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New Issues Poetry & Prose

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Inland Seas

Abrupt Rural

Lee, David Dodd

American Girl

Cory, Cynie

Approaching the Center

Hardy, Myronn

Approximate Desire

Thorburn, Russell

A Bare Unpainted Table

Cardiff, Gladys

Beauty Breaks In

Samyn, Mary Ann

Before the Palm Could Bloom
Poems of Africa
Wesley, Patricia Jabbeh

The Bovine Two-Step

Reynolds, Rebecca

The Boys I Borrow

Sellers, Heather


VanderMolen, Robert

A Breathable Light

Torreson, Rodney

Brief Moral History in Blue

Roberts, Beth

The Deep Heart's Core is a Suitcase

Fishman, Lisa

Downsides of Fish Culture

Lee, David Dodd

Emergences and Spinner Falls

Haight, Robert

Fifth Season

Butts, Anthony

The Ginseng Hunter's Notebook

Lundin, Deanne

Greatest Hits

Sheehan, Marc

The Headless Saints

Hardy, Myronn

A Hog Slaughtering Woman

Marlatt, David

The Hourglass Heart

Martin, Gail

Inside the Yellow Dress

Samyn, Mary Ann

Less of Her

McLain, Paula

Little Low Heaven

Butts, Anthony

The Moon a Box

Liebler, M.L.

Mutual Shores

Sterling, Phillip

New Numbers

Kearns, Josie

Night with Drive-By Shooting Stars

Daniels, Jim


Abramson, Seth

Nude with Anything

D'Agostino, James


Samyn, Mary Ann

Rain Through High Windows

Hoeppner, Edward H.

Self-Portrait as Jerry Quarry

Aiuto, Vito

Small Murders

McGath, Carrie

The Smallest Bird in North America

Grunst, Robert

Standing in Line for the Beast

Bredle, Jason

Subject to Change

Thorburn, Matthew

Talking Diamonds

Foster, Linda Nemec

Traveling at High Speeds

Rybicki, John

Traveling at High Speeds

Rybicki, John

Undid in the Land of Undone

Upton, Lee


Long, Alexander

The Woman with a Cubed Head

Moulds, Julie