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FIELD Translation Series

The Book of Fresh Beginnings
Selected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke
Rilke, Rainer Maria

But what
Selected Poems
Judith Herzberg writes poems of extraordinary compassion under great pressure of diction and form that capture brief moments of beauty and terror.
Herzberg, Judith

Five T'ang Poets

Wei, Wang,; Po, Li; Fu, Tu; Ho, Li; Shang-yin,Li

From the Hidden Storehouse
Selected Poems
Péret, Benjamin

Georg Trakl
Trakl, Georg

Hands Behind My Back
Selected Poems
Sorescu, Marin

He and I
Selected Poems of Emmanuel Moses
Moses, Emmanuel

Here There Was Once a Country

Khoury-Ghata, Vénus

Homage to the Lame Wolf
Selected Poems
Popa, Vasko

Intensive Care
Selected and New Poems
Holub, Miroslav

Late Into the Night
The Last Poems of Yannis Ritsos
Ritsos, Yannis

My Life, I Lapped It Up

The first comprehensive English translation of one of postwar Italy’s most important poets
Sanguineti, Edoardo

My Little Sister and Selected Poems 1965-1985

Kovner, Abba

Night Mail
Selected Poems
Tadic´, Novica

The Nothing Bird
Selected Poems
The first English collection of this irresistible French poet’s work
Peuchmaurd, Pierre

On Account Of
Selected Poems
Krolow, Karl

Orphic Songs

Campana, Dino

The Plural of Happiness

de Coninck, Herman

Poem Without a Hero
And Selected Poems
Akhmatova, Anna

Preludes and Fugues

Stunning new work by this inimitable French master
Moses, Emmanuel

Selected Poems

Montale, Eugenio

The Selected Poems of Max Jacob

Jacob, Max

The Storm & Other Poems

Montale, Eugenio

The Thirteenth Month

Pedersen, Inge

The Unknown Rilke
Selected Poems
Rilke, Rainer Maria

Valuable Nail
Selected Poems
Eich, Günter

Vanishing Lung Syndrome

Holub, Miroslav

Winter Night
Selected Poems of Attila Jozsef
József, Attila