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Publisher logoBuilding on a long history of previous research and publication, the Warring States Project's books draw on and cumulate the research represented by its journals. The books, and the journals which support them, are in two subject areas: ancient China and early Christianity. In its research, the Project finds that many of the texts, whether Chinese or Christian, are accumulations rather than single compositions. Applying that insight, and separating early from late in all the texts, amounts to a breakthrough in both fields. The history of Chinese thought, and the development of Christian belief, stand forth much more clearly than before.

For more about the Warring States Project and future publications visit their site at University of Massachusetts.

UPNE and UPNE Book Partners are closing at the end of 2018.

Effective November 1, 2018, Warring StatesProject titles will no longer be distributed by UPNE Book Partners. Please visit the Warring States Project website for ordering information.