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New Issues Poetry & Prose

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First Book

Bandit Letters

Messer, Sarah

Black Hope

de la O, Marsha

the body | of space | in the shape of the human

Allport, Andrew

The Body is No Machine

Perrine, Jennifer

Brace's Cove

Featherstone, Joseph

Côte Blanche

Serpas, Martha

Cut Off the Ears of Winter

Covino, Peter

Dark~Sky Society

Hopper, Ailish

Daughter of the Hangnail

Reynolds, Rebecca

Distance Learning

Sorby, Angela

Each Tree Could Hold a Noose or a House

A work of rupture and repair, what occurs after healing, and the irreparable—on individual and planetary levels
Puro, Nina

Erasable Walls

Larsen, Lance


Langan, Steve

Goodnight Architecture

Mattox, Gretchen

Granite Dives

Rabb, Margaret

Guess Can Gallop

Staples, Heidi Lynn

Her, Infinite

Morris, Sawnie

A Home for Wayward Girls

Boyle, Kevin

Household Mechanics

Mangold, Sarah

In a Combination of Practices

Maloutas, Barbara

In One Version of the Story

Carlise, Chuck

In the Evening of No Warning

Clark, Kevin

In the Museum of Coming and Going

Stott, Laura

Journal of American Foreign Policy

Hoffman, Jeff

Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes

Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes is a book hell-bent on making sense of a life after divorce, of making sense of the middle years of life, of finding love in the middle of raising a family in the rural North.
McCadden, Kerrin

Lark Apprentice

Mathias, Louise

Let the House of Body Fall

Let the House of Body Fall is an exploration of physical disability in post–September 11th America
Grossman, Sara J.

Little Arias

Case, Kristen

A Million in Prizes

Marks, Justin

The Obvious

Paul, Bradley

Ocean Avenue

Mörling, Malena

Only the Senses Sleep

Miller, Wayne

Our Lady of Not Asking Why

Winner of the 2016 New Issues Prize
Kampa, Courtney

A Penance

Evans, CJ

Pima Road Notebook

Ekiss, Keith


Ludwig, Marni


Brown, Jericho

The Porch is a Journey Different from the House

Saskya, Ever

The Republic of Self

Powell, Elizabeth

She'd Waited Millennia

Hutton, Lizzie


Halebsky, Judy


Sexton, Elaine

Small Human Detail in Care of National Trust

Walls, Martin

Something Black in the Green Part of Your Eye

Cantwell, Kevin

South of Here

Melvin, Lydia


This striking new collection explores identity, race, and history with a lively and intelligent music
Rothman, Wesley

Tactile Values

Scott, Mark

Theories of Falling

Beasley, Sandra

They Sing to Her Bones

Manesiotis, Joy

This One Tree

Peterson, Katie

Trouble Sleeping

Ali, Abdul

The 26-Hour Day

Clare, Olivia

Two-Headed Nightingale

Lessley, Shara

Water Becomes Bone

Oness, C. Mikal

Zero at the Bone

Cassarino, Stacie