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International Polar Institute

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Adventures in New Lands

The Diary of Johannes Hansen
Expedition to Eastern Greenland: 1884–1885
A trip around Greenland to a distinct culture with no prior contact with the outside world.
Hansen, Johannes

Inuit Poems and Songs
Folk poetry of East Greenland
Having devoted his life to study of the Eskimos, their language, spiritual life and religion, Thalbitzer found in their values his own mission to search for and preserve theirs
Thalbitzer, William

Tales of Yukaghir
Lamut and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia
Tales of adventure and courage among the peoples of Eastern Siberia
Bogaras, Waldemar; Lenore Grenoble, intro.

Vikings of To-day
or Life and Medical Work among the Fishermen of Labrador
Summarizes Grenfell’s first contact with the residents of Labrador
Grenfell, Wilfred T.; Marianne Stenbaek, intro.