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Publisher logoOmnidawn Publishing was founded by wife and husband team Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan to create books that are most closely aligned with each author’s vision, and to provide an interactive and rewarding publishing experience for poets and writers. Omnidawn encourages authors to participate at every point in the decision making process of book design and book production, and thus far all have taken an active part, deciding on or providing cover art and assisting in the design of the interior of the books. Omnidawn has been publishing poetry since 2001, with Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Fiction added in 2006.

Just as our name suggests—“omni” (in all ways and places) and “dawn” (the first appearance of light)— we publish writing that opens us to the myriad ways that language may bring new light, new awareness to us.

We began Omnidawn in 2001 because of our belief that lively, culturally pertinent, emotionally and intellectually engaging literature can be of great value, and we wanted to participate in the dissemination of such work.

We believe that our society needs small presses so that widely diverse ideas and points-of-view are easily accessible to everyone. Italo Calvino: “...the function of literature is communication between things that are different...because they are different, not blunting but even sharpening the differences between them, following the true bent of written language.”

Adam Cannot Be Adam

Lyric and illustrative studies of the relationship between desire and image
Noftle, Kelli Anne


Aerial is concerned with the sky—its cloud-laden aspects in the first section, its dry realms of severe spirituality in the second.
Ramke, Bin

Ambivalence and other Conundrums

Prose poems that cut to the core of what it means to be human, our strife and our striving
Teicher, Craig

As iZ

A lyric investigation into the relationship between East and West that is both personal and political
Williams, Tyrone


I think of aspiration as the state where a poet’s thrown together life-structures both invite and are breached by the poet’s preoccupations
Albon, George


To be averse, to turn one's eyes away, is an act that chills, suggesting not only irrevocable but also unforeseeable consequence.
Johnston, Devin

Barn Burned, Then

In terse, tautly crafted poems that are dynamically contemporary, Taranksy assesses our cultural moment with unrelenting courage and candor.
Taransky, Michelle

The Barons

An epic meditation on contemporary American catastrophe and struggle
Corey, Joshua

Best American Experimental Writing

An anthology of experimental, innovative, cross-genre writing
Swensen, Cole

Blood Oboe

Terse, provocative poems that question the assertions of our modern era
Piccinnini, Douglas

The Book of a Thousand Eyes

Written over the course of two decades, The Book of a Thousand Eyes was begun as an homage to Scheherazade
Hejinian, Lyn

Brief Capital of Disturbances

Relative to the prose poem and the journal entry, these passages pass through such distinctions as true amphibians—breathing a new vigor into whatever medium one might place them.
Albon, George

The Color of Dusk

In The Color of Dusk, Robin Caton bridges traditions of secular, religious, modernist, and post modernist writing
Caton, Robin

Companion Grasses

What does it mean to dwell in a place? These adventurous poems go on foot in search of answers.
Teare, Brian

A Collection of Thoughts on Prosody
A collage of essays and metrical samples from one of the great prosody scholars
Justice, Donald

A Conjoined Book
Aftermath and Become Tree, Become Bird
A double book that echoes with the ecological and social crises of our times, this lyric meditation is interrogation and intervention, defying the limitations we place on story’s potency and potential
Kelsey, Karla

Contraband of Hoopoe

An immigrant’s lyric narrative of humor, illicit revelation, insight, and desire
Chrusciel, Ewa

Day Counter

Poetic assemblages that consider the ways in which one act of creation (motherhood) threatens to erase another (writing)
Mumolo, Sara

Debts & Lessons

The poems in Lynn Xu’s striking debut collection, Debts & Lessons, travel under the power of history’s illusory engine and echo its ululations of love, violence, and lament.
Xu, Lynn

Desolation: Souvenir

Paul Hoover now establishes himself as an important voice of deep emotional resonance and far ranging vision.
Hoover, Paul

The Drunkards

Poems that unfold an interiority in which the self’s unspecialness is allowed to touch the sublime
Rivera, LM

Each Thing Unblurred is Broken

Stark lyric poems that outline the fragility of perception and the obstinacy of being
Baker, Andrea

A Critical Memoir
A lyric examination of life and poetics from this esteemed writer and translator
Revell, Donald


Liz Waldner's poems are emotive explorations into the personal, social, and political nature of speech.
Waldner, Liz

Every Day but Tuesday

Lyric experiments that probe the paradoxes of language and inquiry
Freeman, Barbara Claire

