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Publishwer logoPeter E. Randall Publisher was founded in 1970 to provide a high quality publishing service for municipalities, groups and individuals.

Around the House
One Woman Shares How Millions Care
Be surprised by what home caregiving really means in this NH woman’s inspiring daily account, at times blunt, poetic, and humorous
Swenson, Harriet K.

Builders of the Hoosac Tunnel

A historical journey from black powder to nitro during the struggle to bore a five-mile tunnel through the Hoosac Mountain in the 1800s
Schexnayder, Cliff


Charley, a street-smart city boy, can toss a rat by its tail into the Boston Harbor, but has no clue how to pluck an egg away from an angry chicken, let alone milk a cantankerous cow!
Seim, Donna Marie

The Confluence
Fly-fishing & Friendship in the Dartmouth College Grant
A collection of stories, reflections, art, and tall tales by seven grown-up boys
Van Wie, David

Elle & Buddy

Elle is afraid to ride a Ferris wheel, but after she learns to use a racing wheelchair it gives her the courage to face her fear
Rausin, K. D.

Every Turtle Counts

One rare sea turtle...One little girl in need of help...A rescue story to touch your heart
Hunter, Sara Hoagland

A Fat Girl's Manifesto
A Thin Book on Living Fat in America
Through humor, health, and one thin book, Daniel will leave you laughing and inspire you to trade in your scale for a healthy serving of happy
Daniel, Cyr V.

A Feather in My Wig—Ovarian Cancer
Cured Seventeen Years and Still Going Strong!
The courageous story of one woman's successful battle against ovarian cancer.
Van Billiard, Barbara R. Theodore C. Barton, M.D., fwd.


A beautifully illustrated, read-aloud picture book about connection and loss for people of all ages
Sayre, David

The Flatland Dialogues

Suddenly, evolution is in our hands. Are we alone? Is there more to life? A dialogue on today’s search for intelligent life
Sayre, David

An African Portrait Revisited
Ghana showcases the growth and diversity of this nation, on the 50th anniversary of their independence, as seen through the eyes of six talented photographers, Peter E. Randall, Nancy Grace Horton, Gary Samson, Barbara Bickford, Charter Weeks and Tim Gaudreau
Randall, Peter E.

The Great Improbability
An Autobiographical Mystery By the People of Earth
The Great Improbability is a complex mystery, a love story, a narrative poem, a scientific odyssey. Engineer-entrepreneur David Sayre has reinvented our world and peopled it with singular characters whose journeys criss-cross and intersect in unforgettable ways.
Sayre, David

Letters from Nigeria
A young American observes a newly independent country 1961–62
Impressions and images of a young American couple going to live and work for the government with economist Wolfgang Stolper in West Africa sixty years ago
Clark, Gretel

Light Fading
Reflections on the Imperiled Everglades
The first book of its kind dedicated to the Florida Everglades, stunning full color photos!
Curzon, Joel

New Hampshire
A Living Landscape
Spectacular, large-format book by one of New Hampshire's leading photographers
Randall, Peter E., panoramic photographs. Ronald Jager; essay; Stephen H. Taylor, fwd.

New Hampshire Then & Now
Historical and Contemporary Photographs of the Granite State from 1840 to 2005
A collection of historical New Hampshire photographs matched with contemporary images
Randall, Peter E.

Outlaws in Vietnam
1966-76 in the Delta
Eastman, David

People & Places
Connections Between the Inner and Outer Landscape
John and Margaret Myers' backgrounds in architecture and child psychology, respectively, inform their groundbreaking treatise on the effects of place on individuals and society.
Myer, John; Myer, Margaret

Poet on Demand
The Life, Letters, and Works of Celia Thaxter
The first extensive literary biography of one of the most popular late 19th-century American women poets.
Vallier, Jane E.

Prelude, A Novel & The 1854 Diary of Adeline Elizabeth Hoe

In the spring of 1854 seventeen-year-old Adeline Elizabeth Hoe began to keep a daily diary. . . centuries later, her descendant brought it to life in a novel
Davidson, Helen Taylor

Retirement Readiness
A Guide to Creating Your Vision, Knowing Your Position, and Preparing For Your Future
This title will get you thinking about how you want retirement to feel, includes charts and tools for retirement planning, so you are ready, when you want to retire!
Bonacorsi, Michael

A Folk Music Novel
There has never been a novel like this, a love story set in the subterranean world of modern folk music.
Alarik, Scott

Something There Is
Seeking a Rational Faith for Our Children
In letters to his children from wildly diverse settings—the Pentagon, prisons, cathedrals, reservations— Sayre joins his struggles with other scientists seeking a faith that will last
Sayre, David

Tadem, My Father's Village
Extinguished during the 1915 Armenian Genocide
100 years after the Armenian Genocide, new eyewitness accounts
Kaloosdian, Robert Aram

That One Glorious Season
Baseball Players with One Spectacular Year, 1950-1961
Baseball players with one spectacular year from 1950-1961 are profiled.
Letarte, Richard

Uncertain Journey

Greek American novelist James Rouman writes of the convoluted glory that is America when, Rejep, an illegal Albanian immigrant, leaves his home in search of freedom in Greece and then travels to America to find his true love
Rouman, James

Underwater Dreams
A Modern Greek Tragedy
Discover a Modern Greek Tragedy with a classic feel, as you meet the unforgettable characters of this intriguing, critically acclaimed first novel from James Rouman
Rouman, James

Wings in the Wind

Against all odds an orphan Mallard reaches adulthood on the banks of the Merrimack River watched over from a distance by a young girl
Walsh, Julia

The Yoyo & the Piggy Bank

A young girl learns about financial goal-setting as she does chores and saves coins in a piggy bank to buy her first yoyo
Thoresen, Susan Werner