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Publisher logoDrawing on the rich resources of Historic New England's Library and Archives and object collections, these thoroughly researched, beautifully designed, and heavily illustrated publications enrich our knowledge of New England and the wider world.

America’s Kitchens

History buffs, designers, and cooks of all ages will enjoy seeing what Americans have considered ideal for kitchen design over our 200-plus year history
Carlisle, Nancy

The Sleeper McCann House
A study of “the most beautiful house in America” in Gloucester, Mass.
Curtis, Nancy, and Richard C. Nylander. David Bohl, photographs.

The Camera’s Coast
Historic Images of Ship and Shore in New England
Page-by-page panorama of New England coastal activity from the late-nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from leisure and recreation to hard work
Bunting, W. H.

Cherished Possessions
A New England Legacy
Carlisle, Nancy

Country Arts in Early American Homes

An expert looks at a wide variety of country arts that characterized early New England homes.
Little, Nina Fletcher. Wendell Garrett, fwd.

Drawing Toward Home
Designs for Domestic Architecture from Historic New England
A truly majestic home will last generations
O’Gorman, James F.

From Guiding Lights to Beacons for Business
The Many Lives of Maine’s Lighthouses
Explores the lives and legends of the iconic Maine lighthouses
Cheek, Richard

Keepsakes and Treasures
Stories from Historic New England's Jewelry Collection
Open New England's jewelry box and hear stories of love tokens, party bling, and cherished heirlooms from 1700 to the present
Johnson, Laura E.

Little by Little
Six Decades of Collecting American Decorative Arts
This matchless account of a superb collection of New England country arts of the 17th through the 19th centuries tells the story of the collection and describes the joys, pitfalls, and philosophy of collecting with grace, humor, and great knowledge.
Little, Nina Fletcher

Neat and Tidy
Boxes and Their Contents Used in Early American Households
A classic of material culture, first published in 1980, is once more available.
Little, Nina Fletcher. Wendell Garrett, fwd.

Wallpaper in New England
Selections from the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
Nylander, Richard C., Elizabeth Redmond & Penny J. Sander