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Wesleyan University Press

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Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding

The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling

The best edition available, with a critical introduction, chronology and bibliography.
Fielding, Henry. Martin C. Battestin, introd. and commentary; Fredson Bowers, ed.

Miscellanies by Henry Fielding, Esq
Volume Two
Contains the fantasy, A Journey from This World to the Next, and two plays: the farce Eurydice, and The Wedding Day, a revision of an early intrigue comedy.
Fielding, Henry. Bertrand A. Goldgar, introd. and commentary; Hugh Amory, text ed.

The True Patriot and Related Writings

Fielding’s political pamphlets of the Jacobite uprising.
Fielding, Henry. W. B. Coley, ed.