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One Man’s Battle Against the Death Penalty
The English translation of a behind-the-scenes account of the abolition of the death penalty in France
Badinter, Robert, Mercer, Jeremy, trans., Roth, Kenneth, fwd.

African Americans in Global Affairs
Contemporary Perspectives
A long-overdue introduction to the multifaceted nature of African American participation in global affairs
Clemons, Michael L., ed.

Alien Land

Action-packed and absorbing, a grim but sensitive picture of race and identity in America
Savoy, Willard

American And British Genealogy And Heraldry
A Selected List of Books
Filby, P. William

Anatomy of an Execution
The Life and Death of Douglas Christopher Thomas
The crime and punishment of a juvenile offender
Peppers, Todd C. and Laura Trevvett Anderson

The Bloody Rise and Fall of the Mob’s Most Feared Assassin
Before Whitey Bulger’s bloody reign, before the Boston FBI was torn apart by indictments and revelations of corruption—there was Joe “The Animal” Barboza
Sherman, Casey

Armed Robbers In Action
Stickups and Street Culture
Based on no-holds-barred interviews with active armed robbers in St. Louis, Missouri, this groundbreaking volume sheds new light on the process of committing armed robbery.
Wright, Richard T.; Decker, Scott H.; Shover, Neal, fwd.

The Art of Film Music

An exploration of the powerful effect of music in films produced from the 1930s through the 1980s.
Burt, George

A Doctor's Story
"A taut, terse Holocaust narrative that is all the more powerful for its ironic reserve." -- Kirkus Reviews
Adelsberger, Lucie; Lipstadt, Deborah E., foreword.; Ray, Susan H., trans.

The Autumn of Italian Opera
From Verismo to Modernism, 1890-1915
The first full-length study of the last great era of Italian opera
Mallach, Alan

Battered Women In The Courtroom
The Power of Judicial Responses
For the first time, a study of the ways in which judges respond to abused women.
Ptacek, James

Battered Women, Their Children, and International Law
The Unintended Consequences of the Hague Child Abduction Convention
An eye-opening appraisal of how current Hague Child Abduction Convention agreements unintentionally harm abused women and their children
Lindhorst, Taryn, and Jeffrey L. Edleson

Beautiful Motion
Poems by Dana Roeser
Winner of the 2004 Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize
Roeser, Dana; Voigt, Ellen Bryant, foreword

The Biblical Truth about America's Death Penalty

A hard look at Hebrew and Christian scriptures as they relate to today’s death penalty practices.
Recinella, Dale S.

Black No More
Being an Account of the Strange and Wonderful Working of Science in the Land of the Free, A.D. 1933-1940
What would happen to the race problem in America if black people could suddenly become white?
Schuyler, George Samuel; Miller, James, foreword

Black Talk, Blue Thoughts, and Walking the Color Line
Dispatches from a Black Journalista
This lively and thoughtful book explores what it means to be black in an allegedly postracial America
Kaplan, Erin Aubry and Michael Eric Dyson, fwd.

The Boston Tea Party

Labaree, Benjamin Woods

Boston’s Back Bay
The Story of America’s Greatest Nineteenth-Century Landfill Project
A fascinating look at the people, politics, and technology behind the massive landfill project that filled Boston’s Back Bay
Newman, William A. and Wilfred E. Holton

Boston's Histories
Essays in Honor of Thomas H. O'Connor
This collection is both a tribute to the distinguished work of Thomas H. O'Connor, the dean of Boston historians, and a survey of the best and innovative contemporary work on Boston's diverse histories.
O'Toole, James, ed.; Quigley, David, ed.; O'Connor, Thomas H., afterword.

Building A New Boston
Politics and Urban Renewal, 1950-1970
O'Connor, Thomas H.

Burglars On The Job
Streetlife and Residential Break-ins
A look inside the minds of more than 100 active burglars.
Wright, Richard T.; Decker, Scott H.; Geis, Gilbert, fwd.

Can't Help Singing
The Life of Eileen Farrell
The long-anticipated memoir of one of the greatest and most celebrated American singers of the twentieth century
Farrell, Eileen; Kellow, Brian

Catching a Wave
Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century
A collection of original essays that calls for new voices to redefine feminism.
Dicker, Rory; Piepmeier, Alison; Pollitt, Katha; Baumgardner, Jennifer

Check It While I Wreck It
Black Womanhood, Hip-Hop Culture, and the Public Sphere
Examines how young black women who came of age during the hip-hop era are grappling with the gender politics of a predominately masculine space
Pough, Gwendolyn D.