Extreme Directions

This sequence of poems, evolved from the poet's observation of the daily practice of Tai Chi Sword, evoke the fluidity of martial art practice, the motion of Chinese brushstroke painting or calligraphy, as well as the shifting physical and metaphysical arena that is human relationship.
Jones, Alice

The Fatalist

A book-length, syntactically surprising poem divided into many sections.
Hejinian, Lyn

Fate News

Topical poems that present the life of the mind—mourning and celebrating who and what is lost as time goes by
Cole, Norma

Fault Tree

fault tree is a book-length poem divided into three connected effects stemming from one undesired state: time.
Pringle, Kathryn L.

The Field

A debut collection of lyric psychodramas
Perez, Robert Andrew

Flesh of Leviathan

The first U.S. translation of the award-winning Galician poet
Pato, Chus

Following The Dog Down

A science writer and now poet’s lyrical analysis of parasites and the animals they subsist in
Liles, John

Fortino Sámano
The Overflowing of the Poem
Fortino Sámano (the overflowing of the poem) is a collaborative work by the emerging French poet, Virginie Lalucq, and the distinguished philosopher, Jean-Luc Nancy.
Lalucq, Virginie & Jen-Luc Nancy. Sylvain Gallais & Cynthia Hogue, trs.

from unincorporated territory [guma’]

Extending beyond lyric, narrative, documentary, dramatic monologue, this text invites and incites, violates and revitalizes our awareness of what frames our relationship to culture, community, self
Perez, Craig Santos

from unincorporated territory [hacha]

The first installment in the Chamorro poet’s series on the history, ecology, and mythology of Guam
Perez, Craig Santos

from unincorporated territory [lukao]

The fourth installment in the Chamorro poet’s series on the history, ecology, and mythology of Guam
Perez, Craig Santos

from unincorporated territory [saina]

Craig Santos Perez deftly navigates the complexities in his bracing exploration of the personal, historical, cultural, and natural elements of his native Guam and its people.
Perez, Craig Santos


A poetry-essay meditation on the cultural and physical forces of the river
Swensen, Cole

Ghost Nets

The first US collection of the acclaimed British poet
Wilkinson, John

Ghost Of

Winner of the Omnidawn Open Poetry Book Prize
Nguyen, Diana Khoi

The Given & The Chosen

Ann Lauterbach considers the animated, elastic relation between what is given and what is chosen through the lens of art, critical thinking and her own experience as a poet.
Lauterbach, Ann

Goddess of Democracy
an Occupy lyric
A lyric and historical examination of the Umbrella protests in Hong Kong
Leung, Henry Wei


A debut meditation on the body across national and linguistic borders
Gaydos, Rebecca


Harm performs the loss of that fictive division between a unified body and its surrounding world.
Gravendyk, Hillary


In Harrow, Elizabeth Robinson enters the crucible of faith found at every meeting of being with world.
Robinson, Elizabeth

House A

Selected by Claudia Rankine as winner of the 2015 Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Contest
Cheng, Jennifer S.

I Was There for Your Somniloquy

Kelli Anne Noftle’s poems reside in this space of “threshold consciousness” where a voice speaks to and from the other, hovering inside a liminal world of strange admissions and abstract silences.
Noftle, Kelli Anne

The Icelandic Cure

Winner of the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Prize
Moyer, J.D.

The Illuminations

Donald Revell's new translation of The Illuminations offers all the immediacy, hallucinatory surreality, and wit of the intimate particularity that secured Rimbaud's position as a major poet renowned for his strangely seductive power and innocence.
Rimbaud, Arthur; Donald Revell, trs.

In a landscape of having to repeat

In a landscape of having to repeat, Ronk offers a language of attention that is composite, disruptive, and vibrantly immediate.
Ronk, Martha

In a Town Called Mundomuerto

In this novel an old man is telling a boy the same story he has told him hundreds of times before.
Silvis, Randall

In the archives

In the archives offers a lyrically rich, emotionally compelling cycle of poems that explores the alienation and longing we feel as we face the increased mechanization and frightening militarization of our present moment.
Arigo, Christopher

In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary

In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary pushes past the line and the fragment and toward the sentence, the thought trying to complete, the paragraph, a distinct passage.
Meier, Richard

Inside Song

Poetic iterations of what Amiri Baraka called the blues impulse, attending to an “inside song” that “could bring people in”
Dickison, Steve

