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Green Rose Series


Blair, David

Autobiography of So-and-So
Poems in Prose
Kilwein Guevara, Maurice

Buddha Box

Mattox, Gretchen


Sexton, Elaine

Century Worm

Century Worm wrestles with the threshold between witness and participation living amid ethnic and political violence in West Africa’s Ivory Coast
Fredson, Todd

Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum

Meyer, Nadine Sabra


Bateman, Claire

Dirt Angels

Platt, Donald

Entering the House of Awe

Childress, Susanna

A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow

Gordon, Noah Eli


Hogue, Cynthia

The Frame Called Ruin

Bar-Nadav, Hadara

Gazelle in the House

Williams, Lisa


Henry, Brian

Having Cut the Sparrow's Heart

Markham, Malinda


Seyburn, Patty

Imminent Disappearance, Impossible Numbers, & Panoramic X-Rays

Cohen, Bruce


Kingdom is a book of poems interrogating the ideas of social responsibility and people lead social movements, witness, the pastoral, and everyday connections both profound and casual.
Hardy, Myronn

Large White House Speaking

Irwin, Mark


Bateman, Claire

Little Spells

Sweeney, Jennifer K.

The Memory of Water

Myers, Jack

Missing Her

Keelan, Claudia

Monument in a Summer Hat

Armstrong, James

The Most Natural Thing

Keplinger, David

Mule & Pear

Griffiths, Rachel Eliza

My Multiverse

Winner of the 2014 Green Rose Prize
Halme, Kathleen

One Girl Babylon

Kocher, Ruth Ellen

Ovid at Fifteen

Bursk, Christopher

A Passion According to Green

Irwin, Mark

Pennsylvania Collection Agency

Burkard, Michael

Perfect Disappearance

Rhodes, Martha


Peterson, Katie

The Prayers of Others

Keplinger, David

The Radio Tree

Marks, Corey

Reliquary Fever
New and Selected Poems
Goldberg, Beckian Fritz

The Right Place to Jump

Covino, Peter


The collection is a playful (but not unserious) exploration of the mysteries of being and non-being, as well as of threshold states between them and the places where they overlap.
Bateman, Claire


Burns, Cullen Bailey

Small Gods

Minicucci, Matthew

Somebody Stand Up and Sing

Seidman, Hugh

Stumble, Gorgeous

McLain, Paula

A Swindler's Grace

LeFevre, Adam

Tall If

Irwin, Mark

Time as Distance

Halperin, Mark

The Translator's Diary

Pineda, Jon

Tree Line

Halebsky, Judy


This haunting and haunted triptych explores life at the very periphery of what is visible to the human eye and tangible to the human heart
Gildroy, Doreen


Scates, Maxine


Lewis, Lisa

When the Moon Knows You're Wandering

Kocher, Ruth Ellen

The Window Facing Winter

LaFemina, Gerry

The World Cut Out with Crooked Scissors
Selected Prose Poems
Nielsen, Carsten René, David Keplinger, trs.

Your Moon

Angel, Ralph