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Vermont Folklife Center

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Vermont Folklife Center Children's Book Series

A series of outstanding children's picture books based on traditional familty stories from the Vermont Folklife Center archives. The Center documents the voices of New Englanders. (Formerly The Family Heritage Series.)

Alec’s Primer

A rare first-hand account of the power of literacy in a freed slave’s life
Walter, Mildred Pitts and Larry Johnson, illus.

Daisy and the Doll

Medearis, Michael, Angela Shelf Medearis, and Larry Johnson, illus.

The Ghost on the Hearth

Milord, Susan and Lydia Dabcovich, illus.

John and Tom

Lange, Willem and Bert Dodson, illus.

Malian’s Song

A rare Abenaki version of an historic attack, in the first dual Abenaki-English language children's picture book
Bruchac, Marge and William Maughan, illus.

The Scrimshaw Ring

A powerful, true story about a young boy’s encounter with a band of mutineers who, much to the boy’s surprise, leave him a remarkable memento
Jaspersohn, William and Vernon Thornblad, illus.

The Two Brothers

Jaspersohn, William and Michael A. Donato, illus.