Civil War Boston
Home Front and Battlefield
The history of Bostonians and Boston during the Civil War
O'Connor, Thomas H.

Civil War Sisterhood
The U.S. Sanitary Commission and Women's Politics in Transition
A study that challenges established scholarship on the history of women's public activism.
Giesberg, Judith Ann

Clergy Sexual Abuse
Social Science Perspectives
An examination of the clergy sexual abuse crisis from diverse scholarly perspectives
Renzetti, Claire M. and Sandra Yocum, editors

Composers On Music
Eight Centuries of Writings
Sam Morgenstern's classic anthology, now thoroughly updated with new selections and commentary reflecting recent music scholarship
Fisk, Josiah, ed.; Nichols, Jeff, ed.

The Conceptual Practices Of Power
A Feminist Sociology of Knowledge
Smith, Dorothy E.

Crimes Of Style
Urban Graffiti and the Politics of Criminality
The groundbreaking study of graffiti artists and their complex system of stylistic meanings, status games, and specialized vocabulary.
Ferrell, Jeff

Crimes of the American Nuclear State
At Home and Abroad
A penetrating analysis of U.S. government policies in the manufacture, deployment, and testing of nuclear weapons
Kauzlarich, David; Kramer, Ronald C.; Michalowski, Raymond J., fwd.

Crimes Of The Century
From Leopold and Loeb to O.J. Simpson
The story of five dramatic trials that dazzled the media and captivated the American public.
Geis, Gilbert; Bienen, Leigh B.

How the Blues Shaped Rock ’n’ Roll (and Rock Saved the Blues)
The blues revival rescued the creators of America’s most influential music from dusty obscurity, put them onstage in front of a vast new audience, and created rock ’n’ roll
Milward, John

Cruel and Unusual
The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment
This indispensable history of the Eighth Amendment and the founders’ views of capital punishment is also a passionate call for the abolition of the death penalty based on the notion of cruel and unusual punishment
Bessler, John D.

Cybercrime and the Law
Challenges, Issues, and Outcomes
The first full-scale overview of cybercrime, law, and policy
Brenner, Susan W.

Dancing on Water
A Life in Ballet, from the Kirov to the ABT
The pageantry and drama of a life in dance
Tchernichova, Elena with Joel Lobenthal with an Afterword by Joseph Brodsky

Dealing Crack
The Social World of Streetcorner Selling
This starkly revealing book explores the crack cocaine trade from the candid perspectives of sellers themselves.
Jacobs, Bruce A.

Death At Midnight
The Confession of an Executioner
A courageous tale of a prison warden's moral awakening to the death penalty.
Cabana, Donald A.

The Death of the American Death Penalty
States Still Leading the Way
An up-to-date study of state-level developments regarding the death penalty
Koch, Larry W., Colin Wark, and John F. Galliher

The Diary Of Alice James

The unknown sister of novelist Henry James, Jr. shows herself to be a formidable individual in her own right.
James, Alice; Edel, Leon, ed.; Simon, Linda, intro.

Disguised As A Poem
My Years Teaching at San Quentin
This honest, unbiased account of how one woman artist came to share purpose and inspiration with the prisoners at San Quentin demonstrates the power of human bonds and the power of poetry and other art forms as a means of self-expression and communication within and beyond locked cells.
Tannenbaum, Judith

Domestic Violence
Methodologies in Dialogue
Introduces students, mental health professionals, and lawyers to the different research methodologies used in contemporary research of domestic/intimate partner violence
Raghavan, Chitra, and Shuki J. Cohen, editors

Doves of War
Four Women of Spain
This beautifully written biographical work depicts the lives of four extraordinary women to paint a vivid, dramatic, and poignant portrait of the ideologies, horrific realities, and long-lasting emotional costs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
Preston, Paul

Equality with a Vengeance
Men's Rights Groups, Battered Women, and Antifeminist Backlash
A provocative investigation of how fathers’ rights groups are trying to erode the gains of the battered women’s movement
Dragiewicz, Molly

Ethnography At The Edge
Crime, Deviance, and Field Research
Pioneering criminologists and sociologists vividly recount the personal and professional tribulations of conducting field research with deviant and criminal subcultures.
Ferrell, Jeff, ed.; Hamm, Mark S., ed.; Adler, Peter, foreword; Adler (Foreword), Patricia A., intro.

Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts
The critical role of Europe in the music, personalities, and analysis of jazz
Cerchiari, Luca, Laurent Cugny, and Franz Kerschbaumer

The Everyday World As Problematic
A Feminist Sociology
In this collection of essays, sociologist Dorothy E. Smith develops a method for analyzing how women (and men) view contemporary society from specific gendered points of view
Smith, Dorothy E.

Exile and Embrace
Contemporary Religious Discourse on the Death Penalty
Examining the religious debates and dimensions of the death penalty in America
Santoro, Anthony

The Exotic In Western Music

A look at the ways western composers from Mozart to George Harrison have used exotic elements in their music
Bellman, Jonathan, ed.

The Family Nobody Wanted

The remarkable and inspiring true story of a couple who adopted twelve children, ten of them considered "unadoptable" because of mixed racial parentage.
Doss, Helen; Battenfeld, Mary, intro.

The Farthest Place
The Music of John Luther Adams
The first critical anthology of an important and singular contemporary composer
Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed.

Feminism and Foucault
Reflections on Resistance
Diamond, Irene, ed.; Quinby, Lee, ed.

The Feminist Papers
From Adams to de Beauvoir
Rossi, Alice S., ed.

55 Years In Five Acts
My Life in Opera
One of the world's greatest Wagnerian sopranos talks about an illustrious career that flourished for over five decades
Varnay, Astrid; Arthur, Donald

Fire and Roses
The Burning of the Charlestown Convent, 1834
The shocking story of the night an angry mob burned down a quiet Massachusetts convent -- and the larger story of anti-Papist and anti-feminist sentiment.
Schultz, Nancy Lusignan

Frame Analysis
An Essay on the Organization of Experience
Goffman, Erving; Berger, Bennett, foreword

Freeing Tammy
Women, Drugs, and Incarceration
The latest volume in the popular trilogy of books about women, poverty, and violence
Raphael, Jody

From Madness to Mutiny
Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts -- and What Can Be Done about It
A powerful exposé of the family court system’s prejudice against mothers trying to protect their sexually abused children.
Neustein, Amy and Lesher, Michael; Raoul Felder, fwd.

The Future of Batterer Programs
Reassessing Evidence-Based Practice
A critical assessment of the research related to batterer programs with recommendations for heightened engagement of men, ongoing risk management, and better coordination of courts and services
Gondolf, Edward W.

Gender And Community Policing
Walking the Talk
A look at the contradictions that emerge when a traditional paramilitary institution is challenged to expand its ideology and practice.
Miller, Susan L.

Gendered Hate
Exploring Gender in Hate Crime Law
A unique analysis of hate crime law through the lens of gender
Hodge, Jessica P.

George Whitefield Chadwick
The Life and Music of the Pride of New England
The definitive biography of a major American composer and musical leader
Faucett, Bill F.

Gertrude Beals Bourne
Artist in Brahmin Boston
Lavishly illustrated with color reproductions of Bourne’s beautiful Impressionist watercolors of still life, seascapes, and paintings of flowers and gardens, this book chronicles the artist’s life, times, and artistic style
Howlett, D. Roger; Hills, Patricia, foreword

György Ligeti
Music of the Imagination
Fuses biographical and musical analysis to provide a multi-layered portrait of one of the most influential and admired composers of the late twentieth century.
Steinitz, Richard

Gypsy Music in European Culture
From the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries
A history and typology of the impact of Gypsy music on Europe
Piotrowska, Anna G.

A Halfway House for Women
Oppression and Resistance
The first in-depth analysis of women's lives in a halfway house, based on personal observation and interviews
Caputo, Gail A.

Hans Hotter
An expanded and updated translation of the memoirs of the great German bass-baritone
Hotter, Hans; Donald Arthur, trans. and ed.; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Zubin Mehta, fwds.

