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Archaeological Reports Ghent University

Aerial Photography and Archaeology
A Century of Information
This publication contains the selected proceedings of a conference devoted to the history of aerial photography (Ghent, 2003).
Bourgeois, Jean; Meganck, Marc, eds.

Archaeology in Confrontation
Aspects of Roman Military Presence in the Northwest
This collection of papers focuses on the Provincial-Roman archaeology of Northern Gaul, Germany and Britain.
Vermeulen, Frank; Sas, Kathy & Dhaeze, Wouter, eds.

Excavations in Pessinus: the so-called Acropolis
From Hellenistic and Roman cemetery to Byzantine castle
This volume presents a detailed analysis of the excavations of one of Pessinus’ major cemeteries in ancient times.
Thoen, Hugo, Frank Vermeulen and John Devreker, eds.

The Last Hunter-Gatherer-Fishermen in Sandy Flanders (NW Belgium)

This study presents and discusses relevant environmental and chronological data with regard to the so-called ‘Waasland Scheldepolders’, one of the most archaeologically promising but also threatened areas of Northern Belgium.
Crombé, Philippe, ed.

Ol' Man River
Geo-archaeological Aspects of Rivers and River Plains
This volume contains the selected proceedings of a multidisciplinary conference (Ghent, 2006), which stimulated looking at landscape evolution from the times of early human involvement in nature to much more recent historical developments.
De Dapper, Morgan, Vermeulen, Frank; Deprez, Sarah; Taelman, Devi