Invisible Green

Invisible Green: Selected Prose begins with essays which enact intimate and yet capacious converse with, and among, an array of writers.
Revell, Donald

Involuntary Lyrics

Shurin balances the trace memory of poetic history against the charged physicality of contemporary event.
Shurin, Aaron

Landscape Portrait Figure Form

Bright and bracing poems rich with humor and candor
Rader, Dean


Winner of the Omnidawn 1st/2nd Poetry Book Prize
Ekstrand, Eric

Last Verses

The Last Verses of Jules Laforgue is the first full-length collection of free verse published in the French language.
Laforgue, Jules. Donald Revell, trs.


Poems that ask how perception turns into memory, and what is lost when this happens
Ramke, Bin

Lines the Quarry

Lines the Quarry writes of and into that ongoing disaster and possibility, interjecting into the commercial language of success the many violations—bodily and otherwise—that define capitalist exploitation.
Clarke, Robin

Loom-2011 Open Book Prize

Loom searches for reconstructions of gender, dwelling, and the sacred.
Gridley, Sarah

Love, Like Pronouns

With the title of her latest collection, Love, Like Pronouns, Waldrop demonstrates with deft humor the relational aspects of any discourse.
Waldrop, Rosmarie

Lyric & Spirit
Selected Essays 1996-2008
In this book of essays, interviews, reflections, and more, Lazer focuses on two topics central to the poetry of our time: the changing nature of beauty in the lyric and the necessity of finding new ways of embodying spirituality.
Lazer, Hank

The Madeleine Poems

Legault offers a dynamically charged vision of the real as he perceives its volatile, constantly shifting valences.
Legault, Paul


Winner of the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest
Herndon, James Robert

The Man Who Lost His Head

Zach Savich's The Man Who Lost His Head wrestles with the irrational rationality of life as we dimly perceive it.
Savich, Zach


A chapbook of epistolary and intimate “memo” poems
Terris, Susan

The Middle

The Middle is beautiful and powerful, and all that grace animates calm outrage, ghostlier awareness.
Hume, Angela

Middle Time

A debut meditation on bodies and ecologies that risk and resist the totality of “end times”
Hume, Angela

Missing the Moon

Scientific elegies of ambition and failure from this esteemed poet
Ramke, Bin

Missives from the Green Campaign

An environmentalist military coming-of-age story askance of the real
Armstrong, David Michael


Mortar is a text of stealth and volatility, of both explosive and empathic interactions.
Mumolo, Sara

The Multiple

Calvin Bedient's fourth collection, The Multiple, meets an unspeakably excessive reality with an unremitting intensity of its own.
Bedient, Calvin

Neptune Park

Some would call Neptune Park a graphic novel—minus the pictures.
Tiffany, Daniel

The Not Forever

As the title of The Not Forever suggests, these poems take not only mortality, but also the impossibility of truly assessing mortality, as their endlessly inexplicable subject.
Waldrop, Keith

obscenity for the advancement of poetry

A deconstruction of identity and embodiment and a manifesto of becoming
pringle, kathryn l.

Ocular Proof

Poetic investigations of the distortions and discoveries of photography and sight
Ronk, Martha

The Odicy

The Odicy, Cyrus Console’s second book, uses pentameter in an attempt to take the measure of our epoch’s cultural and ecological crises.
Console, Cyrus

Of Annunciations

A series of prayers, laments, and lullabies addressing our current migration crises
Chrusciel, Ewa

Ohio Railroads

A chapbook-length poem that explores the cultural and personal weight of Ohio’s rail history
Giscombe, C. S.

Oil Spell

Counter-conjurations that query whether poetry itself might be a violent entrance of language into the world
Stancek, Claire Marie

On Spec

Poems, plays, plays upon the making of such genre distinctions, are only some of the locations one will visit in these pages.
Williams, Tyrone

The Orchard Green and Every Color

Language as an embodied sense in this renowned poet’s fifth book
Savich, Zach

Our Animal

A collaged novel-in-verse tracing Kafka’s life through the lens of the Other
Stricker, Meredith

Our Lives Became Unmanageable

Selected by Kate Bernheimer as winner of the 2014 Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Contest
Craven, Jackie


Winner of the Omnidawn Poetry Chapbook Contest
Akant, Sara Deniz


This anthology focuses on New Wave Fabulist writers.
Keegan, Ken E. & Rusty Morrison, editors

Particulars of Place

The second volume from this acclaimed poet and film artist
Moore, Richard O., Garrett Caples, Brenda Hillman Paul Ebenkamp, eds.