Hard Lives, Mean Streets
Violence in the Lives of Homeless Women
The first comprehensive assessment of the experience of violence among homeless women
Jasinski, Jana L., and Jennifer K. Wesely, James D. Wright, Elizabeth E. Mustaine

Harsh Punishment
International Experiences of Women's Imprisonment
A pioneering collection of personal accounts from criminal justice scholars, practitioners, and activists, and from current and former prisoners themselves.
Cook, Sandy, ed.; Davies, Susanne, ed.

Healing Corrections
The Future of Imprisonment
An innovative approach to transforming correctional cultures, based on the practice of “Dialogue”
Innes, Chris

Home To Harlem

A novel that gives voice to the alienation and frustration of urban blacks during an era when Harlem was in vogue
McKay, Claude, Cooper, Wayne F., fwd.

Hot Shots and Heavy Hits
Tales of an Undercover Drug Agent
A riveting first-hand account of life as an undercover drug agent
Doyle, Paul E.

Hunting for “Dirtbags”
Why Cops Over-Police the Poor and Racial Minorities
An inside look at police discretionary actions and their consequences for poor communities
Way, Lori Beth and Ryan Patten

Identity Thieves
Motives and Methods
The first book to examine identity theft from the offender’s perspective
Copes, Heith and Lynne M. Vieraitis

In Bad Company
America's Terrorist Underground
A thorough examination of the Aryan Republican Army and its violent neo-Nazi subculture.
Hamm, Mark S.

In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti
Double Lives, Troubled Times, and the Massachusetts Murder Case That Shook the World
An in-depth reexamination with startling new insights into the controversial case
Tejada, Susan

In the Truth Room

Winner of the 2008 Morse Poetry Prize
Roeser, Dana, Jones, Rodney, selected and introduced by

Infants Of The Spring

A satirical novel of the Harlem Renaissance.
Thurman, Wallace; Singh, Amritjit, foreword

Ivy League Athletes
Profiles in Excellence at America’s Most Competitive Schools
Ten profiles that show what sets Ivy League student athletes apart
Maiorana, Sal with a Foreword by Ryan Fitzpatrick

Jazz and Culture in a Global Age

Explores the past, present, and future of jazz in a global context
Nicholson, Stuart

Joe Moakley's Journey
From South Boston to El Salvador
The first biography of the popular, long-serving congressman from South Boston
Schneider, Mark Robert

Jon Vickers
A Hero's Life
The first biography of a legendary tenor
Williams, Jeannie; Nilsson, Birgit, foreword

Judge Sentences
Tales from the Bench
Tales of a judge’s life on and off the bench
Meagher, Dermot

Killing as Punishment
Reflections on the Death Penalty in America
One of the most respected (and ardent) opponents of the death penalty collects his highly acclaimed essays on capital punishment.
Bedau, Hugo Adam

La Nilsson
My Life in Opera
The long-awaited English translation of the autobiography of opera legend Birgit Nilsson
Nilsson, Birgit and Popper, Doris Jung and Solti, Georg and Tuller, Peggy

Listening to Olivia
Violence, Poverty, and Prostitution
The harrowing story of a woman’s descent into prostitution and addiction, the remarkable tale of her recovery, and an exposé of the global trafficking industry.
Raphael, Jody

The Long Prison Journey of Leslie van Houten
Life Beyond the Cult
The first in-depth look at how a girl next door became a member of Charles Manson's cult, sentenced to life in prison.
Faith, Karlene

Lotfi Mansouri
An Operatic Journey
A lively and engaging memoir of one of opera’s driving forces
Mansouri, Lotfi with Donald Arthur

Louisa May Alcott
From Blood & Thunder to Hearth & Home
Stern, Madeline B.

Louisa May Alcott
A Biography
First published in 1950, this biography of Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) remains the standard work on the beloved American writer.
Stern, Madeleine B.

Love and Marriage in Early African America

An eye-opening anthology of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century African American primary writings on love, courtship, and family
Foster, Frances Smith, ed.

