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In addition to our exclusive UPNE Book Partners (in the menu at left) we also distribute selected titles for the following clients.

Antoca Press
The Complete Stories of William Cullen Bryant
Short Stories - Single Author / Literary Collections - American / Literary Criticism - American
Bryant’s stories, most never previously reprinted, accompanied by their first critical consideration
Bryant, William Cullen; Frank Gado, editor

Boston Athenaeum
With Éclat
The Boston Athenæum and the Origin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

New England History / Museum Studies
A detailed history of the Boston Athenæum’s historic role in the founding of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hirayama, Hina

Brown University Press
The Legend of the Wandering Jew
Jewish Studies / Literary Criticism
This book traces the enduring legend and changing meanings of the Wandering Jew through the ages
Anderson, George K.

Cacklegoose Press
Joseph Glasco
The Fifteenth American

American Art / Art - Single Artist / Biography - Artists
The life and work of one of the most original American artists who was included, with Rothko and Pollock, in MoMA’s 1952 Fifteen Americans exhibition—but he refused
Raeburn, Michael

Castleton State College
Philip Hoff
How Red Turned Blue in the Green Mountain State

New England History
This is the story of one of the most exciting and important periods in Vermont history, and of the man most responsible for shaping it
Hand, Samuel B., Anthony Marro, and Stephen C. Terry

Emily Mason
Emily Mason
The Fifth Element

Second Edition

The paintings of contemporary artist Emily Mason
Ebony, David

Family Development Press
Empowerment Skills for Family Workers
The Comprehensive Curriculum of the National Family Development Credential Program: A Worker Handbook

[Print edition is not sold at discount]

Family & Relationships / Family Development
The worker handbook, highly readable, including questions and activities to extend learning.
Forest, Claire, Carol West, ed., Camille Doucet, illus.

Family Development Press
Empowerment Skills for Family Workers Instructor's Manual
The Comprehensive Curriculum of the National Family Development Credential Program

[Print edition is not sold at discount]

Family & Relationships / Family Development
90 hours of experiential activities to develop workers’ skills in helping families set and reach goals based on their strengths.
Forest, Claire, Carol West, ed., Camille Doucet, illus.

Family Development Press
Empowerment Skills for Family Workers Portfolio Advisor's Manual
The Comprehensive Curriculum of the National Family Development Credential Program

[Print edition is not sold at discount]

Family & Relationships / Family Development
Helps advisors guide workers as they practice skills and prepare credentialing portfolio; contains all portfolio forms and handouts.
Forest, Claire, Carol West, ed., Camille Doucet, illus.

Foster Publishing
Too Big to Fall
America's Failing Infrastructure and the Way Forward

Economics & Business / Infrastructure
A comprehensive overview of the shocking state of our nation’s infrastructure and what must be done to fix it
LePatner, Barry B.

Friends of Modern Architecture/Lincoln
Breaking Ground
Henry B. Hoover, New England Modern Architect

Modern Architecture to 1945 / Regional Architecture
The life and work of an important regional modern architect
Giese, Lucretia Hoover and Henry B. Hoover, Jr.

Lonesome Press
Art at the Dawning of the Electronic Era
Generative Systems

Digital Art / Contemporary Art / Art History
Eighteen Generative Systems artists share their experimental electronic images, made at the dawn of the electronic era
Sheridan, Sonia Landy

Mead Art Museum
Picturing Enlightenment
Tibetan Tangkas in the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College

Art History / Asian Art
Introduces the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Tibetan hanging scroll paintings (tangkas) in the collection of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College
Rhie, Marylin M.

Meadowside Press
An American Proceeding
Building the Grant House with Frank Lloyd Wright

The story of the man who built his own Frank Lloyd Wright House
Reilly, Donna Grant

Middlebury College Museum of Art
The Art of Devotion
Panel Painting in Early Renaissance Italy

Art History
Generously illustrated exhibition catalogue explores the demand for and production of devotional works in early fifteenth-century Italy
Abbott, Katherine Smith, Wendy Watson, Andrea Rothe and Jeanne Rothe

Middlebury College Museum of Art
Naked Truth
The Body in Early Twentieth-Century German-Austrian Art

Museum Catalog / Modern Art / Human Figure in Art
An inquiry into conceptions of the human body in Austria and Germany before and after the First World War
Garrison, Eliza, Bettina Matthias, and James A. van Dyke

Middlebury College Press
Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost
Poetry Criticism
A leading Frost critic guides the reader through some of the poet’s most challenging verse.
Pack, Robert

Middlebury College Press
The Future of the Northern Forest
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Public Policy / Maine
A timely collection presenting the diverse voices involved in the debate over the fate of the Northern forestlands.
Klyza, Christopher McGrory, and Stephen C. Trombulak, eds.

Middlebury College Press
National Symbols, Fractured Identities
Contesting the National Narrative

International Relations / Cultural Studies
A fascinating look at national symbols worldwide and the important role they play in creating and maintaining individual and collective identity.
Geisler, Michael, E., ed.