By one of America’s most adventurous poets––Peace moves just beyond outrage and anger to bring the reader to revelations and shifts of consciousness, to possible visions and sightings in the shattered yards of the global dream
Conoley, Gillian


In Penury, Myung Mi Kim probes sanctioned norms of cognition by breaking communication into its most discrete components
Kim, Myung Mi


A psycho-geography and metahistory of the formation of Chicago
Moctezuma, Jose-Luis

The Plot Genie

The Plot Genie culls and questions what it is that holds any narrative together, and exposes some of the ways that characters behave and take shape when inhabiting a construct created by ideas.
Conoley, Gillian

Poems in Spanish

Paul Hoover's Poems in Spanish takes the English language into fraternity with the haunting lyricism of Spanish.
Hoover, Paul

The Police

A debut collection unraveling the mythologizing forces of control
Poppick, Daniel

pool [5 choruses]

Here, the many permutations of lyric explore slippage and fusion, of singular to multiple, personal to social, sentience to what seeks beyond the sensate world, of both our crisis and choral communion that is, and is always more than voice reveals
Hartigan, Endi Bogue

The Posthumous Life of R.W.

A chapbook of prose poems on existence and the self, with French on facing pages
Frémon, Jean


A poetic collage tracing the human effects of the US-Mexico border
Alvergue, José Felipe

Present Tense

Through dialogue, reportage, Biblical reference, interview, famous speech, infamous cultural and historical events and more, Rabinowitz offers readers an arresting account of who and what we are as humans—in all of our darkness and our brilliance.
Rabinowitz, Anna


At once civil lyric and lament crying beyond civility, spiraling with kinetic intensity, a 21st century feminist book-length aria
Carr, Julie


Prose poems that weave art and the body into the viscera of experience
Hickman, Mary

Readings in World Literature

Readings in World Literature is the daybook of a speaker haunted by the prospect of perpetual night.
Reddy, Srikanth (Chicu)

Real Life: An Installation

Poetry that stands at the crossroads between the real and the supernatural, the actual and the imaginary
Carr, Julie

The Real Subject
Queries and Conjectures of Jacob Delafon with Sample Poems
The Real Subject is not exactly a novel and not really a poem, though it contains some verses and is not without characters.
Waldrop, Keith

risk :: nonchalance

An ekphrastic series of poems that troubles and illuminates embodiment and encounter
Neuman, Laura

The Room In Which I Work

Selected by Calvin Bedient as winner of the Omnidawn Open
Seguin, Andrew

Saga / Circus

Saga / Circus brings us two distinctly different long poems
Hejinian, Lyn

Saint Petersburg Notebook

A chapbook on the post-Soviet writer and the author’s own experience in the white nights of Saint Petersburg
Lauterbach, Ann

A Season in Hell

In this new translation of Arthur Rimbaud Donald Revell captures the child-like wonder and tortured, revelatory despair of these poems.
Rimbaud, Arthur; Donald Revell, trs.

Selected Poems

Selected poems 1968-2013 from the esteemed poet, translator, and artist
Waldrop, Keith

Selected Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin

Further solidifying Hölderlin’s place in history, this thorough collection of poetry ranges from the odes of his developmental period to the majestic hymns and strangely prophetic modern compositions created in his later years.
Hölderlin, Friedrich. Maxine Chernoff & Paul Hoover, trs

A Semblance
Selected and New Poems 1975-2007
A Semblance: Selected and New Poems (1975-2007) is the first selected compilation of poetry by Laura Moriarty.
Moriarty, Laura

poems & impersonations
A mashup of poetry and theater collaged from the overlooked voices of California’s labor class
Rios, Joseph

Sham City

Banishing poets from the well-ordered city did not prevent the creation of fictions: SHAM CITY is the capitol of fictitious capital.
Harrison, Evan S.

Shields & Shards & Stitches & Songs

A chapbook of interlocking poems that weave together the lyric and the political
Beachy-Quick, Dan

A Love Story
This novel tells of a young man’s attraction and ultimate addiction to skunk musk, and the social difficulties he encounters as a result.
Courter, Justin

The Soluble Hour

An elegiac recollection of landscapes, loves, and past selves
Gravendyk, Hillary

Some Habits

Winner of the Omnidawn Open Book Prize
Eaton, C. Violet

Songs without Words

Songs without Words (Romances sans paroles) is the book in which, unabashedly, Paul Verlaine becomes himself and, in so doing, becomes the iconic poet of the French nineteenth century.
Verlaine, Paul. Donald Revell, trs.