Loving Her

Originally published in 1974, Loving Her is the first novel by an African American author to deal explicitly with interracial lesbian love.
Shockley, Ann Allen; Lane, Alycee, foreword

Making Time
Lillian Moller Gilbreth -- A Life Beyond "Cheaper by the Dozen"
This first biography of the nurturing mom made famous in the popular book and film Cheaper by the Dozen, who met the challenges of combining marriage and motherhood with a high-profile career.
Lancaster, Jane

Male Peer Support and Violence against Women
The History and Verification of a Theory
An important and timely reassessment of a crucial theory in male violence against women
DeKeseredy, Walter S. and Martin D. Schwartz

Malevolent Muse
The Life of Alma Mahler
The fascinating life and times of the one and only Alma Mahler
Hilmes, Oliver

The Maritime History Of Massachusetts, 1783-1860

Morison, Samuel Eliot

The Miranda Debate
Law, Justice, and Policing
New in paperback. An in-depth collection of key writings on the Supreme Court's controversial 1966 ruling in Miranda v. Arizona, a decision that remains at the forefront of today's debate about defendants' constitutional rights, victims' rights, and crime control.
Leo, Richard A., ed.; Thomas, III, George C., ed.

Murder at Mount Hermon
The Unsolved Killing of Headmaster Elliott Speer
This suspenseful account solves a longtime New England murder mystery: the shotgun killing of Elliott Speer, the charismatic young headmaster of the Mount Hermon School for Boys in Northfield, Massachusetts.
Walley, Craig

A Murder in Wellesley
The Inside Story of an Ivy-League Doctor’s Double Life, His Slain Wife, and the Trial That Gripped the Nation
Inside one of New England’s most infamous murders
Farmer, Tom, and Marty Foley

Neither Angels nor Demons
Women, Crime, and Victimization
A provocative study of the complex relationship between domestic violence and women’s crime.
Ferraro, Kathleen J.

A New England Girlhood
Outlined from Memory
The engaging diary of a working girl in Victorian times.
Larcom, Lucy; Cott, Nancy F., foreword

No Safe Haven
Stories of Women in Prison
Solidly grounded in feminist research methodology, this important and original work offers a fresh perspective on both women prisoners and the administration of criminal justice.
Girshick, Lori B.

NYPD Battles Crime
Innovative Strategies in Policing
An in-depth examination of the New York Police Department and its striking success in fighting crime.
Silverman, Eli B.

The Olmsted National Historic Site and the Growth of Historic Landscape Preservation

A contextual history of Massachusetts’ Olmsted National Historic Site
Allen, David Grayson

On Playing the Flute

Originally published in 1752, this is a new paperback edition of the classic treatise on 18th-century musical thought, performance practice, and style
Quantz, Johann Joachim; Reilly, Edward R.

Out in the Storm
Drug-Addicted Women Living as Shoplifters and Sex Workers
Women navigating life in drugs and crime
Caputo, Gail A.

Party School
Crime, Campus, and Community
Examines the culture of the “party school” and the criminal behaviors that result from it
Weiss, Karen G.

Peyton Place

A new paperback edition of the infamous novel that shocked the nation
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.


A playful, irreverent look at the African-American literary community.
Ellis, Trey; Ashe, Bertram D., foreword

Playing Tough
The World of Sports and Politics
A history of the interplay of sports and politics around the world
Abrams, Roger I.

The Politics of Terror
The U.S. Response to 9/11
In this timely work, a team of experts addresses the question of how a democracy faces the challenge of balancing legitimate homeland security concerns against the rights and freedoms of its citizens.
Crotty, William J., ed.

The Promise Of American Life

One of the most important books to emerge from the Progressive era, The Promise of American Life offered a blueprint for a modern activist government that had enormous impact on intellectuals coming of age before World War I.
Croly, Herbert; McGerr, Michael, foreword

Public Heroes, Private Felons
Athletes and Crimes Against Women
A hard-hitting look at the darker side of sports and the all-too-infrequent prosecutions of famous athletes for crimes against women.
Benedict, Jeff

A Biography
This masterful biography provides the most authentic and revealing portrait to date of this major operatic composer
Phillips-Matz, Mary Jane; Weaver, William, foreword

Puritan Family Life
The Diary of Samuel Sewall
The diary of a prominent Boston jurist and merchant whose nurturing relationship with his family contradicted the Puritan stereotype.
Graham, Judith S.

Rape On The Public Agenda
Feminism and the Politics of Sexual Assault
An examination of the history, development, and impact of the feminist anti-rape movement.
Bevacqua, Maria

Recollections Of The Early Republic
Selected Autobiographies
Colorful memoirs from a wide range of Americans just after the nation's birth.
Appleby, Joyce, ed.

Red Sox Nation Guide to the Players

Short biographies and statistical career summaries for every Boston Americans (Pilgrims) and Boston Red Sox player from 1901 through 2007
McNeil, William F.