Middlebury College Press
Wetland, Woodland, Wildland
A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont

Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Botany
The first field guide to all of Vermont’s natural communities
Thompson, Elizabeth H., and Eric R. Sorenson. Libby Davidson, Betsy Brigham, and Darien McElwain, illus

Mount Holyoke College Art Museum
Mel Bochner
Illustrating Philosophy

American Art / Art - Single Artist / Philosophy
How can a visual image illustrate an abstract philosophical idea?
Wartenberg, Thomas E.

New Britain Museum of American Art
American Reflections
The Collection of Dr. Timothy McLaughlin

American Art
A scholarly exploration of a private collection of American Impressionist, Hudson River School, and contemporary artwork from Connecticut and the Northeast
Noelle, Alexander J., ed.

New Britain Museum of American Art
As We See It
The Collection of Gail and Ernst von Metzsch

American Art
An intimate look at an art-collecting partnership
Dion, Arthur

New Britain Museum of American Art
Charles Ethan Porter
African-American Master of Still Life

American Art
The first study of the artistry of a noted African-American painter
Cummings, Hildegard

New Britain Museum of American Art
Highlights of the New Britain Museum of American Art
Volume III: The Sanford B. D. Low Illustration Collection

Exhibition Catalog / American Art
A comprehensive overview of highlights from the New Britain Museum of American Art’s Sanford B. D. Low Illustration Collection
Schiller, Joyce

New Britain Museum of American Art
Otis Kaye
Money, Mystery, and Mastery

American Art / Art - Single Artist
The definitive text on artist Otis Kaye, considered a master of trompe l’oeil painting and allegory
Banks, Geraldine, James Bradburne, and Mark D. Mitchell

New Britain Museum of American Art
Women Artists @ New Britain Museum
American Art / Collection Catalog
A thematic investigation of the history and concerns of modern and contemporary American women artists
Buckberrough, Sherry and Nancy Noble

New England Historic Genealogical Society
The Stranger in My Genes
A Memoir

How a simple DNA test complicated the author’s life
Griffeth, Bill

Nicolin Fields Publishing
Bicycling with Kids in DownEast Maine
25 Short, Safe, and Scenic Rides

Sports & Recreation / Travel & Tourism / Bicycling
An onroads bicycling book of 25 rides for children under 10 and an adult in the scenic northern coastal area of Maine.
Turner, Roger L.

Robert Hull Fleming Museum
Architectural Improvisation
A History of Vermont’s Design/Build Movement 1964-1977

Documents a small but seminal architectural movement that sought to create a radical, new architecture characterized by organic forms, improvisational processes, hands-on methods, and use of natural materials
Cohen, Janie, editor; Sagan, Danny; Dann, Kevin, essayists

Robert Hull Fleming Museum
Sargent to Basquiat
University of Vermont Alumni Collections

Art / American Art
This exhibition catalogue presents selections of modern and contemporary art from exceptional collections built by University of Vermont alumni/ae, with essays and short contributions by UVM alumni and associates in the academic, nonprofit, and commercial art worlds
Grudin, Anthony E.

Robert Hull Fleming Museum
Staring Back
On Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon

Museum Catalog / Modern Art / Art - Single Artist
Twenty-first-century views on a Modernist icon
Blereau, Laura, Janie Cohen, and Beth Gersh-Ne i

Rose Art Museum
Dor Guez
100 Steps to the Mediterranean

Contemporary Art / Art - Mixed Media
Ankori, Gannit and Dabney Hailey

Salzburg Seminar
“Here, There and Everywhere”
The Foreign Politics of American Popular Culture

Cultural Studies / Popular Culture / Globalization
Essays analyzing the stunning global success of American popular culture from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows to the Internet as the new American frontier.
Wagnleitner, Reinhold & May, Elaine Tyler, eds.

Strawbery Banke Museum
Historic Portsmouth
Early Photographs from the Collection of Strawbery Banke

New England History / Portsmouth
A fascinating collection 19th- and early 20th-century photographs of this “old town by the sea”
Garvin, James L.

Strawbery Banke Museum
Strawbery Banke
A Seaport Museum 400 Years in the Making

New England History / Portsmouth
This dramatic story of New Hampshire’s oldest neighborhood and only seaport spans 400 years in 400 pages with over 350 photographs and illustrations
Robinson, J. Dennis

Terra Nova Press
Norwich's Maps of Africa
An illustrated and Annotated Carto-bibliography

Geography & Geology / Atlases & Maps
Norwich, Oscar I; Kolbe, bibliographical descriptions; Pam; Stone, Jeffrey C., ed.

The Gundalow Company
Cross-Grained and Wily Waters
A Guide to the Piscataqua Maritime Region

New England History / Portsmouth
This guide to one of the longest-settled and most enchanting estuaries in New England weds historical preservation to ecological stewardship
Bolster, W. Jeffrey, ed.