Sorry Was in the Woods

Michelle Taransky’s second collection of poems, Sorry Was In The Woods is that landscape where perspective is not singular, where waiting, worrying, watching, and recording are able to both arrange and derange our understanding of place.
Taransky, Michelle

Spectacle & Pigsty

The strange and wild poems of Kiwao Nomura deal with sex and loss and memory by making unpredictable leaps of association.
Nomura, Kiwao. Kyoko Yoshida & Forrest Gander, trs

Spinoza in Her Youth

Norma Cole's rich and rigorous poems delight in and disrupt the framing structures of language, memory, history
Cole, Norma


Dialogic juxtapositions of poetry and art’s vantage points
Byrne, Elena Karina


Prose poems that animate an exile’s memories in a scattered universe
Chrusciel, Ewa


Lyrical elegies absorptive of contemporary political economic discourse
Greenfield, Richard


In the flowing of Susquehanna, language has been re-immersed in its origins.
Waldrep, G. C.

Take Two
Film Studies
A series of filmic poems examining historical and fictional relationships
Terris, Susan


In his ninth poetry collection, Mr. Ramke exposes the myriad tendrils that bind together to become experience.
Ramke, Bin

Theory of Mind
New & Selected Poems
Theory of Mind: New & Selected Poems, 1978-2008 demonstrates Bin Ramke’s ability to bring a cornucopia of human knowledge to bear upon the individual’s most intimate experiences and most compelling encounters with the world.
Ramke, Bin

Thigh's Hollow

Winner of the Omnidawn Poetry Chapbook Prize
Rosenberg, Dan

A Story of Ghosts, Memories, & Ashes
Winner of the Omnidawn Fiction Chapbook Prize
Capettini, Emily

Three Novels

Three Novels revisits the terrain of the Victorian novel, entering that world with a particular affinity for the feminine within its social and physical landscape.
Robinson, Elizabeth

A Timeshare

Winner of the Omnidawn 1st/2nd Poetry Book Prize
Ross, Margaret

To Be At Music
Essays & Talks
To Be At Music is the first collection of essays by Norma Cole
Cole, Norma

To Be Read in the Dark

To Be Read in the Dark casts its strobe of radical vision on the dark crises of our common experience.
Chernoff, Maxiine

To Keep Time

Spare, vivid lyrics on the microclimate of coastal California
Massey, Joseph


This is a poetry that seeks to emancipate the voice of witness from the generalities of despair through its exacting engagement with this world.
Greenfield, Richard

Transfer of Qualities

Transfer of Qualities addresses the uncanny and myriad ways in which people and things, but also people and those around them, exchange qualities with one another, moving in on, unsettling: altering stance, attitude, mood, gesture.
Ronk, Martha

Truth of My Songs
Poems of the Trobairitz
Poems of the female troubadours of 12th-century France (original Provençal on facing pages)
Keelan, Claudia


A debut poetry collection that meditates on imagination and existence
Smith, Cassandra

The Uncertainty Principle

Bill Mayer lures us into the rich physicality of a desire that not only animates the features upon the mask of the real, but enlarges our yearning for what lies behind.
Mayer, Bill

The Unfollowing

Elegies of public and personal loss from the renowned avant-garde poet
Hejinian, Lyn


Ventifacts highlights the currents between imaginary relations and physical conditions.
Hume, Christine


Illuminations of humanity’s separation and embodiment of animal nature
Bendall, Molly

Water's Footfall

Sohrab Sepehri was in Iran, a modernist Muslim for whom the black stone of the Kaaba was the sunlight in the flowers.
Sepehri, Sohrab. Kazimt Ali with Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, trs.

White Decimal

A new translation of the groundbreaking French work
Daive, Jean

Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside

Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside opens with a foreword, an envoi laying out the concerns of the book.
Cole, Norma

The Word as Archipelago

The Word as Archipelago is the first complete translation into English of La Parole en archipel
Char, René; Robert Baker, trs.

You Envelop Me

A poetic elegy exploring birth and loss
Browne, Laynie