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Wesleyan Open Books

Adolphe Appia, Prophet of the Modern Theatre
A Profile
Volbach, Walther Richard

The Drama of Denishawn Dance

Sherman, Jane

Duncan Dancer
An Autobiography
Duncan, Irma

Hanya Holm
The Biography of an Artist
Sorell, Walter

The Language of Dance

Wigman, Mary. trans. from the German by Walter Sorell; Charlotte Rudolph, photos.

A Loftier Flight
The Life and Accoplishments of Charles-Louis Didelot, Balletmaster
Swift, Mary Grace

The Mary Wigman Book
Her Writings
Wigman, Mary. Walter Sorell, ed. and trans.

Motion Arrested
Dance Reviews of H. T. Parker
Holmes, Olive, ed

My Theatre Life

Bournonville, August. Patricia N. McAndrew, trans.

Samuel Phelps and Sadler's Wells Theatre

Allen, Shirley S.

The Scenography of Josef Svoboda

Burian, Jarka.

The Diary of Letters of a Denishawn Dancer in the Far East, 1925-1926
Sherman, Jane

Svoboda: Wagner
Joseph Svoboda's Scenography for Richard Wagner's Operas
Burian, Jarka

Theatre Lighting before Electricity

Penzel, Frederick

The Theatre of Donald Oenslager

Oenslager, Donald. Foreword by John Mason Brown.

The Theatre of Robert Edmond Jones

Pendleton, Ralph, ed. and chronol. John Mason Brown, Mary Hall Furber, Kenneth Macgowan, Jo Mielziner, Donald Oenslager, Lee Simonson, and Stark Young, contribs.