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University Press of New England
Vol. 1 Issue 1 – January 2012

Table of Contents

Art Schooled
Cruel and Unusual
The Educated Eye
Stardust Monuments

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Art Schooled Larry WithamArt Schooled
A Year among Prodigies, Rebels, and Visionaries at a World-Class Art College
Larry Witham

One year in the life of the students, teachers, and artists at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious art colleges

What does it mean to be an artist at a time when the art world is becoming increasingly fragmented and disconnected—when the most highly valued art objects are seemingly the most abstruse, visually vexing, and conceptually difficult, or may not be physical objects at all? How does the art of today connect with the art of the past? These questions and more inform and enliven the pages of Art Schooled. Read More

Cruel and Unusual John D. BesserCruel and Unusual
The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment
John D. Bessler

This indispensable history of the Eighth Amendment and the founders’ views of capital punishment is also a passionate call for the abolition of the death penalty based on the notion of cruel and unusual punishment

The conventional wisdom is that the founders were avid death penalty supporters. In this fascinating and insightful examination of America’s Eighth Amendment, law professor John D. Bessler explodes this myth and shows the founders’ conflicting and ambivalent views on capital punishment. Cruel and Unusual takes the reader back in time to show how the indiscriminate use of executions gave way to a more enlightened approach—one that has been evolving ever since. Read More

The Educated Eye Nancy Anderson Michael R. Dietrich The Educated Eye
Visual Culture and Pedagogy in the Life Sciences
Nancy Anderson, ed.; Michael R. Dietrich, ed.

A study of visual culture in the teaching of the life sciences

The creation and processing of visual representations in the life sciences is a critical but often overlooked aspect of scientific pedagogy. The Educated Eye follows the nineteenth–century embrace of the visible in new spectatoria, or demonstration halls, through the twentieth-century cinematic explorations of microscopic realms and simulations of surgery in virtual reality. With essays on Doc Edgerton’s stroboscopic techniques that froze time and Eames’s visualization of scale in Powers of Ten, among others, contributors ask how we are taught to see the unseen. Read More

Stardust Monuments Alison Trope Stardust Monuments
The Saving and Selling of Hollywood
Alison Trope

Hollywood is placeless, timeless, and iconic, a key fabricator and forger of American cultural myths and stories. How, then, will the history of Hollywood be written?

An insightful tour of Hollywood’s past, present, and future, Stardust Monuments examines the establishment of film libraries and museums beginning in the mid 1930s, the many failed attempts to open a Hollywood museum ranging from the 1960s to today, and the more successful recent corporate efforts to use Hollywood’s past in theme restaurants and parks, classic movie channels, and DVD boxed sets. Read More

Latest News and Reviews

Sex, Drugs Rock n Roll Review Sex, Genes & Rock ’n’ Roll
How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World
Rob Brooks
Coming March 2012

“[Brooks] is at his best when he warns about the global political consequences of dramatically unequal sex ratios found among the poorest and most populated Asian countries.”
Publishers Weekly

When Dad Came Back  Gary Soto When Dad Came Back
Gary Soto

“As usual for Soto, the setting is as vividly drawn as any of the characters, and there's an everyday quality to the incidents shaping the plotline that invites recognition and identification from readers."

The Men's Section  Elana Sztokman The Men’s Section
Orthodox Jewish Men in an Egalitarian World
Elana Maryles Sztokman

“Sztokman’s book provides the intellectual tools through which we can reconstruct traditional gender identity in novel ways. I can now sip single malt during haftorah with a renewed sense of purpose.” Read more

Lighthouse Santa The Lighthouse Santa
Sara Hoagland Hunter; Julia Miner, illus.

“University Press of New England does not usually publish children's books, but when it does, they are quality stories, and this one is well suited for the holiday season.” Read More
The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME
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