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FIELD Poetry Series

About Night
Selected and New Poems
Schmitz, Dennis


Winter, Jonah


The keenly anticipated new volume by this masterful American poet
Schmitz, Dennis

Beasts of the Hill

Neely, Mark

Blood Hyphen

Winner of the 2015 FIELD Poetry Prize
Williams, Kenny

By Common Salt

Clary, Killarney

Chez Nous

Estes, Angie

Deep Snow Country

Poems of striking grace and subtlety map an intricate, shifting landscape
Mulvey, Bern

Dirty Bomb

Mark Neely’s riveting second collection
Neely, Mark

Egypt from Space

These poems, by privileging the lyric in their intention, open up a new direction in the American prose poem
Goldberg, Beckian Fritz


The highly anticipated new book from the Pulitzer finalist
Estes, Angie

The Extremities

Kelly, Timothy

Ghost Notes

Burns, Ralph

The Goodbye Town

O’Keefe, Timothy

Ill Lit
Selected & New Poems
Wright, Franz

Kurosawa’s Dog

Hinrichsen, Dennis

Lie Awake Lake

Goldberg, Beckian Fritz

The Lightning Field

Moldaw, Carol

The Mansion of Happiness

Rueful, tender visions of the Apocalypse as seen from the Midwest
Loomis, Jon

Meaning a Cloud

Marshall , J. W.

My Life in Heaven

These poems attend to the intricacies of intimacy—with the self, the beloved, the natural world, the divine
Samyn, Mary Ann


The latest dazzling collection by Pulitzer finalist and Kingsley Tufts winner Angie Estes
Estes, Angie

The Pleasure Principle

Loomis, Jon

New and Selected
Boruch, Marianne

Random Symmetries
The Collected Poems of Tom Andrews
Andrews, Tom

Red Studio

Cornish, Mary


Winner of the 2017 FIELD Poetry Prize
Haug, James

A Saturday Night at the Flying Dog

Southwick, Marcia

The Sleep Hotel

Schroeder, Amy Newlove

Some Slow Bees

This prize-winning poet’s most adventurous work yet
Potter, Carol


Gallagher, Jean

A Stick that Breaks and Breaks

Boruch, Marianne


Kelly, Timothy


Gallagher, Jean


Estes, Angie

The Tunnel
Selected Poems
Edson, Russell

Vanitas Motel

Loomis, Jon


Estes, Angie