Remarkable Providences
Readings on Early American History
This revised collection of documents provides a large and colorful slice of colonial life between 1608 and 1767, newly augmented with documents on the southern colonies, African Americans, and women.
Demos, John, ed.

Return to Peyton Place

The continuing story of Peyton Place is once again available in paperback
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.

The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical

A highly original, incisive, and spirited examination of the rise, heyday, and decline of American musical theatre
Grant, Mark N.

The Rising Glory Of America, 1760-1820

Wood, Gordon S., ed.

Root of Bitterness
Documents of the Social History of American Women
A thoroughly revised edition of the classic text in American women's social history
Cott, Nancy F.; Boydson, Jeanne; Braude, Ann; Ginzberg, Lori D.; Ladd-Taylor, Molly; eds.

Rosie's Mom
Forgotten Women Workers of the First World War
This book restores to history the lives of American women involved in war work during World War I.
Brown, Carrie

Place, Myth, and Memory
A superb collection of essays on Salem’s rich history and cultural life over the past four centuries
Morrison, Dane Anthony and Nancy Lusignan Schultz, editors

Salem-Village Witchcraft
A Documentary Record of Local Conflict in Colonial New England
Drawing on extensive primary documents, this book allows the reader to participate in historical analysis of this explosive period in history
Boyer, Paul, ed.; Nissenbaum, Stephen, ed.

Sarah Phillips

"Andrea Lee's authority as a writer comes of an unstinting honesty and a style at once simple and yet luminous." -- New York Times Book Review
Lee, Andrea; Smith, Valerie, foreword

Saving Bernice
Battered Women, Welfare, and Poverty
This is the story of Bernice, a former welfare mother and survivor of domestic violence, and her arduous journey to escape from, and ultimately triumph over, years of battering, poverty, and welfare.
Raphael, Jody

The Inner Voices of a Musical Genius
New and Expanded Edition with a Foreword by Kurt Masur
Ostwald, Peter and Lise Deschamps Ostwald

See You at the Hall
Boston’s Golden Era of Irish Music and Dance
An engaging look at Boston’s golden era of Irish traditional music
Gedutis, Susan

The Seeking

Now back in print, the groundbreaking memoir of one of the first black families in Vermont
Thomas, Will; Introduction by Dorothy Canfield Fisher; Edited, and with an Introduction and Afterword to the New Edition, by Mark J. Madigan and Dan Gediman

Sergei Prokofiev
A Biography
A richly detailed portrait of a man whose complex character, like his music, combined the traditional and the contemporary in odd and unexpected ways
Robinson, Harlow

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and Musicals

An endlessly entertaining and informative look at how musicals have both reflected and adapted to America’s changing mores
Miller, Scott

Shock the World
UConn Basketball in the Calhoun Era
How Jim Calhoun made the University of Connecticut a basketball powerhouse and became the greatest coach of his generation
Burns, Peter F., Jr.

Simon Wiesenthal
A Life in Search of Justice
"A full, lucid, and moving biography of the Nazi-hunter who became the 'unwelcome conscience' of post-Holocaust Europe." -- Kirkus Reviews
Pick, Hella

A Sin Against The Future
Imprisonment in the World
A penetrating examination of prisons throughout the world.
Stern, Vivien; Niehaus, Carl, foreword

Sons Of Darkness, Sons Of Light
A Novel of Some Probability
This complex and inventive novel by one of the most significant African American writers of the twentieth century reflects the author's apocalyptic vision of black revolutionary impulses and reactionary white conspiracies in the late 1960s.
Williams, John A.; Yarborough, Richard, foreword

The Sounds of Place
Music and the American Cultural Landscape
Looks at the ways in which America’s places, from the natural wonders of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon to the urban landscape of New York City, have inspired American composers from the nation's beginnings to the present
Von Glahn, Denise

Sports Justice
The Law and the Business of Sports
An accessible guide to sports law highlighting landmark cases and personalities
Abrams, Roger I.

