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Studies in Early Christianity

Slowly and by stages, Christianity emerged out of Judaism. Its early forms were soon lost beneath later texts and later doctrines, but they are not beyond recovery. Books in this series show that evolution actually happening, either by highlighting the neglected texts that speak to the earliest stages, or by showing how the different layers of the Gospel texts, now stacked on top of each other like so many strata of ancient Troy, reveal the stages in that growth process. The beginning of the century was a time when the chief doctrinal differences which now divide Christians and Jews had not yet arisen' when Christians and Jews were still worshipping at the same synagogues. Many modern Christians may be surprised to learn that their direct, nontheological type of Christianity is actually very close to the beliefs and practices of the earliest Jesus communities.

Jesus and After
The First Eighty Years
A historical study of Jesus and the beginnings and later history of the movement he left behind
Brooks, E. Bruce