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Disseminations: Psychoanalysis in Contexts


Leading psychotherapist offers compelling insights into the vital force of ecstasy.
Eigen, Michael


Provides a complex account of a human emotion.
Eigen, Michael

Reason and Unreason
Psychoanalysis, Science and Politics
Explores issues concerning the justification and legitimacy of psychoanalytic knowledge, and its relevance to political and social questions.
Rustin, Michael

The Vitality of Objects
Exploring the Work of Christopher Bollas
Influential and potent essays enhance today’s discourse on the nature of self.
Scalia, Joseph, ed. Malcolm Bowie, preface.

Where Id Was
Challenging Normalization in Psychoanalysis
A unique authoritative analysis of the individual an social concerns informing the politics of contemporary psychoanalysis.
Molino, Anthony, and Christine Ware, eds.