Sviatoslav Richter
The first biography of the noted Soviet pianist Sviatoslav Richter
Rasmussen, Karl Aage

Terrorism, Instability, and Democracy in Asia and Africa

A chilling, up-to-the-minute look at the links between political instability and terrorism in Asia and Africa
Cox, Dan G., John Falconer, and Brian Stackhouse

Trumbull Park

Frank Brown’s classic novel of racial strife in a Chicago housing project is once again in print.
Brown, Frank London

A Typology of Domestic Violence
Intimate Terrorism, Violent Resistance, and Situational Couple Violence
Reassesses thirty years of domestic violence research and demonstrates three forms of partner violence, distinctive in their origins, effects, and treatments
Johnson, Michael P.

Understanding Domestic Homicide

Case histories of some 300 homicides involving family members, framed within their interpersonal, familial, cultural, and situational contexts.
Websdale, Neil

Undoing Time
American Prisoners in Their Own Words
In their own words, a look inside the silent and hidden world of the men and women incarcerated in America's penitentiaries.
Evans, Jeff, ed.; Baca, Jimmy Santiago, foreword; Haney, Craig W., afterward

Victim Advocacy in the Courtroom
Persuasive Practices in Domestic Violence and Child Protection Cases
Provides a deeply textured view of how victims’ voices are introduced and heard in courts
Schuster, Mary Lay and Amy D. Propen

The War Of American Independence

Higginbotham, Don

Welcome To Hell
Letters and Writings from Death Row
Now in a new edition, condemned men and women speak for themselves about the reality behind bars on death row.
Arriens, Jan, ed.; Prejean, Sister Helen, foreword; Smith, Clive Stafford, intro.

When Robots Kill
Artificial Intelligence under Criminal Law
The first book to develop standards for the criminal liability of artificial intelligence technologies
Hallevy, Gabriel

White-Collar Crime Reconsidered

An exploration of the inner workings of the individuals, corporations, and government agencies implicated in the self-interested abuse of their economic and societal privilege.
Schlegel, Kip, ed.; Weisburd, David, ed.

With Robert Lowell and His Circle
Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz & Others
A memoir of a famous poetry circle
Spivack, Kathleen

Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence
Does She Call It Rape?
This controversial work examines for the first time the often taboo subject of bisexual and lesbian women who are sexually assaulted by other women.
Girshick, Lori B.

Women and Sports in the United States
A Documentary Reader
The only anthology available documenting 100 years of women in American sports
O’Reilly, Jean and Cahn, Susan K., eds.

Women In Music
An Anthology of Source Readings from the Middle Ages to the Present
This classic anthology combines source readings with interpretive essays and personal portraits to illuminate the rich yet neglected history of women in music
Neuls-Bates, Carol, ed.

Women In Prison
Inside the Concrete Womb
This compelling book, which has been thoroughly revised and updated, draws on candid interviews with over 400 women inmates and prison officials to shed a shocking light on our penal system as it affects women.
Watterson, Kathryn; Chesney-Lind, Meda, foreword

Women on Power
Leadership Redefined
Experts in a variety of disciplines explore women's new roles in sport, politics, corporate America, and the professions, identifying arenas of success as well as persistent limits and barriers to women's leadership.
Freeman, Sue J.M.ed.; Bourque, Susan C, ed.; Shelton, Christine M.ed.; Conway, Jill Ker,ed.

Women on Probation and Parole
A Feminist Critique of Community Programs and Services
The first in-depth comparative look at gender-responsive versus traditional probation and parole for women
Morash, Merry

Women Pioneers For The Environment

Inspiring stories of more than forty remarkable women from across the globe, each of whom stepped out of her traditional role and dedicated her life to saving the planet.
Breton, Mary Joy

Women, Violence, and the Media
Readings in Feminist Criminology
Provocative collection of essays designed to give students an understanding of media representations of women’s experience of violence and to educate a new generation to recognize and critique media images of women
Humphries, Drew, ed.

Women's Voices Across Musical Worlds

This eclectic collection of original essays explores women’s musical activities and expressions from the twelfth century to the present
Bernstein, Jane A.

Women's Voices, Women's Lives
Documents in Early American History
Containing a wealth of primary sources, this reader presents the voices of African American, European, and Native American women, the rich and poor, and women in the South, the middle colonies, and New England.
Berkin, Carol, ed.; Horowitz, Leslie, ed.

Yardbird Suite
A Compendium of the Music and Life of Charlie Parker
Newly revised, this musical, discographical, and biographical analysis examines the evolution of Parker's innovative music
Koch, Lawrence O.