Angel, Ralph

Zero at the Bone

Cassarino, Stacie