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Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies
Managing Editor: Mario Pereira, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research related to the literatures and cultures of the diverse communities of the Portuguese-speaking world from a broad range of academic, critical and theoretical approaches

The Author as Plagiarist — The Case of Machado de Assis

An in-depth look at how Machado de Assis affirms his uniqueness through the role of a reflective reader who eventually becomes a self-reflective author, whose text is primarily the written memory of his private library
Rocha, João Cezar de Castro, ed.

Brazil 2001
A Revisionary History of Brazilian Literature and Culture
The most influential Brazilian poet of the 20th century
Rocha, João Cezar de Castro, ed.

Cape Verde
Language, Literature, and Music
A collection of scholars from Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain writing about Cape Verde
Leite, Ana Mafalda, ed.

Economies of Relation
Money and Personalism in the Lusophone World
A collection of provocative and insightful essays on the representations of money in Brazil and the Lusophone world
Sansi-Roca, Roger

Facts and Fictions of António Lobo Antunes

A collection of provocative and insightful essays by leading scholars on Portugal’s foremost living novelist, António Lobo Antunes
Mendes, Victor K., ed.

Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer

A collection of scholarly essays dedicated to Fernando Pessoa as English reader and writer including unpublished material from the author’s archive and private library
Ferrari, Patricio, and Jerónimo Pizarro, editors

Fronteiras / Borders

Sousa, Frank F., Victor K. Mendes, Paulo de Medeiros, and José N. Ornelas, eds.

Garrett’s Travels Revisited

An interdisciplinary collection of essays re-examining the most celebrated work of Portuguese Romanticism, Travels in My Homeland (1846), by Almeida Garrett
Mendes, Victor K., and Valéria M. Souza, eds.

Lídia Jorge in other words / por outras palavras

Essays on the work of a prominent contemporary Portuguese novelist
Alonso, Cláudia Pazos, ed.

Literary Histories in Portuguese

A collection of innovative essays providing a theoretical reflection on the problem of literary history in the Lusophone world
Castro Rocha, João Cezar de, editor

Lusofonia and Its Futures

A collection of innovative and insightful essays providing a critical and theoretical reflection on the concept and history of Lusofonia
Castro Rocha, João Cezar de, Editor

On Saramago

A collection of essays on the 1998 Nobel Laureate for Literature, with contributions from Harold Bloom and Saramago himself (short story)
Klobucka, Anna M., ed.

The Other Nineteenth Century

Behind the more “canonized” nineteenth century lies another nineteenth century, particularly the one of Portugal, that has not always been duly recognized in literary and cultural histories
Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn, ed.

Parts of Asia

Innovative essays by contemporary scholars and writers addressing Portuguese-Asian connections in Goa, Macao, East Timor, and other “parts of Asia”
Bastos, Cristiana, ed.

Post-Imperial Camões

Scholars discuss the role of Camões’s poetry after the demise of the empire
Figueiredo, João Ricardo, ed.

Reevaluating Mozambique

A realistic look at Mozambique and the possibility of it determining its own destiny
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

Remembering Angola

Leading scholars from around the world reflect on the role Angolan culture has played in reformulating the torn fabric of a nation historically beset by strife and oppression
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

A Repertoire of Contemporary Portuguese Poetry

A critical look at younger poets and a revisit of the major poets, Luís de Camóes and Fernado Pessoa, through articles and reviews
Mendes, Victor K., ed.

The South Atlantic, Past and Present

A collection of original essays on the historical, geopolitical and cultural aspects of the South Atlantic, past and present
Alencastro, Luiz Felipe de, ed.

Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores

Essays on and work by Vitorino Nemésio.
Fagundes, Francisco Cota, ed.