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Wesleyan Poetry Program

The Branch Will Not Break
A new book of poetry from a Pulitzer Prize-winning master poet
Wright, James

Buckdancer’s Choice
Poetry that is a blend of superb gift and subtle imagination by a mature and original poet at his finest.
Dickey, James

Claiming Kin

Poems devoted to family and the physical world.
Voigt, Ellen Bryant

Not This Pig
A compelling second collection of poetry.
Levine, Philip

The Peacock Poems

Sherley Anne Williams first book of honest poetry
Williams, Sherley Anne

Rescue the Dead
Poetic explorations of a celebrated poet’s inner world.
Ignatow, David

Taking on the Local Color
Erotic, calculated, witty poems in this first book.
Genser, Cynthia

The Tennis Court Oath
A Book of Poems
Still a touchstone of contemporary avant-garde poetry today, this 35th anniversary edition of John Ashbery's second book celebrates an American poet who has won a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, and a National Book Critics Circle Award.
Ashbery, John

Yellow Light
A beautiful and moving collection of poetry by a new author.
Hongo, Garrett Kaoru