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Publisher logoSaturnalia Books' mission is to publish literary works, primarily poetry, of high merit, by new and established writers; to encourage collaboration between poets and visual artists, particularly in book form; and to encourage the publication of literature of a non-commercial and challenging nature. At present, Saturnalia Books publishes four book series per year which includes the Artist/Poet Collaboration Series, and the winner of the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize.

Arco Iris

Sarah Vap’s newest book is a stunning collection of beautiful and frightening poems
Vap, Sarah

The Babies

Funny and frightening, moving and unsettling, the prose poems in Mark’s debut collection take readers on a wild ride
Mark, Sabrina Orah


Blackboards is the first in Saturnalia Books’ Poet/Artist Collaboration Series
Salamun, Tomaz; Krasovec, Metka; Biggins, Michael, trans.

The Bosses

Agudelo’s newest turns his keen eye onto the elusive creatures who watch over us
Agudelo, Sebastian


Winner of the 2005 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Bob Hicok
Graber, Kathleen

Days of Unwilling

Cal Bedient’s third collection of poems.
Bedient, Cal

Don’t Go Back To Sleep

What keeps us up at night? Love? Death? God?
Liu, Timothy

Dummy Fire

Winner of the 2006 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize selected by Forrest Gander, this is poet Sarah Vap's first full-length poetry collection.
Vap, Sarah

Each Chartered Street

A second collection that turns over and cracks open the underbelly of American urban neighborhoods
Agudelo, Sebastian

Famous Last Words

Winner of the 2007 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, Selected by John Yau
Pierce, Catherine

Faulkner's Rosary
A new collection by prize-winning poet Sarah Vap
Vap, Sarah

The Girls of Peculiar
The newest offering, full of wit and wisdom, from the award-winning author of Famous Last Words
Pierce, Catherine

the new grrly, grotesque, burlesque poetics
A new anthology of wicked, subversive young women poets
Glenum, Lara and Arielle Greenberg, eds.

Heat Wake

Mixing science with humor, humanity, whimsy, and love, Jason Zuzga’s debut collection is a revelation
Zuzga, Jason

Hush Sessions

New poetry by the author of Realm Sixty Four
Maxwell, Kristi

I Think I’m Ready to See Frank Ocean

In Shayla Lawson’s second collection, she spins her unique brand of soulful lyrics
Lawson, Shayla

The Identity Thief

Derek Mong’s Identity Thief presents voices for the age
Mong, Derek

In Memory of Brilliance & Value

Michael Robins’s In Memory of Brilliance and Value is an elegy to a modern-day America that is uncontainable, uncontrollable, and unstoppable
Robins, Michael

Industry of Brief Distraction

Laurie Saurborn Young’s second collection is an impressive indictment of what it means to live in America in the 21st century
Saurborn Young, Laurie

Ing Grish

Acclaimed poet and art critic John Yau, author of fourteen books of poetry, teams up with esteemed painter Thomas Nozkowski to create the exquisite Ing Grish, the second in the Saturnalia Books Poet/Artist collaboration series
Yau, John; Nozkowski, Thomas, illus.

Ladies & Gentlemen

Like a circus barker at the dawn of the apocalypse, award winning poet Michael Robins brings his special brand of gallows humor to new collection.
Robins, Michael

Letters to Poets
Conversations About Poetics, Politics, and Community
Firestone, Jennifer, Lomax, Dana Teen, eds.

The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Martha Silano is a diction-vixen, spinning ordinary language into celestial orbit
Silano, Martha

Live at the Bitter End

Recasting the “trial of the century,” Ed Pavli ’s vertiginous new collection puts a century of segregation on trial for its soul
Pavli , Ed

Lullaby (with Exit Sign)

Hadara Bar-Nadav navigates the devastating depths of loss, with Emily Dickinson as her guide
Bar-Nadav, Hadara


Miller, Jane, poetry; Pepper, Beverly, artwork; Wright, C.D. intro.

My Scarlet Ways
A stunning new voice of erotic devastation
Larkin, Tanya


Winner of the 2014 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Gerald Stern
Nebel, Jay

The New Nudity

The newest by award-winning author Hadara Bar-Nadav
Bar-Nadav, Hadara

No Object

An unforgettable collection of funny and heartbreaking poems by a remarkable new voice in American poetry
Shapero, Natalie

Nowhere Fast

A peek into the sinister mind of one of America’s foremost poetry translators
Kulik, William

Other Romes
An exceptional first book from a new talent
Mong, Derek

Winner of the 2009 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Carl Phillips
Ronda, Margaret

Plucking the Stinger

Grief and desire cartwheel through the pages of Stephanie Rogers’s debut collection
Rogers, Stephanie


Explore themes of sexuality, marriage, monogamy, and fidelity through a series of 64 lyric poems and 24 painting/sculptures
Liu, Timothy

Reckless Lovely

Martha Silano’s newest collection of cosmic lingo tango
Silano, Martha

Ritual and Bit

Winner of the 2015 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Mary Ruefle
Ostrom, Robert

Soft Volcano

Winner of the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Ross Gay
Burton, Libby

A Spell of Songs

Peter Jay Shippy’s long anticipated fourth collection is a wickedly playful journey into America’s heart of darkness
Shippy, Peter Jay

Steal It Back

Steal It Back takes on the powers that be, heralding the dawn of a revolution
Simonds, Sandra

Stigmata Errata Etcetera

Mark Doty introduces this stunning new collection, the third in Saturnalia Books new Artist/Poet Collaboration series
Knott, Bill; Black, Star, collages; Doty, Mark, intro.

Sweet Insurgent

Fenton, Elyse


Charleston, Cortney Lamar

That Our Eyes Be Rigged

Kristi Maxwell’s fourth collection is an eye opening exploration of language’s tangled relationship to the physical world
Maxwell, Kristi

Thieves in the Afterlife

This year’s prize winning collection is smart, sharp, and sexy!
DeColo, Kendra

To the Bone

Winner of the 2008 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Mark Doty
Agudelo, Sebastian

The Tornado Is the World

The newest offering by Catherine Pierce is a whirlwind of poetic brilliance!
Pierce, Catherine

The True Book of Animal Homes

Titus, Allison

Tsim Tsum

New Prose Poetry by the author of The Babies
Mark, Sabrina Orah

Velleity's Shade

An artist/poet collaboration that is the flipside of 2006’s Stigmata Errata Etcetera
Black, Star and Bill Knott


Debora Kuan explores cultural, psychological, and physical crossings in her debut collection
Kuan, Debora