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Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

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Adamastor Series
Managing Editor: Mario Pereira, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Named for the mythological character invented by Camoes in the Renaissance epic the Lusiads, this series is dedicated to publishing both translations of important works from the Portuguese language and essays on Lusophone literatures and cultures

The Art of Being a Tiger
Selected Poems
One of Portugal's most acclaimed contemporary writers is now available in English translation
Amaral, Ana Luísa

Chaos and Splendor & Other Essays

Lourenço, Eduardo and Carlos Veloso, ed.

The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes
A Novel
A bright, witty excursion through the fictional letters of a turn-of-century dandy who hilariously edifies, entertains, infuriates, and endears
Eça de Queirós, José Maria de

Exemplary Tales

A collection endowed with universal appeal, where allegorical tales about right and wrong, despair and redemption, are interlaced with troubling encounters and personal epiphanies 
Andresen, Sophia de Mello Breyner

Maiden and Modest
A Renaissance Pastoral Romance
The first Iberian pastoral romance, a feminine narrative that is a revealing meditation on love and longing
Ribeiro, Bernardim, Gregory Rabassa, trns. and Earl E. Fitz, pref.

Producing Presences
Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work
Scholars examine Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s work in the context of the Portuguese-speaking world
Rocha, João Cezar de Castro,Victor K. Mendes, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

The Relic
A Novel
A satiric masterpiece, one of the funniest novels in European literature, and a profound critique of religion, science, and history
Eça de Queirós, José Maria De

Saint Christopher
A Novella
A powerful story by Portugal’s greatest nineteenth-century writer expressing a deeply felt passion for social justice and human solidarity
Eça de Queirós, José Maria de

The Sermon of Saint Anthony to the Fish and Other Texts

The first collection of writings in English from the most important Brazilian and Portuguese writer of the Baroque period, with translation by Gregory Rabassa
Vieira, António, Gregory Rabassa, trans., Vincent Barleeta, intr., and Anna M. Klobucka, notes.

Sonnets and Other Poems

The first bilingual edition in English to offer a cross-section of lyric poetry by Portugal's Luís de Camões
de Camões, Luís, and Richard Zenith, trans.

The Traveling Eye
Retrospection, Vision, and Prophecy in the Portuguese Renaissance
A literary scholar and philosopher looks at the philosophical hypothesis concerning evidence in Portuguese Renaissance literary works
Gil, Fernando, Helder Macedo, and Luís de Sousa Rebelo

Fragments from the End of Empire
Spellbinding examination of power, violence, and mythmaking in the midst of colonial conquest and anticolonial resistance
Khosa, Ungulani Ba Ka