Sportstown Series
Richard A. Johnson, Editor
It's been said that you can judge a city by its newspapers, bars, ballparks, and bookstores. By this reasonable standard Boston is world-class. Boston is to sports and literature what Paris is to painting and romance, London to drama and royalty, and Rome to ruins and traffic.

It is no surprise that sportswriting talent developed in Boston. For generations the sports pages of Boston's many newspapers have been among the best in America. Likewise, books depicting Boston's colorful and unparalleled array of athletes, events, and teams are among the best of world sports literature.

For years many of these books have been out of print. The Sportstown Series from Northeastern University Press, selected and edited by Richard A. Johnson, author and curator of the Sports Museum of New England, reprints selected works from among these classics and publishes original titles that illuminate one of the world's great sports regions.

(by title)
The Boston Braves, 1871-1953 Kaese, Harold; Johnson, Richard A., introduction, photo selection; Spahn, Warren, foreword
Ted Williams Reflections on a Splendid Life Baldassaro, Lawrence; DiMaggio, Dom, foreword; Johnson, Richard A., pref.

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