Thistle Hill Publications
Untamed Vermont
Extraordinary Wilderness Areas of the Green Mountain State

Nature / Photography
A fresh and innovative look at the remote and remarkable wild areas in one tiny New England state.
Gardner, A. Blake

Tufts University Press
Beyond Tocqueville
Civil Society and the Social Capital Debate in Comparative Perspective

Political Science & Government / Sociology / International Relations
An interdisciplinary collection of historical and comparative articles on civil society and the social capital debate.
Edwards, Bob, Michael W. Foley, Mario Diani (eds)

Tufts University Press
Citizen Environmentalists
Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies / History / Pittsburgh
A telling look at the lives and strategies of women environmental activists in the long 1960s, solidly grounded in a national context
Longhurst, James

Tufts University Press
Civic Agriculture
Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community

Resource Management / Agriculture & Food Production / Economics & Business
A engaging analysis of food production in the United States emphasizing that sustainable agricultural development is important to community health.
Lyson, Thomas A.

Tufts University Press
Civil Society
The Underpinnings of American Democracy

Political Science & Government
A guide for what citizen leaders and teachers must do to ensure that our democracy will last another century.
O’Connell, Brian. John W. Gardner, fwd.

Tufts University Press
From Command to Community
A New Approach to Leadership Education in Colleges and Universities

Leadership Education
Diverse essays create a new definition of leadership education based in colleges and universities
Longo, Nicholas V. and Cynthia M. Gibson, eds.

Tufts University Press
The Future of Democracy
Developing the Next Generation of American Citizens

Political Science & Government / Civics
A nonpartisan clarion call for civic renewal to restore American democracy
Levine, Peter

Tufts University Press
The Internet Generation
Engaged Citizens or Political Dropouts

Political Science & Government
An investigation of political disengagement among young people in North America and Europe
Milner, Henry

Tufts University Press
Social Enterprise
A Global Comparison

Political Science & Government / Philanthropy & Charity / Sociology
The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide
Kerlin, Janelle A., ed.

Udvardy Editions
John Udvardy
Art / Sculpture / Art - Single Artist
A comprehensive review of the life and artistry of contemporary sculptor and painter John Udvardy, with reflections by colleagues and over 450 photographs
Udvardy, John

University of Vermont Press
Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions
Speaking Their Minds

African-American Studies / Women's Studies / Intellectual History
Provocative revelations about the flourishing black women’s intellectual traditions in nineteenth-century America
Waters, Kristin, and Carol B. Conaway, eds.

University of Vermont Press
Blacks on the Border
The Black Refugees in British North America, 1815–1860

African-American Studies / Diaspora Studies
A study of the emergence of community among African Americans in Nova Scotia.
Whitfield, Harvey Amani

University of Vermont Press
Defending the Master Race
Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant

History / Nature
A historical rediscovery of one of the heroic founders of the conservation movement who was also one of the most infamous racists in American history
Spiro, Jonathan Peter

University of Vermont Press
A Documentary History of Communism in Russia
From Lenin to Gorbachev

3rd rev. ed.

Political Science & Government / Eastern Europe History / Communism & Socialism / Cold War Studies
An extensive revision of the valued but unobtainable 1960 edition. Nearly 300 key documents are now readily available in translation.
Daniels, Robert V. ed. introd. notes, and original trans.

University of Vermont Press
History as an Art of Memory
Using the teachings of such influential men as Vico to Ariès to Foucault, Patrick H. Hutton surveys the ways in which the art of memory has become integrated into historical thinking.
Hutton, Patrick H.

University of Vermont Press
Parks and People
Managing Outdoor Recreation at Acadia National Park

Nature / Conservation / Resource Management
A science-based approach to outdoor recreation management at Maine's Acadia National Park, applicable to parks and conservation areas nationwide
Manning, Robert E., editor

University of Vermont Press
Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants in the Mill City
Changing Families, Communities, Institutions — Thirty Years Afterward

Immigration / Asian-American Studies
Original, interdisciplinary essays highlight the pain, struggles, and victories of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in a mid-sized New England city
Pho, Tuyet-Lan, Jeffrey N. Gerson, and Sylvia Cowan, eds.

University of Vermont Press
Technical Guide to Forest Wildlife Habitat Management in New England
Forests / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Wildlife Management
The authoritative, professional guide to improving and sustaining diverse wildlife habitat conditions in New England.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Small Wonders
Nature Education for Young Children

Education / Nature
A fresh and practical guide to exploring the environment with young children, from the creators of Hands-on Nature
Garrett, Linda and Hannah Thomas

West Mountain Press
The Dance Must Follow
Sixteen Cantos and an Epilogue

Poetry / Dance / Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts
A highly entertaining verse portrait of dancer-choreographer Moses Pendleton, illustrated with his own photographs
Holland, Phil with photographs by Moses Pendleton

Grandeur on the Appoquinimink
The House of William Corbit at Odessa, Delaware

Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture
This classic in American architectural history documents the building of colonial Delaware’s finest Georgian mansion by Quaker tanner William Corbit, and locates the man, his house, and his architect in the context of their world.
Sweeney, John A. H.

Guide to the Winterthur Library
The Joseph Downs Collection and the Winterthur Archives

Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Reference & Bibliography
McKinstry, E. Richard

Guide to Winterthur Museum & Country Estate
Decorative Arts & Material Culture
Eversmann, Pauline K.

John Lewis Krimmel
Genre Artist of the Early Republic

The life and work of America's first genre painter
Harding, Anneliese